Episode 14: “Girl Meets Friendship”


It’s Election Day and that means, amongst a lot of shenanigans, there is some sort of touching story.

Review (with Spoilers)

As Girl Meets World, it reminds me of why I hated liking shows like That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, and Wizards of Waverly Place. The reason: sporadic new episodes. For while the show usually does a few episode stint, and seemingly they are starting to film season 2, I doubt the show is going to go on one month hiatuses just to make it so for 3 weeks or so we can have new episodes until the show ends. My issues with the scheduling of the show aside, as usual there is more fluff than substance here. However, that doesn’t mean “Girl Meets Friendship” doesn’t have a few gold nuggets.

Topic 1: Go To Sleep Auggie – Auggie, Topanga, and Cory

Being that both Cory and Topanga work in jobs which are quite demanding, they both aren’t able to tuck Auggie in every night. For with Topanga having cases to prep for, or Cory having papers to grade, it is a bit too much to ask for. However, Auggie pushes for it by staying up and trying to coerce them to both be there for when he goes to sleep. Something which, they verbally tell him, isn’t always possible.


I assume this storyline was made for parents who have a similar circumstance. For, in the grand scheme of things, I can’t really figure out why else to have this storyline. Though, I must say, I find it sad that Topanga as a character pretty much is going to stuck to what she currently presents. After all, and I feel like I need to remind myself of this, the show isn’t about her or Cory. So as much as it would be nice to see her at work, see her co-workers, and see her win cases, this isn’t Boy Meets World. Cory and Topanga have become adults and are neither a boy nor girl anymore. They are mommy and daddy, man and woman.  So as much as I would like to see Topanga’s life outside the home, it isn’t going to happen often. Outside of whenever there is a career day episode, or a situation like Ms. Svorski’s which effects the children.

Topic 2: Home – Riley, Farkle, Lucas, and Maya

Though the main focus is the election, the heart of the episode really deals with Lucas missing Texas and his friends Asher and Dylan. Two people he used to see every weekend, but it seems his father isn’t going to pay for Lucas to go back and forth from New York every weekend. Something which upsets Lucas for he seemingly didn’t even want to come to New York.


Forgive me for not speaking on the election aspect of the episode, but outside of Riley wanting to be a princess before she is too old for such a title, I couldn’t think of anything worth mentioning with that. After all, like the bully we may never see again, or this random kid who sits behind Lucas, it isn’t a topic I think is really going to be seen long term.

With that said, I wonder when are we going to meet Lucas’ family? Much less, will the show possibly go to Texas for spring break or summer vacation? For while I doubt the bully or the kid behind Lucas will ever be heard from again, something tells me Dylan and Asher may make another appearance. Especially since they got the weird type of personalities this show seems to love. Though maybe I’m more so speaking from a place of hope than what I expect to actually happen. That said, based on how Maya and Lucas act around each other, I still very much think that something is going to happen between them that will make Riley upset. For while Lucas is sweet on Riley, almost like a little sister, something about him and Maya seems like puppy love. If not the type of crushes kids have when one is mean to the other to show they like them.

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