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Girl Meets World: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode 15: "Girl Meets Brother"


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As Riley looks to be seen as an adult, Auggie just wants to be the one who has her devout attention.

Topic 1: Nanoversary – Cory & Topanga

Topic 2: Brother & Sister – Riley, Maya, and Auggie

Review (with Spoilers) - Below

Topic 1: Nanoversary – Cory & Topanga

It’s Cory and Topanga’s 15th anniversary and in the episode we see a flashback of their first kiss and when Topanga proposed to Cory. Also, we see them act goofy in the subway, since a late train ruins their plans, and then them spy on Auggie and Riley for reasons noted in topic 2.


I won’t pretend this was the most interesting of storylines, but I’m sure the devout fans of Boy Meets World will love the two flashback sequences. For not only do they bring a sense of nostalgia, but it helps continue the idea that the ideal romance remains alive. So even though they may not be the focus of the show, and do seem a tad bit more silly to fit with the rest of the parents on the Disney Channel, at least we are given the nod they are still the same Cory and Topanga.

Topic 2: Brother & Sister – Riley, Maya, and Auggie

While Cory & Topanga are away for their anniversary, Riley was supposed to be proving she was mature and grown up by watching Auggie. Someone who vouched for her to be his babysitter and ended up disappointed due to Riley focusing more on Maya than him. So, since he is a kid, he steals the remote, shuts the TV off, and threatens to throw it outside. Leading to a slight fight in which he relinquishes Riley as a sister to Maya and claims Mr. Googly as his new sibling.

Leading to Topanga and Cory, who have been spying on them, to make a deal: Give Riley one more chance and if she fails, you get a brother. A deal Auggie takes and he finds himself not only seeing Riley redeem herself, but also Maya interact with him.


As with most of the storyline dealing with the kids, what matters more is the stuff underneath all the fluff and giggles. Such as Maya noting, due to her mother’s work schedule likely, she doesn’t have a curfew. Meaning she is free to roam the streets at night without any repercussions. Then, with Riley, while looking at her mom, and dealing with being rejected by the cheerleaders, you can see that old need to belong and be popular resurface. Also, while not directly noting how Topanga’s body makes her beautiful, you can see she wants puberty to speed up not just so she can be like a grown up, but look and be treated like one.

As for Auggie, while it often seems like he is just playing around when he talks about being lonely, sometimes you have to wonder if it is true. After all, outside of Ava, and Mr. Googly, we don’t see him with friends or talk about having friends. He pretty much is stuck with Topanga most of the time, and sometimes Cory. Meanwhile, his sister is usually off having adventures with Maya, Farkle, and Lucas without him. Making me wonder if perhaps Auggie, out of all of Riley’s friends, maybe he has some low-key jealousy of Maya. I mean, it was slightly shown when the girls chose watching TV over him that he isn’t the most fond of her, but it was quickly blown over once she played with him. But this isn’t to say the topic won’t be revisited right?

Things To Note

  • Farkle makes a quick appearance and notes how strange it is that when the story doesn’t deal with school he is nowhere to be seen.

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