TV Series Girlboss: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Sophia" - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Girlboss: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Sophia” [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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I won’t say Girlboss is going to be Netflix’s next big hit, but it definitely does show that the network is dedicated to diverse depictions of [note]white[/note] women.

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The Introduction

At 23 years of age, Sophia (Britt Robertson) isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do. She tried college for a year, that sucked. She has worked in retail, and hates it, and while her dad has money, she doesn’t want to live off him and be under his thumb. She wants her own thing, independence, but doesn’t know how to get that. Which, with an eviction notice on her door, is something she needs to find quick. Luckily, all her time spent on eBay may come of use as she realizes her eye for fashion, and acceptance of thrift stores, could pay off.


The Delicate Balancing Act

Robertson is playing a delicate balancing act between the so-called entitled millennial and also the millennial who has been given so much in the way of options, they just don’t know what path to choose. Clearly, college was, and probably still is for her, an option, both financially and as a choice. However, she didn’t think it wasn’t for her. Based off her interactions with her former boss Carol (Irene White), you’d think she was someone who doesn’t want to work at all. Yet, it seems she does want some sort of independence where she isn’t reliant, fully, on her dad’s money.

Thus making this one scene of an old woman, named Rosie, (Louise Fletcher) smacking the mess out of her sort of like a cathartic release for the audience. For while it happens early on in the episode, considering all the whining and just lack of ability to deal, there are times you want to yell and knock some sense into her. Making me really hope that woman, who Sophia seems to like, alongside RuPaul [note]Who is her neighbor[/note], get at least one scene an episode. If just because, as likable as Sophia is, her avoidance of adulthood could get annoying.

On The Fence


Sophia’s best friend Annie (Ellie Reed), is the type of character who yells “Hey slut!” from across the room, is a little ditzy, open about her sexuality, and doesn’t really sell you on much in the first episode. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for her relationship with Dax (Alphonso McAuley), a black guy, could lead to some interesting conversations – hopefully outside of his penis size. But considering so many of these 20 something focused on shows have an Annie, there is fear she could be just another generic best friend. Especially if we don’t learn what she does besides go to Dax’s bar, sleep with him, and watch bands play.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

Right now, this show is living off of Robertson’s charm and the possibility of the old woman and RuPaul making a return. For, outside of those three things, there isn’t much to sell you on here. Hence the Mixed label for it could get better. However, Girlboss is heavily reliant on Robertson keeping Sophia from becoming another entitled, seemingly rich, girl who doesn’t have any inclination toward working hard. And with her likely co-stars being Annie, Dax, and Dax’s roommate Shane (Johnny Simmons), rather than the old woman and RuPaul’s character, it seems this show is on her shoulders. Which, being that she hasn’t really had a lead role before, it is hard to say if this program may make or break her. Yet, based off past performances, I have faith.

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