Bonnie (Reagan Pasternak) at dinner with Dennis and Davia
Bonnie (Reagan Pasternak)

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Despite Callie starting a new job, old habits die hard. Also, Davia’s mom, Bonnie, comes to town and reminds us of another reason Davia doesn’t want to go home.

Director(s) Laura Nisbet Peters
Writer(s) Resheida Brady
Air Date 7/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Bonnie Reagan Pasternak
Gina Rachel Rosenbloom
Marcus Juan Antonio
Teresa Lisandra Tena

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Pay The Cost To Be A Boss: Gina, Raj, Mariana, Evan

With Mariana’s app seemingly not charging people double, just doubling, visually, the money collected, she is ready to sacrifice her pay to make things right. However, Raj doesn’t want to let her do that, and in trying to console her, Gina catches them being subtle, yet intimate. Leading her to snitch and coerce Mariana to get rid of Raj from her team so they can keep dating.

Gina (Rachel Rosenbloom) catching Raj and Mariana be subtle, but intimate.
Gina (Rachel Rosenbloom)

But, that might be the least of her worries. With Josh away, and Angela seemingly backing off, now Evan is taking a more hands-on role in managing the company. Which pushes the idea he plans to make the organizational structure flatter, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t dance on the line of what is inappropriate. Case in point, there remains the issue of his intentions when it comes to Mariana. Especially since he decides to cover the $10K she and Raj wanted to cover. Leading to him asking her for drinks, without others, an awkward request. One which Mariana seems pressured to accept.

Pulling A Callie: Callie, Joseph, Isaac, Malika, Marcus, Teresa

It seems we’re truly leaving everyone from Callie’s former job behind as she now works at Legal Aid. A place where she is just a research assistant but within a few days is already causing trouble. How and why? Well, Joseph getting evicted apparently was a mix of Malika and Callie’s fault. Malika for pushing the issue and Callie for overstepping. Leading to two things happening. Callie being forced to tell one of her bosses, Marcus, what happened, which means him getting his partner Teresa involved, who handles things, and Isaac getting involved as well.

Why you may ask? Well, being that Joseph may genuinely want a relationship with Malika, he doesn’t want to take her money to deal with owing $800 in back rent. However, from Isaac, Malika’s boyfriend, it seems things are different since he appears to be taking the money out of his own pocket. In truth, however, it is Malika’s savings money being used. Though, with dishing out so much, it seems both she and Isaac are being cautious. Since who knows why Joseph was behind on two months rent in the first place?

Mommie Dearest: Davia, Dennis, Bonnie

We get to meet Bonnie, Davia’s mother, this episode and boy is she a hoot. She is very body and food conscious, and while she isn’t necessarily nasty, she is passive-aggressive enough to make your blood boil. What doesn’t help the situation is the last time she was in town, Dennis slept with her. Making her return awkward for him and a good amount of suffering for Davia. Someone who really can’t take Bonnie’s commentary for while she is better now, it is what drove her to being 90 pounds at one time.

What also doesn’t help is Dennis trying to give Bonnie a taste of her own medicine and trying to play Davia’s hero again. Not to say she doesn’t appreciate the idea behind it, but the execution was terrible.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, what happened to Mariana’s major credit card debt? We’re just going to sweep that under the rug?



A New Workplace For Callie

Legal Aid seems way more Callie’s speed. It’s diverse, inclusive, and while she is already stirring up trouble, it seems she may have a mentor in Teresa. So while we may miss Judge Wilson and that world, this shakeup is a welcome change. One which, honestly, makes me hope once Callie passes the bar, either we see a major dynamic change in the office, or she moves on. Representing how much job hopping many do who are Callie’s age.

Can We Trust Joseph?

With Joseph being a Black man, having some desire to be a father after his ex kept him from his children, it is hard to not want him to be a good guy. Yet, even with acknowledging as an ex-con how hard getting a job for him is, it’s hard not to wonder why he is two months behind in rent. Also, when he came to Malika, was there some thought of maybe getting her to pay? Not that I’m trying to paint him as a bad guy, since this show usually allows people to be complex and three dimensional. However, considering how Ben barely got fleshed out, and how hard they are going to make Davia’s past actions null and void, there is a need to wonder if we should raise an eyebrow?

Evan Trying To Be Social

While we all know Evan is giving Mariana preferential treatment, I must admit with him being socially awkward, him trying to talk to Raj, ask Mariana out, is sweet. Even with recognizing how inappropriate it is. But, one can only hope that he doesn’t like Mariana, like that, and maybe is genuinely invested in her idea. Though, going by Evan’s past, this seems very unlikely.

On The Fence

Dennis Trying To Be A Hero

Taking note of all of Davia’s actions in season 1, as much as I get the writers are, as we saw with Ben, trying to soften her, it’s hard to get past her vitriol from season 1. Especially since, even with meeting Bonnie, and none of Davia’s past comments dealing with weight or image, it is hard to move past the person she put out there before. So while you have to appreciate depth being given to the character, it is a real struggle to move on. Probably since, unlike Callie, Mariana, and Malika, the only time we see Davia is around Dennis. Maybe if we saw her at work it could help?

Mariana’s Storyline

The thing about Mariana’s storyline is that with it dealing with relationships in the workplace and equal pay, those two topics seem to often consume Mariana’s individual story whole. Making her relationship with Raj, this thing with Evan, even the rest of the men of Speckulate, make her more a representative for any woman out there than it be Mariana’s specific experience.

Then when you add in Gina and the ladies being petty over Raj, you get this work drama that makes you want to roll your eyes. For, like in The Fosters, it seems Mariana is playing second fiddle again. But now with not just individual characters but major themes like Black Lives Matter to compete and be eclipsed by.

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