Game of Thrones: Season 6/ Episode 5 “The Door” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview With us reaching the halfway point of the season, comes the beginning of everyone revealing their plans and leaving us wondering who will have their major battle showcased likely between episode 7 and 9. Though while many are planning, one finds themselves retreating.   Trigger Warning(s): Blood (gore), Bodies/ Corpses, and Rape/ Abuse (Discussion)…


With us reaching the halfway point of the season, comes the beginning of everyone revealing their plans and leaving us wondering who will have their major battle showcased likely between episode 7 and 9. Though while many are planning, one finds themselves retreating.


Trigger Warning(s):
Blood (gore), Bodies/ Corpses, and Rape/ Abuse (Discussion)

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Future of Queen Daenerys (Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys, Kinvara , Yara, Theon, and Euron )

With the Dothraki, once again, under Daenerys’ command, she finds herself questioning what to do with Ser Jorah. He has been banished twice, returned to her twice, and as much as he can be a nuisance, and did betray her at one time, he is one of her most faithful allies. However, with him inflicted with the greyscale disease, which seemingly isn’t curable, so comes the question of what to do now? Well, unfortunately for both Joran and Daenerys, he must find a cure. One she hopes will exist so one day he may share in the glory when she is Queen of the Iron Throne.

But, what talk can there be of a queen without a king eh? Well, this leads us to the Iron Isles, a place where Yara thought she could ascend to the throne by birthright, but then her uncle Euron steps to the plate. Thus leading a fight between a young and proven soldier vs. a veteran. One who seemingly only gets the edge not so much due to experience, and not having his brother’s name taint his, but because he is a man. A man with a plan to not only use his experience to command the seas, and use the wood of the Iron Isles to build a massive fleet, but also to marry Daenerys Stormborn in order to give her the ships she needs and give him the power he desires.

However, before this dream can come true, the people, who seem more loyal to Yara and Theon than Euron, take the best ships of the Iron Isles’ fleet. Going off to where, who knows? But perhaps Jon Snow could use some extra men and women. That is, unless Yara pursues Daenerys and tries to make an alliance with her before her uncle can.

Oh, but before we move on, let’s not forget Meereen. A place where it seems the combo of Tyrion and Varys has brought peace, but there remains the question of how to keep it? Well, why not pursue religion? So leads them to trying to court a priestess named Kinvara who, like Melisandre, serves the Lord of the Light. Which is fine for Tyrion since he just wants someone of the people to help push the peace, but Varys isn’t so easily sold. For, just as a reminder, we are told of his dealings with those who deal with magic, and lead to him losing his winky, and he is outright antagonistic toward the priestess. However, unlike Melisandre, her, as Varys calls it, fanaticism isn’t all she has. The lady also knows how mess with people too. She brings up the sorcerer who took Varys’ penis and to say she laid him out and left him stunned would be an understatement. Almost needless to say, I like her.

Topic 2: The Stark’s Pursuit of Winterfell (Sansa & Little Finger)

The Night King to the north, Boltons to the south, and there remains a question of whether the North still remembers, much less is willing to do anything about the past. Well, Sansa has high hopes that old alliances still hold true, but Ser Davos doesn’t seem as sure. For even with Littlefinger noting the Tully very well are still allies, there remains the question of who would side with a possible losing party? Especially when a lost would mean getting flayed alive?

Well, despite the odds, Sansa plans to use the Stark name to try to court old friends, and even send Brienne to the Vale to cross check what Little Finger said. After all, during their meeting, things got heated as Sansa questioned whether or not she was setup for Little Finger’s political gain. In fact, him betraying her now seems very likely for while he does have some sort of suppressed lust for her, there is nothing more feared and despised in their world than a woman with power. Especially one who isn’t humble about it.

Topic 3: Hold the Door = Hodor (Bran, Hodor, Meera and the Three Eyed Raven)

Bran, thus far, has led to some mix feelings. He has given us glimpses of the past, but at the same time I can’t say he was really missed during season 5. However, in this episode, once more thanks to a flashback, he gains some relevance. Mind you, more so due to Hodor. You see, Bran, like sister Arya, doesn’t know how to follow the directions she is given in order to become adept to what formerly was an unknown skill. They try to rush into things and perhaps even get a bit cocky, and this leads to people dying.

When it comes to “The Door” said person who dies is Hodor. Reason being, Bran, as everyone else sleeps, decides to travel. With this he comes face to face with the Night King and with the Night King touching him, so dispels the protection the Children of the Forest placed against their own creations . Thus leading to the death of the Three Eyed Raven, perhaps the last of the children, and then Hodor. But rather than leave it at that, let’s delve into Hodor’s death a bit.

As Bran has his final conversation with the Three Eyed Raven is young Ned Stark’s Winterfell, Meera calls out to him since the White Walkers are overwhelming the children and, while she kills one White Walker, she can’t keep up against the horde of the undead. Plus, with Bran unable to walk, she needs Hodor. So she calls out to Bran, shakes him, and he hears her in his transient state. Which he reacts to by controlling the cowering Hodor and having him carry his body to the outside, but then comes the door. One Hodor is left holding and as Meera shouts at Hodor to “Hold the Door” so comes Bran, still in the past, watching as Hodor seems to have a seizure and goes from yelling “Hold the Door!” to the sentence devolving into Hodor. Making it seem that Bran’s power is capable of changing the past and in some weird time paradox, he is the cause of Hodor only being able to say Hodor. Much less, part of the cause of his death as the dead, as they do many times in the episode, stab Hodor and rip at his body until the episode ends.

Things To Note

Arya has been given a 2nd chance at an assassination and is tested by having to scout a performer who is part of a troupe which present a pro-Joffrey stance. One which makes her father seem like an ambitious fool.

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Where in the world are Yara and Theon going? Also, where are Meera and Bran to go?

If Arya passes this test, and Jaqen is impressed, does that mean she may one day get to work on her list? Jaqen makes it seem those who serve the Many-Faced god are eternal servants of his bidding, which is often death, but with it seeming they are more so serving assassination contracts than the god himself, could she one day get her kill list striked off?

Is it possible that between Jon and those of King’s Landing, we may have multiple huge battles this season?

So, what exactly is happening in Dorne right now? Something tells me the Tyrell’s could very well play a part in their future, especially since their alliance with the Lannisters is solely out of convenience.


Hodor’s death is, as of now, the only one of this season built up to properly and was actually devastating. That is, unlike all the rest which were treated like HBO needed to cut production cost.

It seems we may be leaving the Wall behind, which I fine with for until the White Walkers reach it, all it can be is the place Jon Snow rose and I’m still peeved about that bit of fan-service. Even though him and Sansa being together again is quite cute.

Varys and Little Finger being put into their place by women were beautiful moments.

On The Fence

While I like Arya’s character, I wish we were given some foresight as to where her story is going.

Right now, I must admit the politics of the Iron Isles still is of little interest to me, but with the idea being brought that Euron wants a marriage alliance with Daenerys comes some intrigue. Especially if Yara may try to push Theon to marry her first. Though who is to say Yara may not try something. Be it platonic or romantic.

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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