Episode 20: “Girl Meets First Date”


It’s Riley and Maya’s first date, one which sets up one character, and leads to a question of who may end up with the other.

Director: Rider Strong
Michael Jacobs & April Kelly

Topic 1: Riley & Lucas

Topic 2: Maya and… ?

Topic 3: The Burden Of Having The Perfect Romantic Example (Auggie)

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Topic 1: Being that Riley has long let it be known she likes Lucas, and Lucas knows Riley is a nice girl, he does his best to ask her out. Something solely made difficult due to Cory trying to slow down, if not stop, Riley from growing up. However, due to Topanga, and time not being on his side, Cory eventually gives in if Maya does a double date with Riley. Something she, begrudgingly, agrees to do.

Leading to Riley and Lucas having a rather short date. We don’t see them go to dinner, or a movie, but we do see them end the date as they first met. Though the difference between the first time and this one is a kiss. One which surely Riley will never forget.

Topic 2: Being that Maya is less fearful than Riley, she pushes for the idea of Riley asking out Lucas. However, Riley is too scared so Maya asks him out in what seemed to be a grand plan is Maya asking Lucas’ out in order to give Lucas a chance to talk to Cory. Something which goes over well and leads to what happened in topic 1. However, when it comes to Maya, things are a bit less fairytale. For one, she learns Josh, Riley’s uncle, is not interested in her due to a 3 year age difference. Something which becomes crushing to her as she sees him crush on someone 3 years older than him. Though with the girl rejecting him due to the same reasons he rejected Maya, and it all happening on the same subway car, it seems the two share a moment.

As for Farkle, the one who asked Maya out? Well, for a moment it seems like, on said subway car, he would become a 5th wheel. Luckily though, Riley goes over to Maya to help her deal with seeing Josh, and once Josh leaves the double date is back on. But while Lucas gets a kiss, Farkle gets Maya’s hand to kiss. Leaving Riley with a happy first date, and Maya making a sacrifice for Riley’s happiness.

Topic 3: Auggie and Ava we learn are married, at least in their heads. For with Auggie giving Ava his grandmother’s ring, and them liking modeling after Cory and Topanga, they see themselves as much as in love as them. Something which, naturally, leads Topanga to go as crazy as Cory does with Riley. Difference is though, Auggie is at an age in which his relationship with Ava can be curbed, as seen with Topanga carrying Ava out. Though, from what it seems, no matter how much Topanga may drop Ava out her door, Auggie will keep letting her back in.


I find Ava and Auggie’s relationship so cute, especially because you know they are basically emulating Cory and Topanga. For with it being clear Ava’s parents are not in a happy relationship, and her likely loving the affection of the Matthews family, like Maya, I think she is really going to hold onto Auggie with everything she has. Which isn’t to say Auggie is a ends to a means, since it seems their puppy love is about more than just him giving her stuff.

The little kids aside, naturally the more interesting storyline deals with the pairing off of Riley and Maya. If only because, as noted in past reviews, I’m more so into the idea of Riley with Farkle than her with Lucas. Which became slightly complicated this episode for you can tell she is really into the boy, but there I just something about the young man who plays Lucas which makes him seem like a generic heart throb. Like, it wouldn’t matter if it was Maya, or even some other girl cast on the show, he is just going to make it work and make the audience become invested in whichever relationship he is put in.

But, despite how cute Riley and Lucas are, and how it seems they maybe set, for now, there was a moment in which Farkle wanted to do the slow run toward Maya, which was rejected, and then Riley wanting to do it toward Lucas, which Maya stopped, which made me think there maybe hope for those two yet.

As for Maya? Well, as much as I have shipped her with Lucas, now Josh is becoming an interesting pairing for her. Though with him in high school, in his junior year, and Maya in middle school, in her 7th grade year, as cute as they look in a scene, there is a creepiness to it. Leading me to wonder if either the show may push Farkle onto Maya, and try to find ways to make the idea grow on the majority of fans, or if Maya maybe solo for awhile and we may focus on her issues. For with a reminder about her dad, as she mentions how hurt she was about Josh, it seems she isn’t in the same place as Riley. After all, Riley represents your general coming of age show we often see on Disney, yet Maya has an ABC Family type storyline. Which isn’t to say Maya may not one day find happiness within herself, or with someone else, but something tells me the road to Maya’s happiness is not going to be the walk in the park Riley has thus far been presented.

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