TV Series Hightown: Season 1 Episode 2 “Severely Weatherbeaten” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

Hightown: Season 1 Episode 2 “Severely Weatherbeaten” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

With Jackie thinking she was destined to help solve Sherry’s murder, so begins her journey into the cesspool Ryan is murking through.

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3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Directed ByRachel Morrison
Written ByRebecca Cutter
Aired (STARZ)5/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
OsitoAtkins Estimond
DonnaAna Nogueira

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Just Trying To Keep My Nose Clean – Junior, Donna, Frankie

With Junior being 90 days clean, he is trying to not just clear his system but his conscious. However, Frankie isn’t down with the idea of possibly releasing him – outside of Junior dying. Thus leaving Junior stuck with still transporting and getting rid of bodies.

Donna (Ana Nogueira) talking with Junior.
Donna (Ana Nogueira)

But, on a lighter and positive note, Donna, the mother of his daughter, is willing to talk and maybe take things slow. Which for Junior is a major win since, as we see with Jackie, having something to focus on helps with your sobriety.

The Pink Cloud – Jackie

For those taking bets on how long Jackie could stand staying in rehab, the answer is 8 days. And mind you, while they treat her addiction to drugs and alcohol, what may very well be a sex addiction goes unchecked. Though the bigger issue might be, without having a clouded mind, and with her marine investigator job possibly lost, Jackie hones in on the Sherry murder. Mind you, not because she suddenly wants to become a cop, but more so the nightmares.

However, where does one begin when some girl dies? Their acquaintances. Going strictly by Krista having the same necklace as Sherry, Jackie spends the episode trying to find a way to get in contact with Krista and, when unable to do so, she breaks down and calls Ryan. Ultimately realizing she can’t do this solo.

Captain Save A Ho – Ryan, Renee, Osito

From what we’re told, Ryan has a bit of a hero complex – especially when it comes to troubled women. Which makes Renee a bit uneasy for while she enjoys her first assignment, in trying to set Osito up, Ryan not trusting her, and being aggressive, does turn her off a bit. Though with Ryan so lonely he masturbates the phone sex Renee has with Frankie, it’s doubtful he’ll let up anytime soon.

Osito (Atkins Estimond) in his car.
Osito (Atkins Estimond)


Equal Investment

It’s amazing to us the balancing act going on here is doing so well. We have the outright chaos, which is Jackie’s life, with very little sign in slowing down. Following that, we have Ryan, who is a perpetual line stepper, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, like Renee, he had a thing for Sherry, before she was killed. Since, at this point, it seems Ryan’s CI’s also become crushes.

This would make you think Junior would either be boring or could be considered a bit of a breather, but that isn’t the case. Frankie is lurking in Junior’s past, as well as his addictions, and considering he is still very much an instrument of Frankie’s operation, he isn’t free. But, there is something nice about him presenting us someone who can be seen as in recovery.

That is, Junior isn’t a sex addict like Jackie, or desperate for intimacy and connection like Ryan. Between Donna, his dad, and his daughter, we see someone who is full. Yes, still with a bit of trouble in his present, and likely on the horizon, but at least one person seems to have their head on their shoulders.

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With Jackie thinking she was destined to help solve Sherry’s murder, so begins her journey into the cesspool Ryan is murking through.

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Equal Investment
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Community Rating

3.5 rating
3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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