Girl Meets World: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 21: “Girl Meets Demolition” or “Girl Meets What the What”


A throwaway episode which features Debbie Ryan guest starring, as well as Jackée Harry, which reminds you of how Maya and Riley balance each other out. As well as Cory and Topanga.

Topic 1: Taking Advantage of Dopes & The Innocent – Riley, Maya, and Cory

Topic 2: Friends In High Places/ Good & Bad Influences – Riley, Maya, Cory, and Topanga

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Being that there is a dance coming up, and the girls want money, some ideas are thrown into the air on how to get money. The first being a Bar Mitvah, which isn’t going to happen since neither girl is Jewish, so the next idea is selling all their clothes. Something which Aubrey (Debbie Ryan) is happy to oblige, but not for cash. Instead, she sells Riley an ugly $300 dress, which she bought for $12, and a pair of shoes for $200, thus maxing out Riley’s credit card.

Naturally leading to two questions. The first being, why the hell would anyone give gullible Riley a credit card, and then the second, what will her parents do about it? Well, Cory basically gets tricked like Riley did, proving both of them are in desperate needs of their better half, which in this case would mean Topanga and Maya, but even Topanga’s law knowledge only goes but so far. Especially since Aubrey is not only a shark when it comes to thrift shopping, but also very law savvy.

Topic 2: Though what she didn’t expect was Evelyn Rand (Jackée Harry) coming in, and tricking her. For with the girls, her dollies, being good friends of hers, this little favor is nothing. Leading to perhaps the main point of the episode which deals with influences. Aubrey’s parents were bad influences who may have made her into a good shark, business wise, but didn’t provide any sort of balance so that she wouldn’t become a bad person.

Leading to, in a way, showing how Maya might have been with Riley wasn’t around. For, as Aubrey notes, Maya does have the potential to be like her. However, being that Maya has Riley, and in extension Cory and Topanga, she has someone to reign her back. After all, Maya was the one thinking she would shake down Aubrey upon first meeting her. Though, on the other end of things, we see not only how Riley has had an effect on Maya, but Maya on Riley. For the whole scheme dealing with Evelyn came from Riley wanting to give Aubrey a taste of her own medicine. Meaning not only tricking Aubrey into giving Riley and Maya their clothes back, but Riley and Cory the money they spent, which came out to $1700. But it didn’t end there. Aubrey also was hit while she was low by showing how her parents would sell the store, the one she wanted, just for a buck. Thus leading to her realizing she doesn’t want to be like her parents, nor admiring them as she seemingly did, for they aren’t good people. So, taking note of Topanga’s compliment on how she could be a good lawyer, she looks for advice on how to become one, and perhaps get a Riley in her life.

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