Greenleaf: Season 4, Episode 2 “Did I Lose You?” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Karine talking to herself after handing a document to James.
Karine: This sure don't feel like church.
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Grace and Noah’s son is introduced, as Jacob finds himself back in Cavalry drama and trying to work with an antsy Kerissa.

Director(s) Rachel Raimist
Writer(s) Kriss Turner Towner
Air Date 9/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
AJ Delajae Jacob Gibson
Dante Shane Paul McGhie
Cameron Aaron Lamont

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Recap/ Review (with Commentary)

Heed Not Into Temptation | Jacob, Kerissa, Phil, Charity, Grace, James, Dante, Cameron

Charity begins her work for Phil, but not without some hesitation. For while her hatred of Grace remains strong, going against her father is a bit more of a challenge. Hence Phil reminding Charity that James is not a saint. Between negligent manslaughter to being investigated over how he spent the church’s money, there is sin there. However, he sees a good in her, beyond his needs, he wants to lift up.

However, said good doesn’t trump his desires for a balanced book or profit. Such is the case when he turns down Jacob, who speaks on Grace’s behalf, about the Blue Lake camp which seems inclusive to Black children. For with H&H about unity and communication between different ethnic groups, he can’t sign off on Blue Lake’s mission or price. So, Grace goes around him, and this continues those two butting heads.

Leaving Kerissa. She wants out of the Greenleaf home and selling the land Jacob has across the church is her plan to afford somewhere new. The problem is, Jacob, after spending time with Dante, and a little with his friend Cameron, thinks he can use that land for something beyond selfishness or to solve his wife’s discomfort. That idea, of course, bothers Kerissa since she may be a Greenleaf but she honestly can’t stand most of them – her husband included sometimes. So while Jacob asks of her to wait, she checks into how much the land is worth anyway.


Phil comparing Charity to her family, especially James.
Phil: I see it all and it’s good.

You gotta hate/love how Charity knows she is likely being played but is so desperate for validation, and feeling empowered, that she will look a snake in the eye, hear it hiss, but not back away. Yet, even if you bring in James and what he says to her about patience, so comes the question of how long is she supposed to wait? If not, considering all she has gone through, what is Charity’s faith like at this point?

In my mind, she’d abandon the church like Sophia if she could, but all she knows is singing, and her career didn’t necessarily take off as she wanted. So, she is stuck at Cavalry, and like most people who had a job somewhere a long time, she wants to move up or around since she is bored. But, unfortunately, the people in charge have changed, and the person who can sign off doesn’t want her to assume the role she wants.

Which, when you think about it, is similar to Mae’s storyline. She wants to take over the church, but no one of power really has faith in her. So, she is in waiting. However, unlike Mae, Charity doesn’t have the support of any family member, even when they hit a wall, to push her forward or make it clear they are making strides.

Look at Grace. The way she talked about just Charity rejoining the music department didn’t show much gumption. She was ready for a no and damn near sound like she was pushing for one.

Moving on from Charity, can we please meet Kerissa’s people? Like Charity’s ex, the main issue with those who marry into the Greenleaf family is that it seems once they are in, they have to forsake all outsiders. Thus leaving us without any sense of who they are beyond what drama they cause for the family. Since, at this point, beyond giving Mae grandkids, sometimes it is hard to say how Kerissa is an asset. Beyond the audience’s entertainment.

Leaving Dante. A part of me wonders what happened to his father, and forgive me if his mother noted it in the last episode. It’s just, his introduction wasn’t built up too much, like Grace’s son, so there wasn’t a strong desire to latch onto every word said about him. However, with putting a face and personality to a name, so comes the investment. One which could, whether Zora gets with him or not, last a while.

The Child I Left Behind | Noah, Grace, AJ, Sophia, Zora

Noah appears, and unfortunately, it is at the church, which means he is seen, and he is there to talk about AJ to Grace. Which, as you can imagine, isn’t the friendliest of conversations due to him being upset he thought she got an abortion and didn’t. Not to say he pushed for it, but with being told one thing and finding out, nearly 18+ years later, another, it doesn’t sit well with him. Especially since he is struggling to have a child with his wife.

Yet, there is nothing he can do. Also, it appears he isn’t necessarily trying to step up now. If only due to Isabel, his wife, already not trusting Grace, and being under stress due to possible infertility. Thus leaving Grace to deal with it all and since she has no friends, she turns to Sophia. Someone who, originally, wanted to stay the summer and spend time with her mom and Zora. However, once it was revealed Grace abandoned her brother, she decides to call her dad and leave for a summer at Hampton.


Sophia reacting to Grace revealing she has a brother.
Sophia: You’re his mom.

While I know part of the reason is the budget, anyone else find it strange none of the adults on this show have friends really? I’m not talking about Kerissa and her real estate associate, I’m talking about someone they can get called out by and still have lunch with the next day, or week if they are sensitive. Because, while I understand why Grace told Sophia she has a brother, in terms of knowing she had family, it felt beyond that. Like she was expecting Sophia to console her, be there for her, tell her she wasn’t wrong for what she did, and things of that nature.

You know, expecting Sophia to be down for anything and everything Grace does and not judge her. Which perhaps explains a lot about Grace and her relationships. While she has long abandoned any pursuit of being the star child, notice how she acts, most of the time, when asking for something. Outside of when dealing with Bob, you see this hint of fear that she will be rejected in most of her conversations.

Which will surely make this relationship with AJ interesting since she has a real reason to feel guilt. Here is Sophia, who benefitted from Grace’s wealth and privilege, and then there is this son who didn’t have any of that and look what happened. Hence her trying to throw money at the problem and Grace being called out for that since, maybe in Sophia’s eyes, that is what Grace, possibly other members of the family, do too far often?

That is, either throw money, or distractions, out there to appease, shut up, or avoid the root of any problem.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What’s AJ’s story, and how did things go when he first discovered Grace was his mom?

A Steady March To Holiness Or Hell | Mae, James, Karine, Charity

Mae discouraging James from underhanded tactics.
Mae: “By My Will,” says the lord.

Like Charity, James isn’t that patient and is willing to fight dirty to reach his goals. Hence why he pulls Karine to dig stuff up on Connie and while Connie isn’t clean, Mae doesn’t want to use that ammunition. Why? Well, she is tired of the old ways of doing things and, look where it left them? She’d instead follow God’s path than steadily march to hell adorned in gold. A warning she presents to both James and Karine but, when it comes to Charity, with digging for information out of Karine, a known gossip, it seems she may need to hit rock bottom again.


If Mae isn’t going to fight dirty, it should be interesting to see what she does instead. It’s unlikely she is just going to have bible study with Zora and wait. So what will her next move be, and will James and Karine play a role? Also, with Charity learning about Noah inside the church, meeting with Grace even, what will she do with that information first? Use this false sense of sisterhood she made with Grace, at the beginning of the episode, to develop her information, or will she tattle like a spoiled brat anytime she catches wind of something?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Without a vision, people will perish.
— James
Watch what a man does not what he says, and you’ll see who he is.
— Phil

In God’s time, there are no transitions. It’s just the steady march to holiness or hell, and every day is a step up or a step-down.
— Mae

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