Good Behavior: Season 2/ Episode 7 “Don’t Thank God, Thank Me” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 7 Don’t Thank God, Thank Me - Agent Lashever

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Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 7 Don’t Thank God, Thank Me - Letty

After what Alice said, Letty takes a major step back in her development and shows how reliant on Javier she has truly become.

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Director(s) Louise Friedberg
Writer(s) Aaron Fullerton

Goodbye Again Jacob: Jacob, Estelle, Letty, Javier

Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 7 Don’t Thank God, Thank Me - Jacob and Letty

Alice’s words in the last episode and what happens thanks to Teo, it breaks Letty. And like someone who wishes to commit suicide, she begins to give things away and make peace. She reconciles with Estelle and gives Jacob back to her, she talks about, with Javier, how they have tunnel vision when it comes to one another and makes it seem, from her point of view, they make each other worse. As if she is no longer the one preventing him from killing people and he isn’t some form of a sober companion. They are just two people good at doing bad things.

And you know, Letty is tired of trying to be this good person who does good things. It is the kind of work she has grown tired of doing. No more trying to make this dream of her, Javier, and Jacob happening. She is going back to stealing, drinking, and doing drugs. It comes natural and is, after all, what she does best.

Tell The Truth: Teo, Ava, Javier

With Letty out of his life, Javier decides to finish what he started with Teo. Not kill him, but get answers out of him. Which, strangely enough, Teo is very open about the truth – even when Javier brings Ava around. Teo killed Silk and was supposed to kill Javier on Javier’s father’s command. With the only reason given being that Javier’s father was also like a dad to Teo and he’d do anything for him. Like a simple-minded soldier it seems.

As for why Javier’s dad wanted Javier and Silk dead? No answer. All we can fathom is that he wanted to kill off the embarrassment to the family and the one who killed his son. Which for Teo, killing Silk was easy. After all, Silk had the life Teo probably saw him and Ava having. But killing Javier? That provided to be too difficult since he was like a brother to him.

Leading to, despite the confession, Ava cleansing herself of any feelings she had for Teo and honestly being fine with him starving to death. Thus allowing, after trying for who knows how long, Javier and Ava reconciling. Primarily due to, as Javier says, her letting him see himself through her eyes. Meaning, Ava sees more to Javier than maybe known to others. A trait which Javier perhaps used on Letty. Letting her know she was seen as more than a junkie thief. That her past didn’t truly limit her potential to live in this dream world she used to fight for.

Back To Square One When Life Was More Fun: Carin, Christian, Letty, Agent Lashever

With Agent Lashever getting her money, she and Letty should be square – as long as she doesn’t want more. As for Letty and Christian? Well, with trouble no longer being what keeps them together, they return to their old dynamic. One in which Christian sort of acts as a father figure, maybe a big brother, and Letty just enjoys his attention. But, sadly, it isn’t enough. Now that she doesn’t have Javier making her feel guilty, swaying her to do the right thing, Letty is off the wagon. I’m talking stealing, alcohol, and drugs.

But, for a moment, it seemed like maybe she wouldn’t go deep down the rabbit hole. Upon Christian’s advisement, she decides to head back to Carin’s neighborhood and the two run into each other. They also open up a bit. Of course Letty opens up with a lie about how Javier, Emile, cheated on her, but Carin tells the truth, the whole truth, and is finding the burden of it all something only God can ease. Such as Eric changing the locks to the house.

Luckily for Carin though, Letty knows the universal code to all garage doors. Leading to Carin getting in the house and Letty finding herself a temporary partner in crime. Someone she hopes can help with drowning out what makes her see Javier everywhere. But she doesn’t. Carin can hang to a point, but her tolerance is nowhere near Letty’s. However, while it may seem like Letty is at her worse, considering she saves Carin from being arrested, after vomiting up a bag of cocaine, maybe she isn’t at rock bottom just yet.

I mean, she does confess her true identity to Carin and a little about Javier, sans the hitman part, and she is accepted. So the episode ends with Letty looking for more drugs, maybe like a flat rock over a still lake, she may skip across the water and not truly go under? Though, knowing Letty, if she doesn’t hit rock bottom there is no way for her to know where to put her feet to stand back up.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Carlos comes to Ava’s restaurant and reveals David and their father are likely dead. By whose hands? We aren’t told.


Letty’s Downfall and Javier’s Rise

Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 7 Don’t Thank God, Thank Me - Letty

In a way, it is almost like someone is rubbing their finger on the reset button right now. Presenting a “What If?” episode to us. One in which we are witnessing “What If” Letty no longer had the two main things which pushed her to sobriety, what would she do? Alongside, without Letty, what would happen to Javier? Well, we get our answer.

As said since the beginning of the show, Letty is wholly dependent on Javier. Both in terms of the character and the show needing those two together. For look how quickly Letty went right back to who she was without missing a step. Her relapse shows how much of a crutch Javier was and still is, also it brings to question whether she really changed at all over all this time? Was her living this fantasy the drifter conning herself? Living in some character that unlike Rose and the rest of the girls, from the drag episode, she couldn’t make the real deal?

But you know what really sucks about this Letty situation? Javier isn’t really affected by it one way or the other. Is he a bit down about it? Yeah, but with Teo and Ava, there is no time to worry about Letty. He doesn’t even call her for goodness sakes! This is despite knowing damn well, from previous experience, how she can get when he isn’t keeping an eye on her.

Yet, one could argue, if she needs Javier that badly to keep her on the straight and narrow, maybe he is better off? But, realistically, let’s face it: the writers of Good Behavior aren’t going to let them be apart too long. After all, the nonsense that got pulled to keep Letty and Javier out of federal prison showed they’ll pull some unorthodox method to keep these two from being permanently separated.

However, does Javier have it in him, with or without Ava’s help, and considering what happened with his father and David, to jump back into Letty’s mess and pull her out quickly? Or maybe, just maybe, the Teo storyline was made to shift things? That is, shift it so that instead of Javier assisting Letty with all her problems, she is going to use her expertise to help Javier with all of his?

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