Could there be hope for Charlie? Nick sends mixed signals, and Elle presents vital information, making it seem so!

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Could there be hope for Charlie? Nick sends mixed signals, and Elle presents vital information, making it seem so!

Aired 4/22/2022
Network Netflix
Directed By Euros Lyn
Written By Alice Oseman
Introduced This Episode
Mr. Ajayi Fisayo Akinade
Tara Corinna Brown
Darcy Kizzy Edgell


With hanging out at each other’s houses and growing especially close, Charlie thinks there is the possibility Nick could be gay, bi, or something which would allow them to be together. Tao says that’s unlikely because Nick likes a girl named Tara, but Elle is in Tara’s class and knows Tara is dating another girl named Darcy, so that’s not a problem. However, this doesn’t solve Charlie’s essential issue – is Nick a possibility?

He goes to Mr. Ajayi, the art teacher, in hopes he may give him the kind of advice needed so he can just break it off, but Mr. Ajayi is old school. I’m talking about suffering in silence, old school, so he is of no help. So, Charlie just enjoys the moments as Nick questions if being this close to another boy, especially one who is gay, makes him gay? Not in a bad way, mind you, but with a desire to hold Charlie’s hand, give him a tight hug, and things like that, he is as confused as Charlie is.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where are Charlie and Tori’s parents?
  2. Was Charlie forced to come out, and if so, by who? What led to everyone finding out since it seemed, based on Charlie’s IG conversation with Nick, he planned to stay closeted throughout high school.
  3. Why is Tori the way she is?+

What Could Happen Next

  1. The boys learn Elle isn’t doing as well at school as she makes them think
  2. Nick meeting Charlie’s friends and Charlie tasking them to try to figure out if Nick could be a little gay



Tara and Darcy

It’s seeing a Black queer girl who is happy in their relationship for me. She giggles with Darcy, is discreet but not a secret, and bonds with another Black girl who is under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. On top of that, Darcy seems like a good match for Tara since they are opposites enough to have an opposites attract effect, yet not so different that you question why are they together? Both are nerdy, weird, and seemingly the nicest people you can meet. Which makes me hope Elle doesn’t become a third wheel, just watching and wondering when it will be her turn.

A Reminder Of How Stereotypes Haven’t Gone Away

The fact that the possibility of Nick being gay by everyone’s standards is 0 reminds you how we have not come that far in some aspects of the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. There is still an over-reliance on stereotypical behavior to identify queer people over them self-identifying. Also, the idea of someone being ultra-masculine and gay is still seen as foreign. This isn’t to say Heartstopper speaks for all, but it does present this healthy balance of the progress made for and in the community while acknowledging not everything is as progressive as people may think it is.

On The Fence

Nick’s Sexuality

Nick's Google search asking if he is gay?

I’m a bit torn. A part of me thinks it could be wonderful for Nick to be a straight guy who has a strong bond with a gay guy, and that be it. Yet, at the same time, how can you not want Charlie and Nick to be together as he dreams? For Charlie to have the perfect high school boyfriend with whom he goes to prom and has all these monumental memories and life experiences?

That’s why we’re a bit torn on Nick’s sexuality. Yes, having someone defined as masculine question their sexuality is important representation. As well as approaching the complicated nature of close male friendships, but it is a delicate and taut tight rope that one can only hope is executed rightly.

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A Reminder Of How Stereotypes Haven't Gone Away
Tara and Darcy
Nick's Sexuality

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