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Game of Thrones: Season 5/ Episode 5 “Kill the Boy” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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With Daenerys dealing with the mass rebellion, and the various leaders within the north prepping for the future of the region, it truly seems like everyone is prepping for the worse and beginning negotiations with fate through concessions.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Wall – Jon Snow

While Mance is dead and gone, Jon is hoping that Tormund may be able to pick up the mantle as leadership and, alongside himself, possibly negotiate peace. Issue is, many of those who are crows don’t wish for such peace. After all, many of their brothers died fighting the wildlings and, with the prospect of giving Wildlings land, of which they are the cause of said land’s abandonment, comes a lot of issues. Though with the maester’s blessing, and Stannis not strongly caring as long as the alliance is made, Jon goes off to make peace.

Topic 2: Winterfell – Sansa & Ramsay

For the most part, Sansa finds herself just settling in when it comes to her storyline this episode. However, as for Ramsay, he is dealing with a slew of issues. The first being that his lover, Miranda, is jealous of Sansa; his father soon having another son, one which isn’t of bastard birth; and of course there is Reek who almost kept a secret from him. As for what that secret is? Well, it is just him seeing Sansa. However, considering Brienne is close by, and how the North remembers, there is always the possibility that the Boltons may have more than just Stannis to worry about.

Topic 3: Meereen – Daenerys

With Ser Barristan dead, and Greyworm injured, Daenerys’ kingdom once again seems like it will possibly collapse within itself. However, being that being hardnosed didn’t work, nor lenient, she decides to compromise. Thus leading her to finally agree to open the fighting pits, and taking Hizdahr zo Loraq as a husband, for the sake of politics of course.


Being that Game of Thrones has a similar setup to Marvel movies, meaning everything is a setup for something greater, I must admit this episode largely seemed like it was about following up on the “Sons of the Harpy” and setting the stage for what is to come later in the season. After all, all that happened in Meereen pretty much was about Daenerys continuing to learn that she cannot have her opinion be constantly ruled and swayed by her advisors, and her learning more about politics. Then, with The Wall, it just seems after prolonging Jon negotiating, they are finally sending him off to meet with the Wildlings. Leaving Winterfell which, again, all we saw was foreshadowing and setups for what could come later in the season. For whether a rebellion happens within Winterfell, especially as Stannis approaches, or Reek possibly betrays Ramsay or Lord Bolton, it seems undeniable that the Boltons won’t maintain control over the North. It really it just a matter of time.

Things To Note

The episode ends with Tyrion and Ser Jorah passing Valyria and being attacked by stone men. Of which, while Tyrion gets away unscathed, Ser Jorah is touched by one and seemingly will become one of them.

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