Despite seeing her mom in action, Sophia still seems to have so much to learn. Though what she learns at the end of this episode she was long warned about. is a porn site (Annie, Sophia, and Kaavi [Kosha Patel]) After reconciling during New Years, in a rather rushed fashion, Annie and Sophia are…

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Despite seeing her mom in action, Sophia still seems to have so much to learn. Though what she learns at the end of this episode she was long warned about. is a porn site (Annie, Sophia, and Kaavi [Kosha Patel])

After reconciling during New Years, in a rather rushed fashion, Annie and Sophia are back together and working on Nasty Gal! Well, working on its relaunch anyway. Of which is scheduled for April 4th, 2008. However, there are some problems along the way. One, inventory isn’t what it needs to be for a launch. Two, neither Annie nor Sophia know anything about websites. Then three, NastyGal.Com is dedicated to porn.

So, here is what happens. Sophia handles inventory and while she tries to use a for dummies book to guide her, like she did for the eBay version of Nasty Gal, that wasn’t working even after three months. Enter Annie making up for the dignity Sophia refuses to hand over, and so comes Kaavi. A deadpan south Asian girl who is a bit off putting but cheap. Also, she is quite talented.

However, with her working with what she got, and not going by the T of Sophia’s plans, she gets fired. Though quickly rehired by Annie the next day. If only because, while it may not be clear what Annie’s title is, she is part of this company and she is not going to let Sophia’s dream die. Much less all the work she put into this since more than likely she quit her old job.


Nathan and Teresa make an appearance this episode and pretty much, he and art are done. He keeps trying to win art’s heart and gets rejected. With that, you can see where Sophia’s head is at. She has to reinvent herself, try to find a new path toward an old goal and fears failure. After all, what does she have to fall back on? A father who says “I told you so?” A mother who is an utter mess? What else? She has no real other talent, she doesn’t have the mind or spirit which can take dealing with an authority figure, so what else can she do?

This is something Annie realizes and she, as usual, compensates for what Sophia lacks. Of which is tact. Sophia can’t deal with authority figures because her dignity and sense of self is too ingrained into being autonomous. Someone telling her what to do, even menial task, hurts her ego. Someone not following her plans to the T, is like being called stupid and yeah, part of her issues may deal with a constant need to prove herself and get validation, but that is just a piece of the puzzle.

But what kind of gets me with this episode is that she just met her mom, saw how the way she acted got her nowhere, despite her talent, and here she is screaming at Kaavi. Does she really think she can just apologize and reconcile quickly with everyone? I mean, granted, I’ve just spent my weekend watching all these episodes, but Sophia’s personality isn’t so alluring that I can imagine so many people taking her crap and being willing to come back to the same person with minimal changes.

Is That Your Dick in Someone Else’s Mouth (Sophia and Shane)

With Shane recording a demo with his band, not one he manages, and Sophia focused on Nasty Gal’s site launch, they only see each other after 2 AM. With that, they may have short conversations, cuddle a bit, but then it is night-night. Which, with how much both are working, puts a bit of a strain on their relationship and doesn’t necessarily help the stress either is under. So, upon a suggestion by Annie, Sophia takes a day off and when that happens she finds Shane seemingly getting head.

Remember kids, he notes in episode 3 that he has cheated in the past. Also, in episode 6, he makes it seem that he really needs a reminder for reasons not to be a cheating douche 🙂


Early on, more than likely episode 1 or 2, I said Sophia has to be taken down a notch. Considering this her being taken down a notch. Why else have Shaun cheat? To remind us he exists? I mean, all things considered, this relationship she has with Shaun is barely romantic at times. Yeah, he gets excited about calling her his girlfriend, meeting her dad and all that, but they haven’t had a real date. Their relationship seems more about convenience than any sort of romance. Plus, from what it seems, if they spend too long a period in the same room together, and there isn’t a buffer or boning going on, they realize they aren’t that compatible.

I mean, let’s compare them to Annie and Dax. Annie and Dax complement each other. He is grounded and she has her head in the sky. Yet, they both seem business oriented, as can be seen by Annie’s work ethic and how Dax handles numbers, and they both can open the other to having fun. As for Sophia and Shane? What dynamic do you see? He may be very much about labels, but there just never seemed to be a strong mutual interest. Like with the last episode, I was surprised that between all of Sophia’s plane stops, she never went to Chicago. She went everywhere but there. It’s like, she remains in the mindset of “keeping it casual.” To the point, if she really gets offended by this, I won’t necessarily be surprised, but I don’t see her having a meltdown for most of the episode, or trying to get back with him. Much less, getting back at him.

That is unless she was more invested than I thought and he wasn’t just a friend with benefits but something real.

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