Title Card - Heartstopper Season 1 Episode 8 Boyfriend [Finale]

In its tear-inducing season 1 finale, Heartstopper leaves its mark on you and has you questioning why are we leaving things here?

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In its tear-inducing season 1 finale, Heartstopper leaves its mark on you and has you questioning why are we leaving things here?

Aired 4/22/2022
Network Netflix
Directed By Euros Lyn
Written By Alice Oseman


It’s a shared sports day between Truham and Higgs, and with that, the whole gang is together. Well, fractured due to Tao, but in the same vicinity. This is a good thing since, within the last day, Charlie was speaking in such a way to make you think he was having suicidal thoughts, and while Tori seems to put some salve on his wounds, she is but one person. She needs a village to remind Charlie that he isn’t anyone’s burden.

Thankfully, this need coincides with Nick deciding to sit down and talk to Tao to get to know Charlie better since Charlie is icing Nick out. This leads to Tao being reminded of the friend he is having a tiff with. Charlie, who he has known since he was 11, is a sweetheart. But, at the same time, he knows how easy it is for Charlie to internalize everything, and that being anyone’s secret likely makes him feel less than. So, with hearing that, Nick knows he needs to make Charlie feel seen, and no one’s secret, and Tao begins the process of healing.

Which, thanks to Charlie taking Tao’s spot in a relay race, is hastened, and alongside the two reconciling, Charlie beats Ben at the race and tells him off. But the icing on the cake is when, despite being the star player of the rugby game, as soon as Nick sees Charlie, he walks over to him to chat privately in the halls. There he confesses his feelings to Charlie in such a way that eradicates Charlie’s doubts and fears over this all being too hard for Nick.

Nick and Charlie on their date

Then, to follow that up, the two not only go on a one-on-one date to the beach but define their relationship as boyfriends! Also, Nick comes out to his mom as bi!

Sadly though, while Charlie gets everything he wants and more, neither Tao nor Elle pull the trigger on what they may have. Elle’s fears of things going wrong and losing her friend keep her from doing more than admiring Tao and how eccentric he is.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened to the girl Ben was with before? Shouldn’t she have been cheering on her boyfriend?
  2. Considering Nick was supposed to do the kick-off, and he ended up leaving the field to go talk to Charlie, with Imogen, surely amongst many others seeing, did that become the talk of the schools?
  3. Where’s Nick’s dad?
  4. Did we ever meet the Headmaster? Based on his announcements over the intercom, he seems funny.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Season 2 better be about Elle’s happy ending



So Many Tears

Tori consoling Charlie

Whether it is Tori consoling Charlie as his mind veers toward suicide, Nick and Charlie’s date, and then Nick coming out to his mom? It was an emotional episode. One that was mostly happy tears as we saw how deeply loved Charlie is and Nick getting to be vulnerable and accepted by his mom.

Charlie Telling Off Ben

Not only did Charlie beat Ben in a race, but then he told him off as well? It felt like a moment that could be cathartic for people. Telling off the person who is part of the reason why you’re insecure, questioning any and all potential relationships, and who is that nagging voice in your head? And you leave them speechless? Oh, seeing that was just bliss, and I hope those who identify with Charlie get some strength from that moment.

Mr. Ajayi

From what Elle tells us, Mr. Ajayi wasn’t just a protector of Charlie but her, which makes it sad that he is not necessarily a big role on the show. His presence is made known, similar to the Headmaster, but we don’t get to see him at work. But, hopefully, in season 2, we could get to know them better. That is, unless the show wants to hone in on the teen experience and only address the adults in their lives when they must.

On The Fence

Tao and Elle

Elle and Tao looking lovingly at each other

One of Tao and Elle’s issues is that this show is about Charlie and Nick. So with that, Elle and Tao are made prominent enough for you to know something is going on, but they are put on the back burner to make it clear that it will not be put to the forefront of the show. Thus leaving you to hope they’ll follow up on how those two will navigate their potential relationship in season 2, especially since Charlie and Nick have laid out the foundation they need to move forward.

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Title Card - Heartstopper Season 1 Episode 8 Boyfriend [Finale]
Heartstopper: Season 1/ Episode 8 “Boyfriend” [Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
It doesn’t really feel like the end of a season as much as it comes off like a mid-season finale. There is so much left to explore, beyond Nick potentially understanding what Tara was warning about, that hasn’t been dove into. Leaving you unsure if this show should be praised for being a realistic but not too heavy show about two boys falling in love, or if you should criticize how surface level it is when it comes to topics beyond queer dating?
Mr. Ajayi
Charlie Telling Off Ben
So Many Tears
Tao and Elle

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