Alongside getting to meet the love of Jackie’s life, Devonne, Osito makes his presence known and coerces a conversation with Junior.

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Alongside getting to meet the love of Jackie’s life, Devonne, Osito makes his presence known and coerces a conversation with Junior.

Director(s) Michael Offer
Writer(s) Ryan Farley
Aired (STARZ) 5/31/2020
Introduced This Episode
Devonne Gia Vrovatin
Kizzle Edmund Donovan
Anthony Drew Powell
Bethany Claudia Logan

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Getting To Be More Resourceful – Frankie, Renee, Osito, Ray

Renee finds herself in a very disadvantageous position. She seems to truly have feelings for Frankie, hence having his kid, but he sees her as a tool, a resource. One that Frankie wouldn’t mind, encourages even, to have sex and relations with Ray.

Frankie instructing Renee to be more useful.

Now, as for how Renee feels about this? Well, it’s complicated. Ray is aggressive, and a bit weird, but with Osito presenting an envelope full of cash from Frankie, it’s hard to say no. Lest we forget, part of the reason Renee is stripping now is due to Frankie not financially supporting her. So, what’s a woman to do when she isn’t just looking out for herself, but her kid?

Well, she takes advantage of Ray wanting more than a professional relationship, and they go to town. Mind you, with Ray not just laying back and getting his rocks off but going down on Renee. But we won’t go into the graphic details.

It’s Hard To Be a Grown Man In Your Parent’s House – Junior, Donna, Osito, Kizzle

Despite being tasked with getting rid of bodies, Junior is mostly keeping his nose clean. Thus Donna wants to mess around, but with neither living alone, the question is, how? Never mind a baby involved as well, which further complicates their situation.

This leads us into noting that, while Junior has talked about the Sherry situation with Frankie, he hasn’t with Osito and one of Osito’s main hitters, Kizzle, he reminds Junior he doesn’t have no say in this situation. But with Junior trying to distance himself from all that is going down, he forces Osito to come up in his house.

Kizzle (Edumund Donovan) in a car talking to Junior.
Kizzle (Edumund Donovan)

Which, by the way, it may lead you to wonder where is Junior’s dad, mom, or anyone to stop Osito? That isn’t gone into. Never mind if Osito knocked, let himself in, or broke down a door. All we know is Osito takes Junior on a ride that was supposed to end with Junior being dead, but it seems Osito sees something in Junior. So, rather than kill him, he has Junior beat the hell out of someone to prove himself. Perhaps to prep for Osito’s plans for the future.

Down A Dangerous Road – Devonne, Krista, Anthony, Ray, Jackie, Bethany

With Jackie being clear for about 12 days, things are starting to feel a bit clearer for her. However, she also has lost her job, her driver’s license, and could be facing 6 months in jail and a $4500 fine. So, there’s that.

But, to get her mind off of all that is wrong with her life, she focuses on trying to reconnect with Devonne, the love her life, and also finding Krista. She even tries to connect with the cops to do so, but that goes nowhere. Luckily, however, Bethany, the girl she got her ass whooped by in the last episode, she was tight with Krista and provides some directions.

Ultimately, this leads to Jackie getting closer to Krista than Ray, who seems to have completely honed in his focus on the woman he is now boning, Renee. However, considering Jackie is drawing attention to herself, including with a man named Anthony, who is Krista’s sugar daddy, is she heading to a dangerous place? Especially considering, even if Devonne is back in her life, and Junior her sponsor, she has no real backing?


A Different Side To Osito

I’m digging Osito. What first came off as some big, dark criminal, you know that story, is evolving. With the way he talks to Renee, it isn’t polite by any means, but it does give you this vibe Osito ain’t some gangster who trying to live the life rappers put in their songs – there are layers to this man. He can just as much pop a woman in cold blood as hang out with Junior, talk and have him beat up some kid. He’s complex like that.

Renee’s Potential

What is interesting about Renee is that she is in a very strange position. She is the girlfriend of a gangster expected to have a relationship with a cop, who has captain save-a-hoe tendencies. Meaning, she could be treated better by someone she is supposed to treat like a John more than the father of her own child.

Then when you add in Renee isn’t an idiot, just playing the game, it makes you wonder what can come of this? Heck, what is the end game for her beyond avoiding a bullet on one end and jail time on the other?

On The Fence

Meeting Devonne Was Underwhelming

Devonne (Gia Vrovatin) greeting Jackie at her door.
Devonne (Gia Vrovatin)

Considering who Jackie is and how interesting she can be, Devonne seems a bit boring, doesn’t she? Mind you, the whole point could be that she is a bore. With how chaotic Jackie’s life can be, someone to provide that sense of normalcy could be an asset. But, while in writing, you can see how and why they work, watching them is a drag.

The Pursuit Of Krista

The same goes for Krista. While vulnerable, to the point of giving head to a married man in some construction area, it’s hard to care either way about this child. Which might become a real problem if she ends up the key to Sherry’s case and the one against Osito. The villain is becoming far more interesting than the victim. Making it so, the victim is beginning to be far more expendable.

A Different Side To Osito - 83%
Renee's Potential - 82%
Meeting Devonne Was Underwhelming - 75%
The Pursuit Of Krista - 72%


Alongside getting to meet the love of Jackie's life, Devonne, Osito makes his presence known and coerces a conversation with Junior.

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