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So many surprises jump out at us you’d think this episode of Greenleaf was a haunted house attraction.

Director(s) Allan Kroeker
Writer(s) Karen Corneille
Air Date 10/31/2018
Introduced This Episode
Michael Stephen Bishop

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Coralie’s Fight Continues: Rochelle, Coralie, Grace

Coralie wants to take a plea deal which would get her only twenty years. Both Rochelle and Grace say they shouldn’t take it. This goes back and forth until the lawyer Grace and Rochelle hired comes in and then she backs away from the nuclear option.


Coralie asking to see the lawyer Grace and Rochele got for her.
Coralie: Can I just meet the lawyer before I decide?

I just want this storyline to be over for it frustrates me that Coralie was cast to be a white woman. Which I don’t mean to sound prejudice at all but the idea of these powerful people coming to the aid of a Black woman who was trying to save herself, it would just mean more. Especially with this lawyer being a Black man… Granted, it would likely mean Coralie’s husband would be Black but you got to have a trade off somewhere.

You Bastard: Isiah, Zora, Kerissa, Jacob, Tasha, Michael, Charity

Zora is still with Isiah, who apparently has an apartment somewhere in Atlanta which, of course, has his face all over the walls. But, to make matters worse, he is trying to guilt her out of doing her interview for Spellman College and doesn’t publicly claim her during a radio interview. Talking about her not playing the role of a girlfriend or some nonsense which doesn’t make him seem less of an ass.

Though, he isn’t the only bastard a Greenleaf woman is dealing with. Charity was feeling one of Maxine’s people, the choir director Michael, until it became clear he was homophobic. For while Charity usually keeps her mouth shut, avoids being confrontational like Grace, there is still some kind of love for Kevin so she isn’t going to let some stranger talk about him like that.

But, the one who has it the worse is Kerissa. Upon learning $200,000 was taken from the church, over 3 months, she decides to get in contact with Tasha. Someone who reveals her tryst with Jacob and you know that sends Kerissa into a rage. One which Jacob tries to downplay and that only sends Kerissa to the point of bringing up divorce as a potential option. Something he tries to shut down and is only set aside because of the money issue.


Isiah reprimanding Zora.
Isiah: You’re really making a lot of mistakes lately.

Are you telling me that only one fan was going to call the radio station about what Isiah posted on IG? All that drama, you’re telling me, in this world of social media and the Shade Room wouldn’t be all people would call about? LIES! Also, where is Isiah’s manager or publicist? Why is Zora seemingly the only one in the room supporting him? I’m not sure how big this dude is but you’d think he’d have a handler considering his age.

That aside, I’m glad Charity finally said something. Considering how hands off she was when the choir director was getting pushback at her church, her saying something on someone gay’s behalf, Kevin of all people, was noteworthy. Perhaps could be seen as growth? Especially considering she was sacrificing a good looking dude to defend an ex who left her and had a quick transition to finding a new man. One who technically is family – more on that in a minute.

For there is still Kerissa and, I really think we need to meet her family. This woman has no confidant or friends so surely someone in her family has to be hearing, off-screen, what she is going through right? She can’t just be internalizing all this, going to work, trying to participate in church stuff, being a mom, and relying on Jacob for all her needs, right? That’s crazy. Also, it sounds unhealthy considering how much Kerissa takes on.

Daddy’s Home: Lionel, Mae, Basie, Tasha, Rochelle, Grace, Maxine, James

Well, it is confirmed: Lionel is Grace’s father and that’s why Mae has long had issues with her. This gets pushed out because Maxine doesn’t like who Mae wants to have her warm up the crowd. Yes, Maxine is a show stopper, but she doesn’t want to come out to a group bored as hell, aggravated, and maybe not at the number she was expecting. Yet, Mae shuts that idea down with the quickness. But, when Lionel calls, she comes, for she is a divorced woman and he is being rather persistent. Leading to him revealing he wants to talk about his daughter.

But, that ain’t the only daddy worth mentioning. Tasha’s man, aka “daddy” Basie Skanks is back. For with Tasha going off the rails, and Rochelle unable to control her, he comes back out of hiding to get a handle on things. We also learn those two are half-siblings to solve part of the question of how those two are related. Now, as for where this shared sister is? That is a bit harder to say. For the woman’s name is Tara and we have yet to meet a Tara. Though, with Grace on Rochelle’s tail, ready to reveal to James who she really is, it is only a matter of time before that puzzle piece is found.


Lionel revealing Grace is his daughter (though not by exact name).
Lionel: I want to talk about my daughter.

I wonder if we should have always known that Grace wasn’t James’? Not to put a colorism spin on this, but the whole situation reminds me of Queen Sugar and Ava DuVerney talking about why Darla’s son Blue might not be Ralph Angel’s. So, taking note Grace is lighter than her siblings, should we have known all along? It’s hard to say for you don’t want to put yourself in the mindset of thinking, from here on, if the kid is light, the daddy may not be right.

Grace’s paternity aside, I need Basie to comeback with the thunder. Rochelle may have led me to think, a few times, that she isn’t as bad as she seems, but she lost her oomph a while ago. Her beef with the family became as hot and cold as Mae’s with Grace. So, with Basie back, making it seem he is ready to start putting nails in the coffin, and 3 episodes left, I am excited!


  1. Basie Skanks is back!
  2. How this Lionel being the actual father might play out.
  3. Charity shutting down Michael’s homophobia or homo-aversion.

Low Point

  1. I just want this Coralie thing to be over so bad. Give all that time to Sophia and her situation.

On The Fence

  1. Kerissa seriously needing some non-Greenleaf people to talk to – on screen.
  2. The fact this Zora and Isiah storyline is still going on and makes absolutely no sense.

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