Good Behavior: Season 1/ Episode 8 "It Still Fits Bitch" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s an emotional day for Letty as Estelle and she have a heart to heart, she has a real heart to heart with Javier, and Jacob reveals some devastating news.

Trigger Warning(s):

Murder of Animal

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: You Are All I Have (Letty & Javier)

With his whole family disowning him, but Letty standing by him, Javier takes the opportunity she gives to be vulnerable. He speaks on how much his father blaming him for his brother’s death hurt him and numbed him. To the point where when asked to kill someone, for justice, he was okay with it. However, with time, murder became murder and so he just became a professional hit man without any care about who he was killing as long as he got paid.


Though it probably started a few episodes ago, I think the show has really turned into something new, or different, than what it was before. For while we are reminded, constantly, who Javier was, I think we have come to a point where it seems like he doesn’t want to be that anymore. Through Letty, through someone accepting his entire person, it seems he may want more for himself like he wanted more for her.

And while he was, at a time, seemingly mourning the loss of his family, I think with how accepting Letty is, Estelle, and how Rob invited him to his bachelor’s party without knowing him, it is like he found a new family.

Topic 2: We’ve Been Through A Lot, You & I (Estelle and Letty)

Estelle is getting married, at minimum, for the 3rd time, and while Rob is young that isn’t the only thing different about him. He accepts Estelle makes money as a phone sex operator, that she is sometimes a wild woman, and he also accepts her family baggage. Which is better than her past relationships and husbands who would be downright abusive to her, though we aren’t told if they were to Letty.

What is known though is that, as much as you may wanna look at Letty and say “Poor Estelle” it does seem this mother that she is with Jacob wasn’t around when Letty was growing up. It seems she would be more worried about the men in her life than Letty at times, and so Letty went to find a man to take up her time as well. Thus leading to Sean.


With TNT really pushing for limited commercials, this being an hour long show, and one which isn’t getting the usual American 24-episode order, I must admit that sometimes it feels like it is just dumping so much on one scene or even one episode. Especially as it strays away from the con woman/ hit man dynamic duo and tries to go deeper. But, I must admit, despite the origins the show has really turned it around. Though it does make you wonder where can things go from here? Especially considering what Letty asks of Javier and the issues that could cause.

Topic 3: Have You Met Sean? (Sean, Javier, Jacob, and Letty)

Sean (Todd Williams), Jacob’s father, who we’ve seen before in those workout commercials, comes to Estelle and Rob’s wedding/ reception and makes a B-Line to Jacob and seems like he is just going to snatch him. The truth is, though, with Letty lying about his dad, and avoiding the subject, Jacob has taken it upon himself to find his dad. Leading us to learn Sean didn’t know he had a kid, us learning he is reformed, and that with Jacob not feeling comfortable being around no Black people and with his mom not being like regular moms, he wants to live with his dad.

Leaving Letty to ask of Javier to kill Sean for that is her rock. Also, I should note, with Estelle lifting the restraining order, she now really has the chance to get to know Jacob and bond with him.


It’s hard to not have mixed feelings about the way the episode ended. If only because I kind of wished we got to see Jacob search for his dad and find him. Much less their secret chats with one another. For with Sean just showing up and trying to snatch the boy from a family event, honestly, that looked so inappropriate. And while, granted, I understand Sean and Jacob’s reasoning for what they did, it would have been a better move to make things complicated. As in, show Jacob trying to get in contact and meet his dad, them bond, show him talk about his odd life, and then make it so you are kind of pulled between Sean’s newfound stability vs. Letty’s crazy life. Who Sean was and is now, vs. who Letty was and is now. You know, really push the viewer to not see Sean as this sort of villain but instead, present a real complicated matter. For, after all, if we are supposed to forgive and see Letty beyond her past, shouldn’t we get the same opportunity with Sean?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Jacob is 10.
  2. Letty was 7 the first time she stole something. It was a brooch for her mom by the way.
  3. Does Estelle even care if the stuff Letty gives to her is stolen or is it just the thought which counts for her?
  4. So, about Christian and the fact Letty should technically be in prison for missing her probation appointments. How is that going to work with her having to go to court to fight for custody?
  5. Kyle admits to Tiffany about his other habit, the non-drug related one.

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    • Either because it was suffering, because he was still dealing with his father calling him a murderer, and him accepting it, or he wanted to see if he could kill something as small and innocent as a bird and feel something.

      Either way, he was definitely a bit off his rocker at the time.

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