Jackie (Monica Raymund) telling Ray he is welcome for the help to take down Osito.
Jackie (Monica Raymund)

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In the season finale, the tag team of Ray and Jackie damn near get everything they could ever wish for. However, Ray’s past decisions bite him in the ass.

Director(s) David Rodriguez
Writer(s) Rebecca Cutter
Aired (Starz) 7/12/2020
Introduced This Episode
Charmaine Imani Lewis
Wayne Grasa Craig muMs Grant

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


In Memoriam – Donna, Ray, Ed, Jackie

Junior’s death hits hard, and with Donna blaming Jackie, it pushes her to drink. Which of course worries Ed, since Jackie is like a daughter to him, and as for Ray? Well, with him noting a possible raid on the person who distributes the drugs that killed Junior, Jackie wants in. After all, she is still seeking redemption.

You Should Have Made More Friends Than Enemies – Renee, Frankie, Alan, Ray, Osito, Wayne, Jackie

Ray’s tactics have long been unethical. From planting drugs, inappropriate relationships, to relying on people’s ignorance of what he is and isn’t capable of to coerce confessions, while he got results, Ray has always been crooked. This bites him in the ass.

You see, while raiding Wayne’s home, and finding enough guns to take him down, Jackie gets upset that no drugs are located, so there wouldn’t be justice for Junior. So, she goes outside, and for some damn reason, there is Osito. Now, at first, you may think it is a mirage, but as bullets start flying and we see Ray and Alan flying out the house, with Ray firing off shots, you realize it is Osito.

Thus leading to the idea that, even if they didn’t get justice for Junior, at the very least, Osito is going down, and in extension Frankie, right? Wrong. You see, with Renee feeling played and dismissed, she decides to film giving head to Ray, and she turns in that video. Thus leading to Ray getting suspended without pay and a few other things.

Ray (James Badge Dale) learning he is being suspended.
Ray (James Badge Dale)

A New Life, A New Day – Jackie, Renee, Frankie, Alan, Ray, Osito, Charmaine

The main thing being the case against Frankie gets dropped. Meaning, Ray’s white whale? Yeah, he is free, back with Renee, who he proposed to, and is out on the streets. Then, to add onto the insults, Alan may have been promoted into Ray’s position and makes it clear, when Jackie asks what happened, the level of f***s he could give about Ray are at an all-time low.

In fact, Alan is trying to do what Ray couldn’t and work Osito into becoming an informant. Especially since Osito shot Jackie and with her being a federal agent, that is a serious charge he is facing. Oh, and as for Jackie? She is doing alright, checking on Ray, going to meetings, and with helping to get Osito charged, Alan makes her court case get dropped. Making it so, as we enter season 2, expect some conflict between her loyalty to Ray and Alan. Someone who Jackie talks to about working more state cases.

Leaving one last thing: If you thought there weren’t enough drug runners and antagonist, well, with Osito shot and in a hospital bed, and Frankie just getting out, it leaves a possible space for someone new to rise. Enter Charmaine, Wayne’s niece, who, with his drugs, plans to make a move and end up on the rise.

Let’s see how Frankie responds to a minor becoming his competition.

Charmaine (Imani Lewis) on a bus to the cape
Charmaine (Imani Lewis)



The Setup For Season 2

Osito being an informant, Alan getting his chance to shine, Frankie making a comeback as Charmaine ends up on the come up? There is a lot going down and to look forward to. Add in Ray in this weird limbo, but you know likely to still work cases, and maybe have an affair with Renee. Since, as shown in the club, she did what she did because she was hurt and, unlike with Frankie, Ray is a much easier man to get back at. And despite her being a mom, and trying to be mature, let’s not forget Renee is in her twenties, is the girlfriend of a possessive dealer, and likely doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to love.

Then with Jackie, one can only hope she is turning a new leaf. Granted, alongside AA, she may need to go to a meeting about being a sexaholic, but since that seems to be a bit more manageable, I guess that’s for another time. But, as for her professional life, you have to wonder, with the sex and drugs being about the high and thrill, will she chase that through cop work?

Heck, considering how Jackie talks about her folks, could we get some look into who they are? Maybe even meet Ray’s kid and his ex since now he has so much time on his hands? Which is all to say, this was an excellent finale and definitely has us hyped for season 2.


Trajectory – Ascending

With working out its kinks and killing off some characters, “Hightown” has seemingly found its rhythm and direction. Thus leaving you with a show to be genuinely excited about rather than hope it lives up to its potential.

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The Setup For Season 2 - 85%


With working out its kinks and killing off some characters, "Hightown" has seemingly found its rhythm and direction. Thus leaving you with a show to be genuinely excited about rather than hope it lives up to its potential.

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