High School Musical The Musical The Series: Season 1 Episode 10 “Act Two” [Season Finale] Recap/ Review

Title Card - High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 1 Episode 10 “Act Two” [Season Finale]

As the second act and the show’s first season comes to an end, nearly all you’d want to happen does.

As the second act and the show’s first season comes to an end, nearly all you’d want to happen does.

Directed By Kabir Akhtar
Written By Tim Federle
Aired (Disney+) 1/10/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Throwing Me Off: Nini, EJ, Ricky, Lynne

Ricky leaving at the beginning of the second act throws off Nini at the absolute worst time. After all, she has Ms. Patel in the audience, she is comfortable with Ricky, and things were going smooth. Also, considering all the antics of EJ, it raises a red flag to see him on stage. But, with Lynne bringing her boyfriend Todd, Ricky can’t focus, and it throws him off.

Reunited: Nini, EJ, Ricky, Gina

But, luckily for him, and Nini, good ole Gina walks out, gives Ricky the kind of friend he needs, and they return to the auditorium together. Which, for Nini, creates yet another distraction, on top of EJ being on stage instead of Ricky. Thus leading to, knowing when he is beat, EJ walking away, during the scene, but in such a way to allow Nini to bring Ricky back.

Which, at first, is a small struggle, since Ricky is dealing with not feeling worthy and that Nini deserves the best, which isn’t him. However, once they start singing, all the other issues melt away, and as they look into each other’s eyes, they remember how safe they feel when it is just those two.

Nini and Ricky kissing.

The Show Must Go On: Nini, Ricky, Big Red, Ashlyn, Miss Jenn, Mr. Mazzara, Principal Gutierrez, Ms. Patel

With their version of “High School Musical” completed and a hit, so comes dealing with that after-show high. One which produces Ricky confessing he has long loved Nini and feared he lost her before. Also, so comes Ashlyn, as Big Red does a tap dance number, alone, in the makeshift theater, kissing Big Red to thank him for the huge bouquet he sent her.

But, not everything is necessarily good. Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara, despite coming together, and Mr. Mazzara finding Big Red as a possible recruit for his robotics club, discover Principal Gutierrez knows it is them who started the fire. Which, considering Miss Jenn was already on thin ice, it is going to complicate things for both. Also, with Ms. Patel offering Nini a spot at the conservatory, so comes the question if she is ready to have a long-distance relationship with Ricky after spending three months recovering their relationship to where she wanted it to be?

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Nini and Ricky are back together.
  2. Principal Gutierrez confronts Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara about the fire they caused.
  3. Patel invited Nini to start the actor’s conservatory the following month.
  4. Big Red and Ashlyn are officially together, and Ashlyn may offer Gina a place to stay so she doesn’t have to move.

Review/ Commentary


Big Red

Ashlyn and Big Red kissing.

Big Red honestly stole the episode. For whether you’re talking about his solo dance number, woo’ing Ashlyn, or us seeing that, if giving time and instruction, he is actually quite good at what he does, he comes out the best. I’d even say I’m a bit more excited about his next chapter than the characters who have consistently been front and center.

EJ Putting His Ego Aside

We’ve seen EJ steal phones, heard of him poisoning people, and so much more to win or keep Nini. So to see him, on stage, in front of dozens, let it go, so that she can not only be happy but with another guy? That’s growth. Granted, now there is this vibe he may get with Gina, which we don’t support, since she is cuter with Ricky, but I digress. What matters is, EJ’s journey has brought him to a place where he is no longer the selfish kid who was used to having it all.

On The Fence

Ricky Back With Nini

I’m sorry, but I can’t get past Ricky joining the musical, originally, to make it harder for Nini to move on. It just makes their reconciliation a bit tainted. Yet, at the same time, it is undeniably cute how much backstory is built into their relationship. It makes it almost feel that we’ve been on the entire journey, and not just the one we saw throughout this season.

With that in mind, it is undoubtedly going to help us see how much they both grew if Nini puts herself first, and joins the conservatory, and Ricky finds himself able to deal with Nini being long distance. Mainly since that could be a trigger for his mom moving away was the beginning of the end for his parents.

Trouble Brewing With The Principal

Miss Jenn is perpetually going to be in trouble, huh? Couldn’t she have just joined the others and had a nice moment with her crush? Granted, letting the fire thing go would have been a plot hole of sorts, but I think it is just coming to a point where Miss Jenn’s setbacks are starting to produce an eye-roll. Making the fact this is the finale heaven sent.

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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