Sophia really puts her foot in her mouth and there may not be enough Vaseline to get it out.

Episode Focus: There is No Job For You Here (Annie, Gail and Sophia)

While Shaun may have offered verbal support, who has helped with the photoshoots, finding office space, and organizing everything? Answer: Annie. Despite not being paid, and having her own job to worry about, she has volunteered to help Sophia for who knows how long. Yet, all Sophia is willing to provide is a thanks. Something which bothers Annie since she is at a crossroads.

On one hand, her co-worker is going corporate so that means could become manager of the store. On the other hand, she likes working with Sophia and being part of Nasty Gal. However, after being told there is no job for her and what she does could be done by an intern [note]alongside a series of F Yous and “I don’t need you riding my coattails”[/note], she decides to stop doing all she does. Of which includes handling PR and reigning Sophia in from being detrimental to herself.

Hence how, and why, Nasty Gal gets blocked on eBay. For with Gail, and the rest of the members of the Vintage Fashion Forum losing money in sales, there becomes a need to do more than just vent. So, instead, they look at one seldom enforced rule about linking to external sites and exploit it. Thus setting Sophia up to potentially lose everything she worked for.


You can have a rise like Sophia’s without an eventual fall. However, I wasn’t necessarily expecting this. But it does make it seem like we are in for some interesting last episodes. Especially if this series decides to let Sophia hit rock bottom. I mean real rock bottom i.e. her having to live with her dad against rock bottom.

Though, just to dive a bit deeper, you have to wonder why does Sophia always go for low blows in arguments? I mean, there is some desire to blame her parents but, with Jay not appearing as malicious as her, you can’t blame him. Plus, even though her mom left, it isn’t made clear what kind of person she was. All we know is she couldn’t deal with Jay anymore and, so it seems, Sophia as well.

Making it so, all eyes dart to Sophia herself who, yeah, maybe because she moved a lot, is used to being on her own. However, hasn’t Annie proved herself by now? She is reliable, dedicated, puts up with more BS than probably given credit for, and she relatively looks out for Sophia’s best interest.

Heck, take her infiltrating the Vintage Fashion Forum and doing a swift takedown of Gail. She proved she is a worthy asset. So why would Sophia ruin all that is beyond me. Even if you want to write her off as narcissists.

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