TV Series Girlboss: Season 1/ Episode 2 "The Hern" - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Girlboss: Season 1/ Episode 2 “The Hern” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Britt Robertson as Sophia in Girlboss

As Sophia gets a little ahead of herself based off having one profitable sale, she learns one of the first problems of running your own company – Not having Health Insurance.

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Episode Focus: This Bump and This Lack of Inventory (Sophia)

After jumping around in excitement a bit too much, Sophia ends up with an Inguinal hernia. Something which, without surgery, will just be a large mound in her pelvic area. And with it being 2006 in the show, there is no Obamacare so she can’t just use her dad’s insurance. Instead, she has to just suffer through the pain with only Advil being her savior.

But the pain of life doesn’t end there for she is trying to build an inventory, but realizes she can’t hit up thrift stores and expect to always turn $9 into $100s. Thankfully, for her anyway, stealing isn’t an issue so she takes a “For Dummies” book and learns about The Pennysaver and estate sells. Which turns out well for her since an old rich woman dies and she is able to get all her furs for $10.


RuPaul as Lionel in Girlboss

Let me just say, Lionel (RuPaul) will be the savior of this and honestly, my fingers are crossed that he is a regular on this show. For while Robertson is still doing well on that tightrope, with her stealing a book and getting away with it, nothing coming from her stealing that rug, and the worse thing happening is a hernia, it seems this show may become reliant on its safety net. Which, again, will be the old woman from episode one, and RuPaul.

Though, who knows, considering Shane has yet to see the bump and is just aware Sophia had to go to a free clinic, maybe that may change things? Either way, with it being clear that Sophia wants the type of life where she can pay rent by just working at home in her underwear, she is going to have to boss up. Girlboss that is [note]I take full responsibility for how corny that was.[/note]

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