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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

The season ends and leaves a slight distaste. Only because it took the easy way out at every turn.

Topic 1: How The Hell Did She Get Custody? (Sean, Letty, and Estelle)

As Agent Lashever promised, despite all odds, including Letty getting the judge which handled her juvenile cases, she gets custody. Something which doesn’t sit well with Sean at all. To the point, he starts making some borderline stupid moves. Be it confronting Letty at the courtroom and being aggressive or showing up to Estelle’s porch trying to demand answers or to see Jacob.


Sean is a Black man in the south. Likely raised in the south as well right? So why in the hell is he looking threatening to a white woman in a courthouse? Why in the hell is he showing up to a white families’ porch, knowing they don’t like him, and acting like someone likely doesn’t have a gun and would be in their full rights to protect their property? Is this dude trying to become a hashtag? I mean, the one thing I hate about Sean isn’t that his character has lived up to what everyone says but that a drug addicted con artist got fleshed out and a serial killer/ hitman got fleshed out, but Sean remains the butt hole everyone said he was. Well, here is hoping in season 2, if there is one, we can see the softer side of Sean. Assuming Letty’s talk about, “I’ll make sure Jacob calls you once a week” wasn’t lies.

Topic 2: Looking for Javier (Letty, Christian and Agent Lashever)

With her having Jacob, now Letty wants Javier back. After all, he changed her for the better and while she pushed him away, she doesn’t want him to leave. So she gets Christian to use Agent Lashever so she can learn if the hit went down yet. Low and behold, it hasn’t, and it seems Christian and Agent Lashever may have become a real, honest to god, thing.


We’ll talk about how ridiculous it is that Letty is trying to get back into the good graces of Javier in topic 3. What perhaps matters the most here is that with what happens in topic 3, it means Agent Lashever is sticking around and like a baby on their momma’s hip, it means Christian has found a means to stick around. Though, with that, you have to wonder if she may ever side-eye her new boyfriend. Much less, what is the procedure for agents dating former criminals? She caught him, likely had to do a report and more in order to get that deal for Letty, which I assume included cleaning Christian’s record, so surely there is some type of policy she is following or breaking right? That whole, “This is work related” if anyone asks thing seems a bit fishy. Especially since Lashever doesn’t seem like the type to play against the rules.

Topic 3: Back Together Again (Letty & Javier)

Despite him catching her screw Sean, despite her confessing she ratted him out for Jacob, and despite her being a serious piece of work with her kleptomania, Javier can’t let Letty go. Though, for a minute, it seemed after she revealed the sting operation was set and the FBI were ready to take Javier away, he was fine with that. It was like he wanted to be punished at last.

Yet, next thing we know, and assumingly this isn’t a dream, Javier is at Estelle’s and is telling Letty they need to leave. Leaving us to watch him, Jacob, and Letty in a range rover going somewhere on the interstate. Ending the season with a cop’s sirens behind them.


So, you’re going to tell me that Javier’s loneliness, him wanting some semblance of family, is the reason he let Letty back into his life? For that’s honestly all I can come up with. How else can you explain her sleeping with Sean being okay, even if he and Letty never made things official? How else could you explain him being able to trust someone who’d rat him out? Granted, it was for her son but her son will always be in her life. What will stop her from being forced to protect him again by selling him out? Not our of spite, but because someone forced her hand?

Though the real problem is this all seems like one of Letty’s fantasies but it maybe reality. One which doesn’t make a single lick of sense and sort of diminishes that good period of this season, before Sean but after the reveal that Kyle is an insatiable bottom, that this show seemed good. But, I guess, the writers got themselves into a pickle and rather have a feel good ending than really show us Letty having to deal with the consequences of her actions.


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