Good Trouble: Season 2, Episode 7 “In The Middle” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

While nearly everyone is given a grand opportunity, so comes the question of what they are willing to sacrifice? Be it professional relationships or personal.

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Amanda (Allison Paige) at the same bar as Marana and the Byte Club.

While nearly everyone is given a grand opportunity, so comes the question of what they are willing to sacrifice? Be it professional relationships or personal.

Director(s) Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer(s) Nicole Paulhus
Air Date 7/30/2019
Introduced This Episode
Amanda Allison Paige

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Does He Or Doesn’t He Alice?: Alice, Dennis, Jeff, Davia

Alice finds herself in the middle of the Dennis and Davia situation. One which is getting to Davia a bit for with her finally breaking up with Jeff, she is single. Thing is, Dennis isn’t making a move and Alice is trying to fish for information and isn’t making much progress. In fact, she is actually making Davia more nervous about the whole thing. But, with her and Alice tired of the indecision and silence, Davia sits down with Dennis and it seems she’ll get her answer.

Under Pressure: Mariana, Evan, Gael, Elijah

With the quarter coming to an end, and Mariana’s actions embarrassing the company, getting her socially conscious app out has been made imperative.  Problem is, with how long Mariana’s team was in disarray, and then all the other drama she’s been dealing with, Evan giving her 10 days is way too tight. Especially since he is asking her, nearly every other minute, about dating etiquette.

Mariana flipping out due to the pressure she is under.

Which is why when he adds wanting a chat feature, it becomes a bit much. Though Gael doesn’t help matters. While we rarely ever see him at Speckulate, he does work there and is on Mariana’s team as a graphic designer. But with Elijah encouraging him to not be on Mariana’s time, and deal with her being on a crunch, but instead taking a meeting, he chooses himself. Which may very well lead to him doing a major art installation, but at the sacrifice of his relationship to Mariana.

Who Needs A Comfort Zone?: Callie, Mariana, Davia, Teresa, Marcus, Malika, Isaac, Gael, Jamie

Callie is going through a lot, as is Malika. For Malika, she has found this ideal job but the problem is, while they support Malika’s look and what she is about, they only want that as far as making money and avoiding scandal. They don’t want her, as a brand ambassador, saying or doing anything which could alienate potential customers and effecting their bottom line. Which is a problem. One that leads her to want to not want the job, but Isaac continues to be that reality check that reminds her you have to make sacrifices. It’s the only way you can eventually secure your freedom.

As for Callie? Well, when has she not had drama? It’s just now instead of a love triangle, she has a work triangle as Teresa and Marcus are testing who is she going to be loyal to? Teresa who has been willing to mentor her from the start or Marcus who is far more ambitious? Oh, and is willing to go over Teresa’s head to do what he needs done.

But, unfortunately for Callie, things at home aren’t that better. Davia has started messing with her again, and being hella petty. Then there is Mariana who she keeps butting heads with, and upon discovering they share a chat of them all, even Alice, talking mess, it makes that idea of living with Jamie sound better and better. Granted, she isn’t ready yet, doesn’t think he is either, but why live with people who clearly don’t like or respect you? Which now includes Gael since he learns about the piece Jamie bought.

Gael discovering Jamie bought his art.


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The Triangle Callie Deserves

You know what’s better than a love triangle? One which tests a person’s loyalty in the work place. This is what I’m hoping we see more of, in general. For, as seen with Gael, choosing what’s best for you short term vs. long term can be a difficult decision. Yet, it creates the kind of drama you can really get behind since it credits the characters and actors with the idea that romance isn’t the most important thing going on in their life.

Malika’s Storyline

FreeForm consistently with this series, and predecessor, acknowledges that each community has different issues it struggles with. Malika noting that because her name implies being non-white, it created an obstacle. Because her social media was liked to an advocacy group, it had the potential to put her out of the running. And having to balance loving yourself, your people, and having a whole separate life outside of work is a real issue. Especially since companies fear their bottom line being affected because you angered a customer who happens to be well connected.

So it should be interesting to see where the show takes this considering Malika has been consistently focused on.

Malika at a Black Lives Matter meeting.

Mariana & Trying To Not Become Like Amanda

It isn’t clear what happened with Amanda, but what is clear is that Evan can be demanding and there is surely more to that story than we currently know. Which I’m thankful for since Mariana’s story is constantly feeling a little stale. Maybe it is because it is so rooted in her oppression that we haven’t gotten to see her thrive? An issue that, for many, likely could be all consuming hence why that dominates her story? Never mind her feeling the need to prove herself as a woman, a Latina at that, so she knows she can’t disappoint or fail. From the start they undervalued her, she can’t prove them right now.

Elijah & Isaac – How They Revealed Their True Colors

Men on this show don’t really get much credit since they don’t do much of note. Yes Dennis has slowly peeled back his layers, but the rest have just been exes or current boyfriends. Elijah and Isaac aren’t that much different but I will admit seeing them transition from either this lovable guy, or ass, to the complete opposite has been intriguing. I wouldn’t call either of the shifts subtle but considering neither get a whole lot of screen time, the fact you can notice and get a little shocked from the changes is something. Here is hoping it continues in a positive direction.

On The Fence

The Will They Or Won’t They Of Davia & Dennis

I’m back and forth when it comes to this Dennis and Davia thing. Often because I feel the show uses Dennis to humanize Davia. To trigger her insecurities and make up for how much of an ass she often is. Yet, isn’t that one of the best parts about Davia? That she isn’t that bubbly fat girl but can be an ass at times?

Davia who is about to reveal something to Dennis.

They Could Beef Up These BLM Characters & Malika’s Friends

This is just a reminder that we’ve learned more about characters who are no longer on the show than Malika’s friends and that pattern shouldn’t remain. Malika as an individual is treated as one of the most invested characters so let’s give her associates the same time and energy.

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