Good Behavior: Season 2/ Episode 2 “I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Letty and Javier sleeping together lovingly.

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Letty and Javier sleeping together lovingly.

As Letty and Javier fight over how to pursue normalcy, Jacob is starting to learn there is nothing normal about either of his caretakers.

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Trigger Warning: Episode Contains Attempted Rape

Silk’s Memorial: Ava, Teo (Juan Riedinger), Javier, Letty

Teo (Juan Riedinger) speaking with Ava about Silk's passing.
Teo (Juan Riedinger)

With Silk gone, Javier makes some attempt at trying to get back in Ava’s good graces by vowing to find out who killed him. However, with it being clear that Javier knowing something about Silk’s business dealings, which Ava likely still has her name on, likely leading to more deaths? Well, she decides to take a pass on that.

Though, even the sentiment is lost on Ava as she makes it clear she doesn’t consider Javier family anymore. Why? Well, she doesn’t even invite Javier to Silk’s memorial. However, maybe there might be a little bit of love still there for her brother. Hence why Ava contacts Letty. But when they both realize Javier is still killing people, there goes that opportunity.

And speaking of opportunities, it seems that Teo could very well be the one who put out, or tried to take, the opportunity to kill Javier. Heck, he might even be the one who killed Silk. Now, this isn’t confirmed, nor whether Teo might be more than simply a family friend, he dated Ava years ago, but don’t take his sudden appearance lightly.

Money Is A Major Problem: Letty, Javier

Javier, due to being unable to do anything about Silk, and not being able to be there for his nieces, at least wants to be able to do something for Jacob.
Javier, due to being unable to do anything about Silk, and not being able to be there for his nieces, at least wants to be able to do something for Jacob.

Carin does as she says she would be with her solely getting Jacob in, not pushing for scholarships or anything like that, it means Letty is stuck with the bill. One which is a little over $19,000, a semester. Which of course leads to two ideas. Letty thinks about robbing a hotel and Javier wants to kill someone. Naturally, neither is for the other regressing to past deeds. Javier, in all his sweetness, wants Letty to be able to obtain this normalcy she is in pursuit of. Then, with Letty, for one, she doesn’t want to be a kept woman. Second, she doesn’t want Javier killing anyone.

Yet, as noted in the last episode, being a line cook isn’t going to handle all their bills. They are renting an expensive house, Jacob’s school bill is basically a down payment on a house, and we already saw how Lett’s record limits her employment opportunities. So, what can they do besides what they have? Which, Javier adds, even with Letty against him at one time, he hasn’t gone to jail for yet.

Lying Runs In The Family: Jacob, Letty, Javier, Apple, Carin

This week’s hit is Bryce (Barrett Carnahan) a rapist. However, considering Carin doesn’t know he is a rapist, and just learned Eric is cheating on her, she doesn’t care. Between Bryce or one of his friends, she plans to get even – and does. But what matters here is the lying involved with what leads up to Bryce’s death. Of which, of course, pushes Letty and Javier to play characters and show that Javier is good with quick and easy deaths vs. ones which take time. Especially when dealing with young guys like Bryce who does not like Javier at all. If only because, in Letty’s words, he threatens his Alpha status.

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But, back to that lie. Well, as we know, Letty doesn’t approve of Javier killing at all – even when it comes to a rapist like Bryce. So she blocks his pursuit of killing him whenever possible until Bryce tries to rape her. Once that happens, and Javier saves her, she walks away. Thus leading to Javier not killing Bryce, but having Bryce walk off a cliff – something Apple sees.

Jacob noting Apple saw Javier in the woods with Bryce. Calling him out on his lie.

However, being that Apple was drinking earlier, Jacob makes it seem she was drunk and didn’t know what she was seeing. A lie which isn’t well crafted, but believable enough for Apple that she takes it. Now, as for why she does? Well, I’m hoping it is just naivety. Either way, Jacob doesn’t take what she says lightly at all. He knows his mom is a piece of work but did hold Javier to a higher standard. And with Javier not helping Bryce’s friends find him, a red flag goes off so he asks him about Bryce. Javier lies. Jacob counters that Apple saw him and then the title card.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Bryce’s friends know he was a rapist?


Jacob Picking Up The Family Business

Jacob Good Behavior

As noted in episode 1, of this season, Jacob is already starting to gain Letty’s people skills. As can be seen with Apple, in my mind, he knows who to target for things he wants. I mean, we didn’t see how they met but I can imagine her talking about her school, her campaign platform, and him honing in on it.

Now, is he trying to manipulate her? I don’t think so. After all, Jacob wants normalcy too and while he does seem like a token Black friend, a friend is a friend right? She is open with him, willing to drink with him, and allows her some insight into her world. Leading me to wonder, when Jacob’s dad eventually gets to see him, will he give him the kind of conversation which makes Jacob feel othered? As in, despite being bi-racial, reiterating Jacob is unquestionably a Black kid in a white world?

No Agent Lashever and Christian

As noted in episode one and throughout Handmaid’s Tale, I love Ann Dowd. However, also as noted in episode 1, I hate who they have her paired with in this show. They neither match nor challenge her and you can see it in her performance. So I’m glad we got a reprieve and that she doesn’t seem to be in the next episode. At least, based off the preview for episode 3.

On The Fence


Teo noting he was friends with Javier when they were kids

With Agent Lashever being a mediocre villain, maybe Teo can compensate. At least that is the hope. For between him seeming like Silk’s killer and with it being established that he is Ava’s ex, he is introduced with some intrigue. The kind which may not sell you on him at first, but he can grow into someone we love to hate. Don’t you agree?

Apple and Jacob’s Friendship

Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple. However, there is this question of how real is she about this whole diversity thing. Much less, when it comes to Jacob, how much does she like him, be it platonic or otherwise, as a person vs. him being Black? Also, will they keep this surface level or dig deep into what it means for a Black boy, in the south, to be friends with an affluent white girl? Much less, if Apple is a long-term character and they do end up dating, the complications of an interracial relationship in the south.

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