TV Series Girl Meets World: Season 1 - Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Girl Meets World: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Episode 11: “Girl Meets World of Terror”


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It’s Halloween on Girl Meets World and that means corny lessons about not being scared of something.

Review (with Spoilers)

As an adult, this episode does nothing for me. It deals with Farkle’s fear of getting hit by a softball, Riley’s fears of sleeping over Maya’s house through the full night, and then Auggie’s fears of what is under the bed. Meaning this episode pretty much doesn’t add anything to the overall show.

Topic 1: Simon P. Littleboyeater – Auggie

Throughout the episode, little Auggie introduces the various stories in different costumes such as him being Dracula or him as Alfred Hitchcock. Leaving just his story about the monster under the bed and the show exhibiting, one last time, that you really have nothing to fear, on a small scale anyway. For the monster under Auggie’s bed is just a little boy like him. One who lives under kids beds for a certain period of time before having to leave when they grow up. A story which is kind of sad when you think about it, but isn’t developed to be something heartfelt or anything like that. It is just meant to show that Auggie is slowly growing up and that some of the fears traditionally associated with kids he is moving past.

Topic 2: Don’t Hurt Me! – Maya, Farkle, Riley, and Lucas

As one would expect, due to how much Disney relies on non-racial stereotypes, Farkle has no love for gym class and is sort of afraid of it. Especially since they are playing softball and Maya has a good arm. Thing is, because surely they want to push that Maya and Farkle have a better chance at happening than Maya and Lucas, Maya is unable to throw as she would normally because of Farkle. Then, to drive it home that Maya and Lucas may not happen, they add in Riley flirting with Lucas, and patting him on the butt, then when Lucas decides to take out Maya to prove to Farkle getting hit with the softball isn’t that bad, she misinterprets what he says and replies “You aren’t my type.” Which may be true, maybe not, either way, like with the Auggie story, while we are presented a rather shallow plot, there is something to take away from the story.

Topic 3: I’m Always Alone In The Morning – Maya & Riley

For the first time ever we go to Maya’s house, well her bedroom, and it is because she wants Riley, for once, to actually spend the whole night and not sneak off in the middle of the night as she usually does. Something which perhaps maybe a trigger for Maya since I don’t think it was ever made clear how her dad left. That aside, in the episode we also meet Maya’s grandma but, unfortunately, they don’t utilize her to tell a real story about overcoming fear which could help us understand the Hart family line, much less what happened to Maya’s great grandmother which led the family to settling in New York.

Making for an overall episode which has its little shining moments here and there, but mostly feels like a filler episode. Here is hoping when the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes roll around that they seem less of an obligation, due to being on the Disney channel, and more part of the show’s overall story. Especially since there is a serious need to talk about Maya’s family structure which could lead to the silver lining we used to get back before the show took around a month off back in August.

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