As Evan reveals his intentions, things blow up at Speckulate. Also, Callie is once again struggling with her dating and life choices.

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As Evan reveals his intentions, things blow up at Speckulate. Also, Callie is once again struggling with her dating and life choices.

Director(s) Erica Dunton
Writer(s) Adam Starks
Air Date 7/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lindsay Rhea Butcher

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An Up And Coming Talent: Alice, Joey, Lindsay

With so many encouraging Alice to put herself out there, she goes to the comedy club and one of the big names, Lindsay Brady is there. Which is huge for Alice since she loves them but with her heckling during their set, that causes issues. The kind which makes Alice feel she can’t show her face anymore. Luckily though, Lindsay doesn’t take offense to it nor keeps embarrassing Alice. She even is kind enough to take a picture and offer to help Alice come up with her 5-minute set.

All of which worries Joey since they and Lindsay don’t have the best track record. If only because Lindsay seduced Joey’s ex who was with Lindsay but, well, let’s just say it was a big ole mess. Likely the reason Joey has been cautious when it comes to Alice.

I’m Not Who You Think I Am: Elijah, Gael, Callie, Marcus, Jamie, Alice

With Gael getting such a bad review by the times, he is a bit stunted. Making Alice giving him the opportunity to do some renovations a godsend. That and Callie, to pay the rent by a means beyond money, being there and having her to talk to. For while their romantic relationship doesn’t work, their platonic one is sometimes a what they need. When it comes to Gael, Callie is beyond a muse but a friend, a fellow artist, and lover of the arts. Then for Callie, he is the only person in her life she can talk to who isn’t family, a co-worker, or a boyfriend. Something which is sorely missing in Callie’s life right now for that’s all she has.

And it’s probably why when Marcus picks on her, especially at a function Jamie has, she is so sensitive. She doesn’t have anyone to reinforce who she is for each person’s opinion of her is so hype focused on what she is to them. Mariana sees her as her sister, Jamie as his girlfriend, everyone at work as this privileged girl who does too much but with Gael, she can just be. It’s what we saw in those intimate moments of season one. With each other, they can just open up.

Callie and Jamie at one of the partner's event.

Which can’t be said when it comes to Jamie for with getting a taste of his world, she probably has never felt more like an outsider. Never mind the old school relationship dynamics between men and women, but then they are all republicans? Jamie as well? It’s a bit much for her and causes that usual defense mechanism of Callie trying to coming up with ways she can smoothly exit.

As for Elijah? Well, things are going slow and steady between him and Gael. No major leaps but he does purchase a review to boost Gael’s ego. An act which makes Gael a bit more inspired to work but has to be kept a secret.

Something Beyond Co-Workers: Mariana, Alex, Raj, Evan, Josh

As usual, Speckulate is full of drama. This week it is the discovery that Mariana and Evan hang outside of work and everyone, thanks to Josh circulating a picture, thinking they are dating. If not, as Alex puts it, there being a “Honeypot” situation. Which means Mariana taking advantage of Evan – usually, this is by knowingly creating arousal, but it doesn’t have to go that far.

Either way, the rumor is believed so strongly even Raj thinks it’s true. Which is perhaps why, after returning to Team Blue, Alex uses the opportunity to try and reconnect. After all, in his mind, Mariana is the reason the team became dysfunctional in the first place.

Evan noting he doesn't think there is someone out there for him.

But you wanna know the truth? The reason Evan wants to speak to Mariana privately is because he wants dating help. That’s it. For, think about it, she is extroverted, friendly, has good ideas, and with Evan so isolated, who is he going to turn to for advice? Angela? No. He is going to turn to this girl who may not be who he wants, but represents many good qualities which would be nice to find in a partner.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Evan not have any friends before starting his company?




Evan has long been a bit of an eyebrow-raiser since it wasn’t clear what his intentions were with Mariana and with the Amanda thing haunting him, so came the question if he was a #MeToo moment waiting to happen. However, from what it seems, likely with Amanda, what happened is what we see with Mariana. He saw this bright, extroverted girl, got close to her, and rather than seeing him as innocent and harmless, she felt he was making inappropriate advances. Leading to a whole lot of drama and payouts.

With Mariana though, be it her naivete or seeing the best in people, that wasn’t the case. Instead, he got the kind of friend he may have needed and has been searching for. Think about it, while Evan isn’t a main character, so we don’t see his life without Mariana around, we don’t hear him talk about family or friends. Likely, Josh was the closest thing, and Josh was manipulating Evan for his own gain. Then with Angela, honestly, it seems she just wants to keep her job. Anything beyond that is a bit much.

So, one can only hope this Mariana friendship is fruitful. That and we may get to see Evan go on a date or two. Hopefully with very few being for the sake of comedy.

Callie’s Need For Friends & A Outlet

Perhaps the biggest difference between The Fosters Callie and Good Trouble Callie is she lacks friends. Not to imply she isn’t cool with people at The Coterie, but you saw the awkwardness when it came to Alice. Also, Dennis is a stranger and her and Davis never really recovered from Callie getting in the way of her friend dating Gael. With Mariana they are sisters, but money is getting in the way of their relationship, they can’t talk-talk. Then with Jamie, he is her boyfriend who, yeah law wise is useful, but the intimacy is different with Gael.

In fact, I’d submit that Gael is probably one of those people who you meet and because you mesh so well, you think the attraction is sexual – when ultimately it’s not. Yeah, the sex is good, but it complicates what makes the relationship great, and that’s the ability to be vulnerable. Just think of those tub scenes when Gael was opening up, and Callie was speaking too. Then consider the painting scenes of this episode. In both instances, we see them opening up more to each other than anyone else they interact with, and while it is a little flirty, it is also fun and freeing. For together they are allowed to be and show all sides to themselves and not hide away some or most of their person to appease or be what the other wants them to. Or out of fear of judgement.

The Queer Couples

Alice and Joey talking about Lindsay.

Honestly, with all the drama between Raj and Mariana, also Jamie and Callie, the queer couples on this show are really giving us the true romantic moments we need. Joey and Alice, adorable, especially when all cuddled up. Elijah and Gael? Way too cute! Particularly when in Elijah’s studio and there is teasing and flirting. And while, yeah, Gael and Elijah are just reconnecting, and trouble is on the horizon for Alice and Joey, at least their relationships don’t seem as coerced.

Low Point

Josh’s Return

While I do say Mariana’s storyline could use a kick up, this is not what I mean. That photo nonsense was just eye-roll inducing. No better than when Byte Club forced Mariana to kick Raj off her team since they were mad none of them have officially been brought on yet.

On The Fence

Alice In A Love Triangle?

With Alice being love-struck over one girl for most of the time she has known she is queer, it could be interesting to see how she reacts to Lindsay and Joey taking an interest in her. That is assuming Lindsay takes a genuine interest and isn’t trying to create tension for the fun of it. If not to get back at Joey.

Marcus Picking On Callie

It isn’t clear why Marcus likes picking with Callie, but I hope that isn’t him flirting. I’m all for him toughening her up, maybe so she isn’t always guns blazing, especially considering the clientele they work with, but PLEASE don’t have this man falling for her. If not jealous his ex has taken an interest in her or is using Callie to make his ex jealous.


With Callie moving on, and considering all the drama Mariana is going through, I gotta admit it makes you want and wish Mariana to move on as well. Granted, money-wise, that could be dangerous. Yet, story-wise, she needs more than social topics driving her storyline. That or Raj feeling insecure or people misconstruing her. To put it succinctly, she needs to be less about reacting and more about doing. Particularly since the people who are doing stuff to her, like Alex, are so one dimensional.

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