Episode 5: “Girl Meets the Truth”


As usual, we get the usual hijinks we have come to expect from most of the cast, as well as Maya’s usual standout moment which gives the show a sense of realness & depth.

Review (with Spoilers)

At this point I feel used to the way things work on this show. Riley and Farkle will always be silly, Cory will be the goofy dad who has his moments of wisdom, Auggie is the kid who acts too grown, and Topanga is the mother who seems to never get to talk about what she does all day. But when it comes to Maya, there is almost always something different with each episode, if just because she is within two different worlds. She has one foot firmly in reality in which life’s problems aren’t solved over the course of an episode, and yet like everyone else she can smile, be goofy, and deliver jokes. Which increasingly is making her seem like she sort of doesn’t belong because everything can be fun and games and then Maya mentions how neglectful her parents are and, for a lack of a better phrase, it turns her into the Debbie Downer of the show. Hopefully though, as time goes on, Maya isn’t the sole one bearing the weight of reality on her shoulders as she watches the damn near perfect family skip around as in their fantasy land.

Topic 1: Because You Believed – Farkle & Riley

In the episode, somehow Riley finds herself as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Something which seemed odd to me since I never took Riley as someone who could stand in front of people and perform. After all, she is so socially awkward; just learned how to talk in front of Lucas, who plays Romeo; and really doesn’t seem all that outgoing. Yet, there she is on stage while strangely Maya is in the audience. Making me think the writers know they have made Maya perhaps too interesting so they have to shake up Riley a bit before she ends up the underserving star.

But I digress, in the final moments of the play, before Lucas gets to kiss Riley, Farkle interrupts and changes the scene completely. Something which many would agree ruined the play, but being that Riley can’t bring herself to be mean to Farkle, she tells him he did good and it all goes to his head. He decides to quit chess club and chemistry club, full on pursue acting, and he finds out acting is not meant for him. However, being that Riley complimented him he is thankful. Making me wonder if Minkus may be hard on little Farkle, hence why he acts so wild at school since at home it is study, study, study.

Topic 2: The Chicken – Cory & Topanga

Welcome to another episode in which Topanga still doesn’t get seen as a lawyer but more is portrayed to be a stay at home mom. One which seemingly can’t cook anything past basic things like Spaghetti and meatballs. Well, at least if you ask Cory. For in this episode the two have a passive-aggressive fight since Cory really goes in on a chicken Topanga cooks which he says is dry, old as the pterodactyl carcass it likely is, and etc. And rather than yell or scream, Topanga has a murderous smile and kicks Cory out of the house and prevents him from entering through the front door or come in through Riley’s room. Which I thought was a bit much for him talking bad about her chicken, but with the idea being showing how the truth can hurt, I got the message.

Which, in case you were wondering, dealt with how you need to be appreciative when someone tries. For even if it doesn’t look nor taste good, they did put in an effort and while constructive criticism is nice, brutal honesty is just rude. Especially if you wanna be like Cory and really rub it in.

Topic 3: The Locket – Riley & Maya

As has long been established, Maya’s parents are neglectful. Her dad especially who seemingly abandoned her and her mom once his new family got established. Though we aren’t going to let the mom off the hook! If just because Maya hasn’t really talked about her mom enough for us to know if her mom maybe works too much, is simply stuck with Maya, or what? Either way, with her family being a mess, and her not often getting nice things, a gold locket with a picture of an ideal family becomes something Maya really cherishes.

But, being that Riley is her best friend, and a goody two shoes, her not buying or being given the locket is a major problem. One which rocks their friendship a little for Riley calls Maya a thief, despite Maya getting the locket from a lost and found box. All ends well though, at least for the family who lost the locket. For with Maya giving up the locket, and us increasingly realizing how lonely and unloved Maya feels, things end with Maya losing one of the nicest things she has been able to claim, outside the cellphone Cory has given her, and now she is back to living vicariously through Riley, probably watching with envy.

Things To Note

  • Farkle ends up Riley’s first kiss, and Lucas says he stole his moment – meaning he wanted to be her first kiss. But, he says he will have his moment with her and of course Riley gets excited at that idea.
  • Farkle’s role in Romeo and Juliet was simply someone who held a spear.
  • From what it seems, not only has Maya’s dad not have talked to her in ages, nor buy her anything, but it seems it really affects her more than what we see on camera. Riley mentions her crying to her about her father’s abandonment. Making me wonder why did he leave, much less was he close with Maya before that happened?

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