Shane and Sophia go out on a fajita date. One in which she gives him a tour of San Francisco as she tries to think of a name for her ebay shop.

Episode Focus: Date Fajita (Sophia and Shane)

What is in a name? Well, for Sophia, it should encompass everything it means to be her as well as what her shop is about. Hence why coming up with a permanent, not not a temporary, name is so difficult. So, rather than rack her brain in the apartment, she goes out with Shane.

However, it isn’t a date. Despite them going all over San Francisco, talking about exes, careers, drinking wine, and even to a drag show, it isn’t a date. It is just Sophia trying to get Shane to see the San Francisco she loves and perhaps get inspiration for a shop name. Of which ti seemed Rubik’s Vintage would be the ticket, but it ends up not being.

Though, on the bright side, Sophia has a job now. She works as a receptionist at an art school. One which, in a couple of months, will provide her with health insurance.


It’s sort of hard to talk about the show as you come to terms that, on one hand, Sophia should be taken seriously. What she does to one of Annie’s old dresses shows she does have a real knack for fashion. Yet, at the same time, the show is redefining what a boss looks like. The show is sort of showing what, I take as, the anti-Silicon Valley startup. One which is started by a woman who doesn’t have a college degree, only really some form of ambition, and doesn’t have a huge amount of money or big group of friends. Pretty much, she is on her own and without much to fall back on.

Which, as time goes on, is sort of the appeal of the show. Granted, we know her dad has money, but with him not being talked about or seen, it does appear that Sophia has her independence and plans to keep it. Even if it means maybe crashing at Shane’s just to keep from being under her father’s thumb. I mean, let’s give props where it is due. She even got a job, a desk job, just so she can eventually get health insurance. That’s progress.

Yet, at the same time, watching her with Shane is kind of weird. If only because their date fajita made you really think she was into him but then she decided to sort of shut down the idea it was a date. But then, after he told her off, and she found a drag show, she was back to being spunky and happy. She even gave him a kiss.

Leading me to believe that this show is trying to make Sophia perhaps be that weird and zany type of girl/ love interest. Yet Robertson, due to her talent, is sort of fighting against that and making Sophia more. Thus really showing what a good actress can do for what someone else would make a forgettable, if not terrible, role.

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