The season has barely begun, and the Greenleaf family ends up with their own personal Judas and the first sets of battles with Bob and his ambitious house negro.

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The season has barely begun, and the Greenleaf family ends up with their own personal Judas and the first sets of battles with Bob and his ambitious house negro.

Director(s) Clement Virgo
Writer(s) Craig Wright
Air Date 9/3/2019
Introduced This Episode
Doris Diane Sellers
Perry Mark Taylor

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Life Outside The Church: Zora, Sophia, Kerissa, Mae, James, Doris, Perry, Jacob

While many are wheeling, dealing, trying to carve a place for themselves in HNH’s cavalry, that isn’t everything for everyone. Jacob is working on mentoring an up and coming sports star, with the boy’s mother, Doris, advocating for him, and the coach being cool with it if Jacob can obtain an associated pastor position at a church.

But, this may end up a double-edged sword. Why? Well, Zora already has a crush, and you know that girl isn’t against making her feelings known. Damn what happened with Isaiah, maybe less than a month ago. She is ready, willing, and she convinces Mae to give her the cottage outside the big house. A place she won’t even have to share with Sophia since apparently she is going away for college.

Though, let’s be real, Mae didn’t give that cottage up out of the goodness of her heart. For one, with Sophia’s meltdown, she knows she isn’t going to take over the church. Losing the ability to have kids hit far too hard. So now, if the dynasty is to continue, it has to be Zora. Someone who doesn’t feel like she has received the call, but Mae is willing to dial up the phone if she has to.

Another thing which may have also led to Mae being so kind is that she put James on notice that he is courting again. An idea which he doesn’t take as insulting but a challenge. Meaning those two about to have all kinds of fun.

Testing The Waters: Grace, Phil, Bob, Charity, Jacob, Mae, James, Connie, Kerissa

The whole takeover is still fresh and new, and that comes with everyone trying to figure each other out. Some in subtle ways, like how Phil maneuvers. Others in private, like Bob telling Grace to keep her sermon short, and making it clear to Phil, when in conversation with Phil, he hunts for vulnerable mega-churches. Yet, then there are those who are direct, demanding, and maybe a bit shady – sometimes in public.

Take Connie and Mae. Their battle, which features Bob, is done in public and while they maintain a sense of decorum, if words were knives, there would be blood all over the floor. However, the one who cuts at the flesh the most is, well a tie between Kerissa and Charity. Kerissa, as always, puts on Grace every issue in her life. She probably blames her anytime she got to pluck a hair out of her chin. As for Charity? Well, you know the victim mentality. She is under the idea no one supports her, cares for her, fights for her, and Grace especially.

For example, Charity, despite lack of experience or a degree, wants to be an associated pastor, as does Jacob. When Jacob gets the opportunity, and she doesn’t, she flips out. I’m talking to the point when Kerissa isn’t on her side, bashing Grace, those two seem like they were about to fight. Making it appear, while she isn’t drinking, Charity is in desperate need of a vice or outlet.

From The Ashes, Many Things Can Rise: Phil, Charity, Grace, Noah, Bob

Noah is back, or at least calling, because someone in prison, a son we’re told, that is his and Grace’s, is calling. Meaning Sophie might be gone, but her brother will be walking in as she is walking out. Great.

But, perhaps the bigger issue is Phil. From the way it appears, his dynamic with Bob is nowhere near equals, or Phil being genuinely respected. Phil just is in the right place at the right time, or maybe is one of the good ones? Who knows? Bob isn’t necessarily easy to pin down just yet.

Charity calling Phil and saying she is ready to be his Judas.

However, what is clear is Phil wants to be the pastor of Calgary and not a second to Grace, or maybe even have Grace involved. So, when Charity approaches him, since she is trying to build up power that isn’t associated with her family name, he sees this as an opportunity. She is disgruntled, hateful of Grace, but ambitious. Hence why Phil pushes Charity to become his personal Judas. Someone tasked to spy on her own family with a promise of a reward within a year. A proposal she accepts.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Satan can take a gift that God has given you and use it to hold you in bondage.
— Charity

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Sophia just going to be reoccurring, or is she being written off?



Plain and simple, Lynn Whitfield is the driving force of this show, and anyone who shares a scene with her immensely benefits from the time. Be it her flirtatious scene when Mae makes it clear James will have to work to be in her bed, or Mae going toe to toe with Connie. While most characters have their drama be the driving force behind why you should be invested, it is Mae’s personality and not only what she does, but how she responds.

Also, she is the most well-rounded characters and shows the various sides to her all in one episode. Heck, even when we are seeing her maternal side with Zora and Grace, there are shades to it. In both cases, it is clear Mae is using either her daughter or granddaughter to further her goals. Yet, with Grace, this is done almost like an old school Disney stepmother who is calculated and wants things settled before she goes for the kill. Not to say she doesn’t love Grace but the kiss on Grace’s cheek felt more like a warning than a showing of affection.

Then, when it comes to Zora, what she essentially is doing is putting that girl on a long leash. A short one proved to be too bothersome, and Zora nipped at her one too many times and ran. So with a long leash, time spent, and mentorship, so comes the vibe that while she may lost her star in Sophia, she can craft a backup.

Low Point

Noah Is Back

Noah talking to Grace over the phone.

Shows getting this far along has its benefits and liabilities. The benefits are they can bring back someone like Noah, after he has been gone for more than a season, and it’ll present both a sense of familiarity and something fresh. However, the liability of being around too long is bringing back certain characters makes it seem like they are digging deep and perhaps running out of ideas to move things forward. So they have to look back and seek out what hasn’t been fleshed out or tapped out to fill in screen time.

Kerissa’s Story Needs To Be Told

Which is upsetting for me since Kerissa remains a person who we barely know. 4 seasons in and we haven’t met her family, really gotten to know who she is beyond Jacob’s sharp-tongued wife, and it is getting ridiculous. Everyone has had these full-on arcs, transformations, huge reveals, and a whole lot of growth, but the Kerissa we met in season 1 isn’t that different from season 4. It’s just now we can tell you why Grace gets on her nerves and why she talks so much crap about her.


Speaking of arcs and transformations, is Charity stuck in the middle of one? I can understand with being a single mom, losing her husband to a man, in a family which often favors light-skinned women, being a big girl, and feeling put into a box, why she is angry. Yet, she is erratic to the point I feel like Charity is an escaped character of a Tyler Perry movie. Where is this story going and her playing Judas now, working with Phil? Is it wrong to believe this is more so about drama than Charity growing out of this victimhood she clings to?

On The Fence

Zora Going Back Down The Road She Was On Before

Zora talking about the boy who will become her next boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zora for she has Kerissa’s attitude but shows the ability to be multifaceted like Mae. However, can she not get with a guy who got issues and fame again? Not to say Dante might be as bad as her ex but, I need her to learn from her mistakes instead of thinking because she isn’t walking down the same path, that negates her refusal to leave the forest she is in. Especially if Sophia is leaving and she is going to be a representative for the youth on this show.

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