Lady Mae is put on the defensive and while she is getting hit every which way, she refuses to go down without a fight. Network OWN Director(s) Charles Randolph-Wright Writer(s) Kriss Turner Towner Air Date 8/29/2018 Characters Introduced Clara Donna Biscoe Not My Baby: Kevin, Charity, Aaron, Jabari Charity is still making things unnecessarily difficult…

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Lady Mae is put on the defensive and while she is getting hit every which way, she refuses to go down without a fight.

Director(s) Charles Randolph-Wright
Writer(s) Kriss Turner Towner
Air Date 8/29/2018
Characters Introduced
Clara Donna Biscoe

Not My Baby: Kevin, Charity, Aaron, Jabari

Charity is still making things unnecessarily difficult for Kevin. Even to the point of looking for more people to co-sign her pettiness. Yet, with Jabari waiting on her, it seems she was willing to give in. That is, until she sees Aaron in Kevin’s apartment and decides she rather burn her career outside of church than ever let her baby with his father and his man.


Kevin exhausted by trying to work things with Charity without involving the legal system.
Kevin: Charity, I’m his father.

Am I forgetting something? What did Kevin, much less Aaron, do that was so wrong that Charity would rather mess up her career, and her relationship, than leave Nathan with them? Was it the divorce? The idea maybe they were together before it all went down? Could, despite her friendship with the former director, Charity be a little bit like Mae when it comes to some things?

Surely, she can’t be this petty right? Especially when the baby needs to see his dad and Charity needs a life outside of Cavalry.

Making The Best Out of a Bad Situation: Grace, Darius, Zora, Sophia, Jacob, Kerissa, Tasha, Rochelle

While no one is 100% sure what is Rochelle’s endgame, Grace seemingly wants to keep her enemy close. Maybe even use her talents for good, like a legal defense fund for domestic violence survivors. Which Rochelle seems to be cool with in such a way to make you wonder if Grace is setting herself up. Especially when Grace gets bold and wants to ask if something is happening between Rochelle and the bishop, which upsets her a little bit.

But she isn’t the only one mad. Zora is still grounded and while Sophia and her are better, her still refusing to be an enabler is a serious problem. However, at the very least, she does help her cousin get her TV privileges back. Granted, because being petty runs in the family, Jacob does block many channels, but beggars can’t be choosy right?

Well, what about those who aren’t begging but clearly somewhere between flirting with danger and overwhelmed? Because when it comes to first lady duties, on top of her day job, it really does seem Kerissa is in over her head. She can’t be attentive to parents, keep an eye on Zora, and do first lady duties. While a hard worker, she can’t conference call one thing, while looking over documents, try to play good cop, and not lose her mind.

Yet, she knows, and we certainly know, she can’t delegate to Tasha. While a nice girl, the apple don’t fall too far from the tree. It wasn’t that long ago Jacob had his own affair going and while Tasha verbally knows her place, that doesn’t mean Kerissa doesn’t have the need to side-eye her. And Jacob doesn’t help for while his compliments are professional, as viewers, we know Tasha and Rochelle are in co-hoots and even if they can’t trap the man they can cause discord. It ain’t like the Greenleafs aren’t hanging on by a thread.


Tasha admiring a piece of jewelry she picked out for Kerissa.
Tasha: I need to lock this in my memory bank now.

Is it terrible that I like Tasha and Jacob together? Maybe not to the point of dating, though I’m not 100% against it, but their dynamic is cute. Or it could just be I enjoy Tasha and her being this odd and bubbly mid-west girl. I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I’m in no way ready or desiring seeing Zora and Isiah go a few more rounds. I’d rather see Sophia and her little boo thang some more. I mean, can Sophia get some attention, please? Doesn’t it feel like she is always a witness and never the one front and center? Let the girl shine and do her own thing for once.

Oh, and what is with Rochelle talking about Grace is stuck with her? Does that mean she is on her s*** list now? That they are onto one another and both are aware the other would stab them in the back if given an opportunity? In my mind, Grace played her hand too quickly and should have built a better rapport. Yeah, she knows Rochelle is full of it, but keep what you are thinking to yourself. There isn’t always a need to address your thoughts and ask abrasive questions as soon as they come to mind.

The Last Straw: Rochelle, Grace, Bishop James, Lady Mae, Clara

Lady Mae has been on the ropes for too long. You got Tasha making her feel insecure, Rochelle making her feel replaceable, and then James has the nerve to tell Grace about Lionel – leading to Grace trying to snatch Mae like she is her child! It is too much and with Clara, the millionaire, talking about cutting a large check? Oh, Mae is done. Damn what Corinne hears or what echoes through the halls, she wants a divorce!


Rochelle walking back into Grace's office and making nice.
Rochelle: This is the work of the lord.

Lady Mae is swinging! She ain’t knocking not one person out, but she is swinging! And it is that fight which keeps this show so entertaining. For put Lynn Whitfield with anyone and she will dress them down and put on some lipstick. Making the idea of Patti Labelle showing up as one of her friends? Hopefully not Rochelle’s momma? Can you imagine? This show is technically a drama but the way Mae’s scenes are becoming, this is a low-key comedy.

But, in all seriousness, watch Grace make things worse. Because, essentially that is what she does. She may not start anything, but she sure will expose and circulate it. Though it doesn’t always have the best results, she is the light bringer when it comes to her family.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are Darius and Grace going to break up? I just really can’t see with his lack of faith, and him not wanting to really integrate into her routine, outside of sex, them being serious and long-term.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I’m walking by faith, […] not by sight.
— James


  1. While Lady Mae doesn’t score a single knock out, and is on the ropes, she comes back with those one liners and shady moments which remind you not to bet against her.
  2. Tasha and Jacob’s relationship, even though it likely will negatively affect his and Kerissa’s.
  3. The possibility of Grace and Rochelle going at it.

Low Points

  1. Zora and Isiah going another round while Sophia’s character boils down to questioning why everyone is doing something which seems stupid.
  2. Charity and Kevin’s back and forth over custody, which has led to Charity abandoning Jabari’s tour just to keep Kevin, with Aaron assisting, from watching their baby.

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