It has been nearly a year since Faith’s death and everyone, including Mac, is still reeling from it. But with everyone sure on the idea it was his fault and feeling powerless to do more than leaving it up to god, he remains ostracized. Death Is A Cross To Bear (Lady Mae, Grace, Mac) Grace’s…

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It has been nearly a year since Faith’s death and everyone, including Mac, is still reeling from it. But with everyone sure on the idea it was his fault and feeling powerless to do more than leaving it up to god, he remains ostracized.

Death Is A Cross To Bear (Lady Mae, Grace, Mac)

Grace’s crusade has gone absolutely nowhere. She even looks into Michaela (Charlotte Benesch), the girl who Max took an interest in last season, and she doesn’t imply or say Mac did a single thing to her besides be nice. So she is at a loss. But, so is Lady Mae. So being that this is a family time to grieve, she tries to set aside whatever differences they have to share said burden. However, Grace makes it seem like she suffered the most, she is fighting the hardest, and Lady Mae just can’t deal. Especially when Grace has the nerve to ask “What have you endured.” Which, considering all her father put her through, which easily puts her in the mindset of what Faith was put through, she decides to tap out. She hasn’t in it in her no more to fight.

Though, all things considered, why keep up? Mac has Deputy Mayor Leonard in his pocket, there are no new witnesses to testify, and while his special friend Lorraine (Vivian Fleming-Alvarez), is back, seemingly his girlfriend, and he lies to her when Michaela texts him, it isn’t clear if she may become his Achilles heel. For even if she suspects something, she’ll need more than that. Plus, who knows how deep Mac’s hands are in other people’s business. Especially since he has enough on some officials to report them to the FEC and put them away for a long time.


It was hard to watch Lady Mae, in a rare showing of trying to be close with Grace, get rejected. For while she has been absolutely venomous toward Grace, you have to see things from her perspective. Everyone’s life really got torn upside down and has just finally stopped spinning. Yet, despite some sense of normalcy returning, Grace is like a little kid trying to shake up the snow globe all over. And while you do have to understand Grace’s point of view, the fact that her leaving and not calling out Mac when she could have may have led to Faith’s death, it is becoming harder and harder to support her.

If only because, and I know this is terrible to say, Michaela makes you question the allegations. For what made her so special to not become Mac’s next victim? Why didn’t he make a move? Is it because she is light skinned, perhaps reminds him of his sister? Why aren’t we getting to see this monster that gets pushed so hard? Now, granted, business wise, Mac is a beast. Come after his personal life, same rules apply. But, if I remember right, his dealings with Michaela was that of a man who knew what it was like to have an unstable parent. To deal with an unfavorable upbringing and it seemed like he wanted to give Michaela some kind of reprieve from all that. Didn’t he also keep her from drinking too? He had every opportunity yet he didn’t take a single one. Which is making it difficult to remain on Grace’s side.

And it isn’t like the other testimonies are forgotten and there isn’t evidence there, but why the lack of consistency? Why, as a viewer, are we not able to see the monster which inspired Faith to kill herself and has hurt these other girls?

Moving On (Charity, Kevin, Sophia, Zora)

With the divorce finalized, Kevin and Charity are done. However, there looms a possibility for Kevin and Aaron. Yet, it remains unclear if Kevin’s side eye looks at Aaron are warranted or not. As for Zora and Sophia? Well, Sophia wants to apologize for pushing Zora to choose but she seems over it. Perhaps over her cousin too.


With Kevin possibly moving onto Aaron, I wonder what is up next for Charity? Hanging out with Jabari and confirming Kevin’s suspicions? Perhaps getting pushed further back in terms of who is of note in the cast? Either way, the often forgotten and neglected child is free and the writers have a task at hand to keep her from getting lost in the shuffle of things.

As for Sophia and Zora? I remain in the camp of wondering what is to be done with Zora? While Sophia grows religiously, can perhaps guide her mom back to having faith, what is Zora to do? She isn’t part of her parent’s storyline, [note]though one should ask if Kerissa really even has one?[/note] and her relevance on this show slips away little by little. Almost to the point, she is in the same ship as Charity where, without her former partner, you are lost as to what will keep her on this program consistently?

The Fall of Bass Reeves (Basie Skanks, Jacob)

According to Britney (), who handles the finances for Triumph, the money is running low. So, with that said, Bass Reeves has to come to town. However, unlike usual, the man doesn’t deliver. To make matters worse though, he loses 10s, if not at least $100,000 of the church’s money. Making Aaron’s legal blockade and the costs of holding a crew, really making it seem Triumph II plans need to end. However, Skanks, even when that idea is proposed by Jacob, won’t listen to that idea. It is a calling from god and his pursuit of revenge which will keep that church alive. Through hell or high water.


Being that Skanks is the sole character who is any kind of playful on here, to the point he seems like a lost DC villain, it was sort of sad to see him fail at something. It was perhaps overdue, for his wicked grin has been flashed around quite a bit, but honestly, he has become my favorite character. Almost to the point that I wish he had more people to play off of than just Jacob. For while Jacob does make a good straight man for their duo, Basie is starting to seem a little bit underutilized and trapped. Like, a twisted part of me would love to see Mac somehow get involved with Triumph. Especially considering how good he seems to be at financial matters. For with that, Basie will become integrated into one of the main storylines and will really get to shine.

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