Gotham: Season 3/ Episode 12 "Mad City: Ghosts" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) I haven’t reviewed an episode of Gotham since early in the 2nd season but I still watch the show. For while the adventures of Jim Gordon and his faithful sidekick Harvey Bullock has always been a bane to this…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

I haven’t reviewed an episode of Gotham since early in the 2nd season but I still watch the show. For while the adventures of Jim Gordon and his faithful sidekick Harvey Bullock has always been a bane to this show, in mu opinion, they always were compensated by the villains and the relationship of the young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. With all that said, let’s talk about “Mad City: Ghosts.”

Topic 1: A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Lee, Jim, and Falcone)

With Jim killing Mario, naturally, Falcone wants revenge and puts a hit out on Jim. Something Lee even supports for a period of time. However, with her meeting with Barnes and realizing the Mario she knew would have eventually become a madman, she backtracks her support of Jim’s murder and convinces Falcone to turn off the hit.


Like many fans, I sometimes don’t understand why certain characters have been brought back or have last way past their expiration date. Thus far, one of the few, if perhaps only, characters who bounced back from seeming way past her expiration date has been Barbara. As for Lee? The loss of her child, moving onto Mario, it seemed like the loveliest way to write off her character. Yet, the show wouldn’t let him move onto Valerie Vale and keep it at that. Instead, there had to be a love triangle which seemingly was figured to be such crap it ended quickly and sadly led to Valerie making her exit.

Though, speaking on this storyline, the quick turnaround between justice, murder, and then having Falcone call off the hit was far too quick. I mean, unless Lee pursues murder charges then I have to question what was the point? She even notes how Barnes got put in Arkham so why wasn’t Mario given the same right to live? So if she, and especially Falcone, drop this, then this show is more mind-boggling than ever. For, as noted in the episode, while Falcone may have felt Jim was someone who would more likely be his son than Mario, it still is his only son right? The one who broke the cycle and was legit. How can your son’s wife, who obviously had some feelings remaining for this man, someone you just met, what? A couple of months or a year ago, somehow convince you not to avenge your only son?

Topic 2: The Long Game (Edward & Penguin)

Long story short, Edward uses Clayface to have Penguin embarrass himself on national TV, say the public are idiots, and this is but the first part of his and Barbara taking down Penguin. The rest of the plan deals with taking down his criminal empire and then making the end of his life seem less like an assassination or even murder, but more so a mercy killing.


As with nearly any Batman media, it is the villains that make the show. Though I gotta admit, Nygma was much more interesting as an ally to Penguin than Barbara. To the point, I can’t wait to watch them fight over his empire. For while Nygma makes the perfect partner, I do wish to see him ride solo. I think his psychotic break hasn’t been allowed to be fully experienced as he ended up paired with Penguin to help him transition to his new role as mayor. Making him now the newest accessory of Barbara, who was doing just fine without him, a bit of a waste. So one can only hope he ends his term as someone right-hand man sooner rather than later.

Topic 3: Welcome Back (Selina, Bruce, Maria [Ivana Milicevic], and Jim)

Maria Kyle, Selina’s mother who hasn’t seen her in 11 years, since she was 5, explains it is because someone was after her. You know, that old tale. However, despite many a cute moment between her and Selina, including showing she hasn’t forgotten her since she has old pictures of her and her baby booties, something is amiss. For with the introduction of Cole, the man who she seemingly was running from, being met and asking for money, $100,000 at first, naturally the now sympathetic Selina, perhaps wanting her mom to say, volunteers Bruce to pay for this cash. Thus leading to more money being desired and likely Maria in on this con.

But let it be known that Maria isn’t the only one to welcome back, Jerome seems to be coming back too. A young morgue worker seems to be the head of a Jerome cult and has been working on reviving him, practicing on the bodies brought in. He seems to be close, with one girl already coming back to life, but Jim is on the case.


Often, Selina Kyle has been the only one of this show which got any sort of emotional reaction out of me. One reason being, Penguin, even with his mom dying, and losing his father, has always been like a sad clown and while Nygma’s story has some oomph thanks to him always attaching himself to anyone who makes him feel valued, again you recognize the sadness but don’t feel it. With Selina though, often thanks to her scenes with Bruce, you actually get a sense of the emotional weight of what she has been through and is going through.

Yet, I can’t say this Maria storyline has that vibe. If only because, with how predictable Gotham sometimes is, it does seem that even if Maria doesn’t give a sly look or hint she may betray Selina, that she is genuine. After all, she is a con artist. Much less, it does seem like they rushed into introducing Cole. On top of that, Maria was talking about leaving town for most of the episode yet suddenly she is fine with being taken to a hotel? This smells like such a setup that you wonder if this show even feels like trying at times?

But, despite the lackluster Maria plot, it seems Jerome may return. Albeit thanks to the cult of Jerome, who seem like the type of no name misfits you’d beat up in a video game, but an ends to a means right? For with Barnes imprisoned, and Mario dead, it means the show needs a new villain to face off against Gordon and while there is an utter refusal to say Jerome is The Joker, arguably this show needs a real villain to go against Jim instead of people like Zsasz and the many others Jim has neutered.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was Margaret Hearst (Jan Maxwell) the woman who is the representative of the Court of Owls?

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