Girl Meets World: Season 3/ Episode 21 "Girl Meets Goodbye" [Series Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) With only a half hour to make a decision, as you’d expect, this sort of reunion show rushes through everyone’s advice to Topanga over what to do. Yet, as always, despite a short time length, Girl Meets World takes…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

With only a half hour to make a decision, as you’d expect, this sort of reunion show rushes through everyone’s advice to Topanga over what to do. Yet, as always, despite a short time length, Girl Meets World takes advantage of what you’ve learned thus far about these people and makes it work. Leading to a few laughs and some tears.

Topic 1: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye (Maya, Riley, Smackle, Ava and Auggie)

As you can imagine, news of Riley leaving spread fast. After all, she is the one who brought them all together. However, with Maya leading the charge of accepting Riley leaving, so comes a few heartfelt moments. Be it Smackle not only recognizing her sadness and noting she shed tears, but she actually offers to hug Riley. An offer quickly taken for it has taken years for Smackle to not only get to this point, but even as Farkle reaffirms his love for Riley, and Riley notes Smackle is there, she reminds her that while she maybe cute, she is not as smart as her and that is why she is no threat to her.

As for the kids, as we have seen Auggie is probably taking this move as hard as Maya. His little world, of which we’ve only really seen a few people a part of, is being cut from him. Thus leaving, as you’d expect, a sweet moment between him and Ava. One which reaffirms their childhood marriage and honestly was sweeter than the goodbye between Riley and Lucas.


My mind is a blank. Not because I thought for a second Riley and the Matthews were leaving, with seeing that article that Disney originally was supposed to have a season 4 I knew that wouldn’t have happened. However, I must admit with how hard episodes in the past hit emotionally, I was expecting more. Granted, Maya, Farkle, and Smackle have really been the only ones with clear and consistent growth but, despite that, I was hoping Zay would have had something hard-hitting to say, maybe Lucas would for once have a moment. I kind of wanted him to cry or you know, maybe kiss or hug Riley. I know it is Disney channel but his first girlfriend maybe leaving. Can’t the boy get some kind of intimacy? They don’t have to make out but an extended kiss and a tear would have surely made people (maybe just me) bawl their eyes out.

But while I say that, I look at Auggie and Ava and just weep. Not a full on salt river flowing from my eyes, but one of those Denzel in Glory type tears. For I fully stand by the opinion that the only quality relationships shown on this show have been Smackle and Farkle as well as Auggie and Ava. The rest seemed made for the sake of conflict or because what lead of a show doesn’t have a love interest? Though, as many have said, it isn’t like the actor who played Lucas was more than just his looks.

Topic 2: From Friends To Family (Shawn and Maya)

While one could note the parade of past characters from Boy Meets World, with only Feeny really giving an answer while everyone else talks about following your heart and “we know you’ll do what’s best” it makes the only moment that matters is when Shawn is talking. If only because Shawn isn’t even really trying to talk about Topanga’s conundrum. He wants to talk about adopting Maya and with that, we are reminded how many people, at one time, wanted to adopt Shawn.


With Shawn and Katy gone from the show the majority of the time, it made what should have been a significant moment not as strong as it could have been. For while it was sweet to watch Maya get used to using the word “Dad” to talk to someone, to the point I am getting teary eyed just remembering it, I find it weird their strongest character didn’t get her usual buildup to a momentous moment. Not that it seems out of nowhere, I mean, he has been treating her like his daughter for a while, it is just I feel like there is this missing part of Maya’s story dealing with really reconciling with Kermit. Something that perhaps isn’t realistic but I do believe that his one-time appearance wasn’t enough. Especially as Maya does like he did and transitions from a bad situation into having her own full-fledged family.

Topic 3: A Decision Is Made (Topanga & Cory)

Topanga decides not to go to London and, as he has been throughout the process, Cory supports her decision.


If this was a planned series finale then maybe the possibility would be there for the Matthews to go to London. Especially since we have been reminded quite a few times how she gave up Yale for Cory and now she needs to make a decision which perhaps is more about her growth than simply love and comfort. But, again, with it being clear there were plans for a season 4, it wouldn’t have made sense for the family to go to London and as much as Cory has been through during his teens and college years to earn Topanga? Do you think he would even remotely agree to a long distance relationship?

But with that said, honestly, I felt kind of disappointed by this episode. Setting aside the thought this wasn’t likely meant to be a series finale, but just a little scare, I kind of was expecting more out of it. Which likely comes from not only watching the whole series thus far but also being a bit jaded, yet even when it came time for Eric to do a Feeny call they decided to bunt rather than go for a homerun. Leaving us with a few teary moments, but honestly not the type of finale this show deserved.

Well, there is always the possibility of a Disney Channel original movie.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Whatever happened to that plot where it seemed Zay had a crush on Maya?
  2. Minkus and Harvey have no lines.

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  1. I too thought it was a shame Riley and Lucas didn’t kiss even a kiss on the forehead. But for the same reason you don’t see auggie and Ava kissing it is because of their age. The actor who plays Lucas at the time is about 18. And the actress who plays Riley at the time is about 15. Probably why you don’t see too much intimacy there.

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