Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 6 “The Royal Family” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

  How Triumph stays afloat gets revealed, Zora returns to the show in time for Sophia’s birthday, and Kevin and Charity’s divorce starts to get ugly. Episode Focus: Family First (Kevin, Aaron, Lady Mae, and Charity) Naturally, the divorce between Kevin and Charity wasn’t going to be easy. However, it did seem like it could…

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How Triumph stays afloat gets revealed, Zora returns to the show in time for Sophia’s birthday, and Kevin and Charity’s divorce starts to get ugly.

Episode Focus: Family First (Kevin, Aaron, Lady Mae, and Charity)

Naturally, the divorce between Kevin and Charity wasn’t going to be easy. However, it did seem like it could at first. That is until Charity notes that she would be in Nashville more than she thought and she spoke of renegotiating the terms of custody. With that, and of course the notion she may have been cheating with Jabari, Kevin storms out. Thus setting into motion Lady Mae being nosey, getting out of Charity that she believes Kevin is gay and with that she has Aaron hit the nuclear option. Said nuclear option, really options, being changes to the divorce agreement that cause the boy’s head to spin. However, the clause that matters is if he gets fired [note]from whatever he does for Cavalry[/note], he cannot sue the church. Something which upsets Charity since she doesn’t want her child’s father unemployed and after that Carlton mess, she doesn’t want a repeat. [note] Even though she kept quiet about that.[/note]

Though what may really be noteworthy is the time and attention Aaron gives Kevin. If only because in the subtle of ways, he seems to be trying to look out for Kevin. Plus, with it not being clear how careful Kevin was being when he was on different apps, just to see what was out there, who knows if Aaron may have seen him. [note]Leading to the question, what happened to that white guy Kevin was talking to in season 1?[/note]



I feel so confident in the idea that Aaron and Kevin will become a thing. It explains why he seems to be so nice to him, and their moment in the car which seemed to be a slightly coy way of seeing what could happen. For, lest we forget, it isn’t like Kevin would be the only guy who isn’t out in the open about his sexuality. It could very well be Aaron is gay, bi, or curious too. So with him possibly knowing why Lady Mae/Charity wanted the documents changed, maybe even suspecting something, he could just be lying in wait. Maybe hoping Kevin gives so signal that it would be okay to make a movie. Though, considering Kevin’s side eye, who knows if he may even trust Aaron enough to explore his sexuality with him.

As for Lady Mae? Well, it is becoming clear Grace got her love for drama from her. But I gotta admit, I find her hypocrisy borderline comical. Especially since she has been letting Kevin call her “Mom” all this time and yet she seems ready and willing to cut ties like their bond is but a ribbon over a present. As if he hasn’t lived in her house, ate her food, and bonded with her all this time. Essentially becoming the family she claims to want to preserve.

Subplot 1: Oh Ye of Little Faith (Sophia, Grace, Roberto [Antonio Juarez Bell], James, and Zora)

With Sophia on that holier than thou turn that Grace was warned about, it seems she may decide to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Something Grace isn’t too happy about, especially as it is revealed that she maybe really following this young man Roberto’s path. Yet, James sees a genuine desire and he plans to mold and mentor it. Just like he did Grace’s. However, he notes something is different with Grace, and it is clear it isn’t just her situation with Darius, which becomes defined as just a friendship. It is because, with Mac still not in jail, her faith is rocked. Leading James to remind her that old quote that “vengeance will be his.” So, unless she wants to end up in the ditch for getting in the way, she needs to stop driving that vehicle.


Leading to the need to address Zora, especially in terms of her relationship to Sophia. Now, Zora has been gone for awhile and it is established that the reason is because she spends a lot of time with Isiah. But, on Sophia’s birthday, she thought she may have gotten her cousin back. Yet, instead, she not only invited Isiah to it but, after Sophia is given a car, she rejects Sophia’s desire to bowl for she wants to go to some club. She’d even get Sophia a birthday beer. Leading to Sophia telling her cousin off and Zora being embarrassed by the scene Sophia makes.


I think we are coming to the point where Zora could be forgotten about like Jacob and Kerissa’s other kid. For really, I think her job is done. Outside of Sophia saving her soul, or Zora continuing to play a contrast, what is left for the character? Sophia, with her standing up for herself, no longer seems like the impressionable kid she once was. She now has her own little boyfriend, some direction in life, and if Roberto becomes a regular, so goes Zora being Sophia’s main, if not only, friend. With that said, I do hope when it comes to Sophia, there is some sort of stumble or questioning of faith. Not like her mom is experiencing, but Sophia is becoming just a little bit too perfect. So it would be nice to be reminded she is human. Unless her getting angry at Zora was her means of showing it.

Leading to Grace. With Darius seemingly exiting her life, but likely to cause trouble to it, since I bet he has a new article up his sleeve, it leaves me to fear she will be right back on her Mac crusade. For really, what is going on with her at this point? Heck, what can go on with her that isn’t a rehash? It would be nice to see her explore her wavering faith, outside of how Mac caused it, but I don’t feel that is the path that will be chosen. So, hopefully, they’ll keep her in the back, have her think about life, and come up with a real path for the character.

Subplot 2: Bass Reeves (Basie Skanks & Jacob)


Remember Tanya and her freaking out over money? Well, big daddy Skanks got you, baby. For, you see, after his daddy died and he was expected to contribute to the household, ole’ Skanks was not going to be up in a supermarket giving change and bagging. He wanted real money. So, he learned how to play cards and that, ladies and gentleman, is how he finances his church. He anonymously gives tens of thousands of dollars and justifies the gambling because he doesn’t keep the money.

However, as Jacob gets brought in, and he looks at his house, it isn’t clear if he may do his part and makes sure all that money goes into the church. Especially since Kerissa isn’t happy about the transition from a mansion to what, in her mind, is an outhouse.


While it is clear Jacob has sort of turned his back on his father and mother, I wonder if his faith may waver now as well? For it seemed clear that Jacob may not have supported the gambling, but he did like all the money which was in front of his face. Plus, with Kerissa finding a $100 bill afterwards, who knows if Jacob didn’t tuck some money away and what Karissa’s opinion maybe on the matter. Either way, Skanks remains the most interesting and entertaining character on the show. Leading you to wonder, what are they ultimately going to do with him? With Jacob questioning the legality of the gambling, does that mean he’ll eventually snitch on Skanks and realign himself with his father? May Jacob become complicit and Skanks become a permanent edition to the show? Maybe even to the point where he becomes the Steve Urkel of it? I mean, as much as Skanks seems like a go-to villain for the show, especially with Mac being put on the backburner, increasingly it feels he won’t play that role. So you gotta question, with it seem the show really letting his actor be as charismatic as he pleases, what is the ultimate plan here?

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  1. S2, E6 Greenleaf: Sadly, the show missed that the first bible was written in Aramaic before it was translated into Hebrew and Greek.

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