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Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 15 Two by Two - James and Mae

Faith, money, morals, and understanding. Four words which are the themes as temptation lurks about and few can say they are truly holier than thou on Greenleaf.

From Dreams To Reality: Charity, Lady Mae, Carlton, Bishop Greenleaf

Despite learning Maricel’s husband is undocumented and sick, thus leading to Lady Mae pulling her from Charity’s equation, she isn’t giving up. Charity wants to sing on a stage not belonging to Cavalry and live out her dream. Whether her mother likes it or not. Which, with Lady Mae and the Bishop at ends, it empowers him to make the decision, without her, to approach Carlton to fill in while Charity is gone. Another thing to argue about.

Money Over Faith?: Tasha, Basie, Jacob, Sister Weaver, Skip

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 15 Two by Two - Basie Skanks

As Jacob pursues helping the homeless more, Sister Weaver is there to check him. After all, in her mind, money runs the church. However, being that Jacob is under the belief his compass points him toward all that is holy, he says God is what runs the church. Though, even with that said, and him trying to continue this inclusivity brand Basie started, there are worries about the numbers.

However, with Jacob’s old friend Skip Leonard running for mayor, speaking about grants, and just wanting Jacob to tone done the pro-gay statements, so comes a crossroad. One in which Jacob can trade in what’s right for money, or continue to support any and all members of his congregation. Final decision: Accept $75,000 for his programs. Something which may not get a smile or joy out of Sister Weaver, but she stands and acknowledges the effort.

But, as for whether this effort may be enough to convince Tasha to not sabotage it all? Well, that is hard to say. Especially since Basie calls and reminds her of who the Greenleafs are and what they did. Be it taking his father away or their church. Though, in my mind, you gotta wonder if Tasha may really help a man who abandoned her like Basie did. Nevermind won’t say where he is for her peace of mind. For with a man before her that talks the talk, seems to walk that walk, could she maybe become convinced to join team Greenleaf?

If Only Relationships Were Easy: Zora, Kerissa, Darius, Grace, Lady Mae, Bishop Greenleaf, Rochelle

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 15 Two by Two - Zora

Starting from the young to old, Zora is starting to visibly change. Not just in terms of bruises but also in school. While still a B average student, she doesn’t talk as much. Something one of her teachers notices and it leads to her parents thinking maybe she is on drugs. However, it seems to be the worse option, at least in Kerissa’s mind. For she finds a condom and finds herself slapping the mess out of her daughter. Not because of her having sex, but because she has a smart comment when she talks about saving sex until her marriage to Jacob made him respect her.

Now, it isn’t clear what may happen now that Kerissa knows, much less banned Isaiah from the house, but you know the relationship between him and Zora isn’t over yet. Though, when it comes to Lady Mae and Bishop Greenleaf, we may be on that path. For between Bishop Greenleaf getting closer with Rochelle, who he joins for her 5 year cancer screening [note]Of which, outside of maybe some kidney issues, she is fine[/note], and how he shows out in front of Darius when he finally gets invited over for a family dinner, it may be the beginning of the end for them.

Oh, and did I mention that not only does Bishop Greenleaf know about Lady Mae’s affair but he had one with Mavis? Yeah, that bomb got dropped and explains why their relationship has been so weird. But, in the long run, it doesn’t seem clear if divorce is an option or if maybe prayer can heal old wounds. For the contentious issue at the moment is James told Mae soon after he did whatever with Mavis. Mae, on the other hand, sat on her secret for years and let James treat Lionel like a brother and guest despite the situation.


Carlton Coming Back and Continuation of Homosexuality in the Church

I can fully imagine Carlton being petty as he comes back to Cavalry and looks at Lady Mae and I am so here for it. But, in general, I’m loving the fact Greenleaf is not dropping this topic. With Carlton back, Jacob having to choose between supporting the community and money, and I assume eventually Grace jumping in, so many necessary moments are being had. Like Carlton asking if Bishop wanted his entire person, wanted him to be an exception and etc. Much less, Bishop maybe, finally, preaching. For, as said likely one or two reviews back, I kind of miss the sermons on this show. Especially when they are really preaching about something and not just pushing the storyline along. It’s probably the main thing from Season 1 I miss.

Basie & What Women Are Capable Of

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 15 Two by Two - Rochelle

You know I love Basie. I gush about him in every episode of this show. This will be no different. For, once more, he is presented such intrigue. The idea he is going to push Tasha to continue where he left off in taking down the Greenleafs. Something I honestly can’t picture her doing. Only because, similar to Rochelle in a way, while you know those two are capable of messing up people’s lives, I don’t see them actively pursue it.

In the case of Tasha, I think as she watches Jacob be a genuine person, she may back down from Basie’s plans. Maybe think of Jacob as an exception and try to shield him from Basie’s onslaught. However, this perception comes from Tasha being a foreign entity to us thus far. Someone who we only really know for being Basie’s wife, a little ditzy, and going toe to toe with Lady Mae one time. So as she steps forward to get a bit more spotlight, it’ll be interesting to see what she does with it.

Which can also be said for Rochelle too. Though I usually avoid previews, I found myself watching this video of LeToya Luckett talking about her character Rochelle. In it, she implies as sweet as the woman is, we may find ourselves discovering there is more to her than this southern charm and hint of innocence. Something I’m interested to see play out since Bishop is really veering into dangerous territory the way he speaks, touches, and allows his face to get too close to Rochelle. Damn near daring her to do something. With, of course, the option for him to say she misconstrued something.

The Closeness of Grace and Mae and The Fall Of The Greenleaf Heads of Family

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 15 Two by Two - Lady Mae

Until the end of the season, I will be amazed at how Mac’s death really opened the doors for Mae and Grace to reconcile. Who knew a man like him dying could be cleansing? And while neither one is necessarily pursuing an extra buddy-buddy relationship, it is them testing the waters and being open which interest me. Like Mae noting how she thinks things between her and the Bishop are rocky. As noted in the past, it does seem a bit weird Mae tells this to Grace but who else does she got?

As we learn, Mavis slept with James and those two aren’t close. Probably never was. Alongside that, Lady Mae, like everyone else, doesn’t have friends outside her significant other. Plus, now that Grace has run out of crusades and is worrying about her own life, the two have nothing to fight over now.

If anything, they might be allies. For as Grace watches Rochelle, while helping with Maricel’s issue with her undocumented husband, she sees the chemistry between James and her. She listens to how others can see something special there. And with James being as messy at dinner this episode as Mae was in the last? Psh! We have just begun to see these two be passive aggressive in public and maybe nasty to one another in private.

Though, again, I can’t say they’ll divorce. It just doesn’t seem fathomable.

Kerissa and Zora

While I’m still waiting for Kerissa to be more than this stern woman by Jacob’s side, I think Zora might be the one to help open her up a bit. At least, when she finds out about the abuse. For not that I wish Kerissa to have some tale about how she was in Zora’s position, but I just feel like we need something more out of Kerissa besides the occasional insecurity and her seeming like a less couth Lady Mae when agitated.


So, Did Kevin Just Get Written Off?

51LwNBwFqrLCharity basically says Kevin isn’t likely to come back and with us not seeing him and forever, and him being Aaron’s live in, possible, boyfriend, is that the end? Not that I’m pressed over Kevin’s existence but he was a main character for a while. There could have been a better send off than that, right?

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[…] there’s a lot of sex to be had, but it’s never a measure of a woman’s worth.

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  1. because this scenario actualluy happened in a church I was attending, I believe Bishop Greenleaf had an affair with Lionel wife, while Lady Mae was having an affair with Lionel.
    Lady Mae and the Bishop each have children outside their marriage.

  2. Well Enjoy yourself. I’m HYPED for Greenleaf next week. Crazy thing is whatever happens in the finale, we can’t even have a week to digest it, and deal with it because the next upcoming week is QS! MADNESS! lol

    1. Dude, the episode had me a wee bit teary eyed and we saw Charley’s mom. Also, the foundation was laid for Darla’s parents to show up.

    2. I’m not sure if there is an embargo but I’ll post later and if a OWN rep says something it might have to be taken down.

      1. Hi there thanks for the notice. I just spent the day at the zoo, so I totally forgot about you going to the panel today. Yes, if you can, make a post with the details, I AM READY! lol

          1. it was fun, but HOT. Poor little polar bear was LAYED OUT on his stomach lol Didin’t even go in the water.

            But those spoliers though! ???????

            1. Posted and now for this “So rough, I don’t know why I’m posting it” Q&A. Of which they reveal nothing but just comment on the importance of the show.

      1. Damn you are so lucky! I’m tell your right now F giving away the story, give me all of the spoilers! ???????

        1. XD
          Also there will be a Q&A with Ava DuVernay, Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe and director Julie Dash.

          Not bad for $17.

  3. I think that with what Mavis was saying and how she said it, she believed that she was the only one to be abused.

  4. Definitely, I kind of like that Oprah plat her though, she just brings that extra spiciness to the show lol

    I think that we will see and hear about how Mavis feels not only of Grace killing Mac, but how she herself feels about Mac dying. I think that the guy’s names was Alonzo.

    Which also makes me question does Mavis know that Mae was abused by their dad? Does Mavis know that Mac not only knew what was going o but that he saw it too?

    1. I am trying to remember back when we last saw her and I think she either made it seem she was the sole one abused or she knew what Mae did to be treated so kind… I’d have to dig back.

  5. Yeah, but whatever side there is, it was still foul of both Mavis and Bishop, like come on Mavis that was your SISTER!

    Even though I feel bad for Zora with her gonig through all of this abusive stuff with that wack ass boy, I feel like Kerissa wasn’t wrong in slapping Zora. I fee like both her and Jacob should have been on Zora a lot earlier. Zora despite everything that she is going through was being disrespectful. I also like that after Kerissa slapped Zora they both TALKED and had a CONVERSATION with each other. I believe that, that is how it should go, you discipline the child, then you TALK to your child. Even though Zora didn’t tell Kerissa about what was going on, I like that they showed Zora and Keirssa at least having a conversation about sex and not just giving it up to any boy. Thoughts?

    1. I’m anti-corporal punishment so I thought that slap was unnecessary. If it was Grace saying that stuff to her, I would understand. Her child? Someone who has no choice but to take it… that just reinforces the abuse she is going through and normalizes it in my mind. Which isn’t to say I condone that comment Zora said, but the quickness of that slap made it seem Kerissa was itching to hit something or someone and Zora happen to pull the trigger.

      But, in general, I’m all for Kerissa and Zora actually communicating. Hell, either parent communicating with her. Though, I gotta ask, where did her brother disappear to? I get he is like, 5 or 7, but he barely gets mentioned at all.

      1. I have know idea where the little brother went lol. I hope that Zora is able to talk to her parents and let’s them know what is going on.

        Lady Mae and Grace still going strong – who knew lol I really hope that they continue to communicate and work on their relationship.

        1. She really needs to with all her kids. It almost seems like Charity is the new Grace for her. Always a bone to pick, her being used since the one Mae is really mad at she is biding her time.

          Ooo reminding me to ask, what do you think Tasha may do based on Basie’s request?

          1. That’s true it is like Lady Mae has to always be on edge with someone, she can’t just let herself be happy, she can’t just sit and enjoy her kids, and everything that they and she herself has overcome.

            Tasha is a ride or die, she will do what she needs to do. She has history with Lady Mae and how she was treated by her, other than Jacob, the Greenleaf’s haven’t been so welcoming of her, so I don’t think that it will be hard for her to try and take down. What she will do and how it will go who knows lol But I called it, I said that Basie would be back, this is just the beginning.

            1. But that’s the thing, Jacob is being nice to her and I think that may end up being a monkey wrench. Like, I can imagine her falling for him. If not realizing not all Greenleafs are the enemy.

              What about Rochelle? With all that is going on, you think a line maybe crossed? No pun intended.

              1. She is up to something whether it be trying to get be with Bishop or trying to run a scam who knows, although I think that the actress is doing a good job.

                I feel for Lady Mae, almost all of the men in her life have used, abused or betrayed her. Bishop, Her dad, Mac, and Lionel.

              2. I’d say Jacob to a certain point too. I don’t think she was ready, or liked, how they separated. It might even explain why she got so close to Grace. She is accessible and hence why they’ve grown so close. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob never left, she’d maybe confide in him more.

              3. Yeah, Jacob and his parents didn’t leave on the best of terms.

                I wonder what is going to happen and what goes down between Mae and Mavis. So, many secrets, lies, betrayal, and abuse that has torn these sisters apart. ?

              4. They could fill a whole season with all their issues. Heck, I want to hear how Mavis feels about her brother dying by Grace’s hand. It is almost a shame though that Oprah plays her. I’d love for her take on more things which happen throughout the season. Never mind what life is like after losing her bar and following that boy around. What’s his name again?

      1. Yeah lol I know that things were hinted at in season 1 between Bishop and Mavis but DAMN I just did not want to believe it! It was one thing to sleep with the husbands firend, but when you sleep with the wife’ SISTER!?!??!? Sorry but you lost me Bishop. Hurt people, hurt people. Lady Mae was vulnerable, and felt betrayed and Lionel was there. ?

        1. I got an issue though with her hiding it all this time. For unless one of James’ kids ain’t his, I don’t blame him for being mad that she kept that in for decades while he told her soon after the act. Of which I want more details on. Because I can’t even picture Mavis and James together unless alcohol and pettiness was involved.

          1. I agree but we know how Lady Mae is, not so quick tell her secrets and let the chips fall where they may (no pun intended.) Besides from the previews it seems like there may have been something more going on between Mavis and Bishop than Lady Mae knows. maybe a whole other secret that Mae doesn’t know about. Maybe Mavis found out about something and the Bishop made her promise to not tell Mae, who knows but either way, Lady Mae is on was path! Bishop better hide the guns, knives EVERYTHING lol ?⚔️

            I also feel like the only way Bishop and Mavis would get together is if alcohol and pettiness was involved as well.

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised if a abortion wasn’t involved. Though, I really need to hear Mavis’ side of the story. About her affair with James and her take on Lionel.

  6. Great Review! This episode was a straight fire! 10/10

    I believe that I said that in one of our previous conversations, that Mac’s death was a rrelase for a Mae, and a cleansing like you said.

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