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As some speak of war, and others prep for angered family members, two more possible deaths lead you to question if one character may ever stand a chance to ascend to the Iron Throne.

Director: Mark Mylod
Dave Hill

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

As before, Tyrion finds himself on the way to Daenerys. Just rather than Lord Varys being the one taking him there, in some sort of comfort, it is now Ser Jorah who seemingly maybe doing so to win back Daenery’s favor. Though, considering he was a spy and how she ended things, perhaps this is too much to hope for.

Something which could also be said about Ellaria’s wish for revenge. For with Jaime arriving in Dorne, and the Sand Snakes by her side, what more could she hope for? She has the King Slayer within her kingdom, his daughter/ niece a captive, and some of the fiercest warriors around. Now all she has to do is secure the girl, and perhaps take Jaime’s life, or his other hand. That is, if she or her daughters don’t meet Oberyn’s fate by being too flashy to get the job done.

Moving on to what is happening in King’s Landing, it seems Cersei is trying to send away, or push away, all who would be on the small council. For with her sending Margaery’s father away, the master of coin, to the Iron Bank, few men now reside on the council. Making Cersei’s move to have the High Sparrow become High Scepter, and give him an army, make sense. After all, she foresaw that only a religious leader could match the power of the crown and, like many people, she seemingly is willing to play two sides if it fits her needs. So with Ser Loras being captured, by the Faith of the 7 members, she has found a way to get back at Margaery without getting her hands dirty. Though who knows how long Margaery may stay down.

And speaking of people who will play two sides, Melisandre, as much as she has invested in Stannis, seemingly seems something in Jon Snow. Something which can be seen as she offers her body to him, and continues to push the idea that the easiest way for women to get, and maintain, power in Westeros may always be sexuality. Though with Jon Snow knowing what love is, as complicated as it was, he denies her. Leaving her telling him the iconic line “You know nothing Jon Snow.” Though with Jon now needing men and resources, leading him to request from lords and wardens, like the Boltons, maybe he may do as Ser Davos said and stretch the limits of his vows in order to protect the wall.

Though, even if Jon stays at the wall, Little Finger has plans of his own. For with him betting on Stannis taking Winterfell, which he is very well capable of doing, he wants Sansa right there to assume power. For even if seen as a liberator, he is now Stark. So Little Finger is betting on Sansa being made Wardeness of the North, and thus securing him the same alliance that gave the North its former power and glory.

Thus leaving Daenerys. It seems that while she may sit high in her tower, now possibly hated and feared, the Sons of the Harpy have what they need for a rebellion. For whether it be sex worker or noble, it seems they may now have a common enemy. For with them unable to unite through the fight pits, now they can unite due to hatred for their former liberator. Which is perhaps why the two sides combined to take out the 2nd sons and many unsullied. Including Greyworm and perhaps Ser Barristan. Though with both men killing all those who opposed them, and perhaps wounds not so grave that they may die, maybe they could live to fight another day – just not anytime soon.


Perhaps the highlight of the episode for me was when Stannis was with his daughter Shireen at the wall. For while we have seen kindness from men like Tyrion, and even pity here and there from those who have crossed Arya’s path, there hasn’t been a more touching moment than Stannis reminding his daughter she is loved and wanted. Which I think is something noteworthy for with there being so much focus on having male heirs, men being either strong or cunning, and with love and emotion from men being increasingly rare, it makes their relationship quite beautiful. To the point it reminds me of Brienne speaking of her father, and how he spoke and cared for her.

General Commentary

With the arrival of the Sand Snakes, and their various weapons, I am giddy with excitement to see them in true action and form. For there aren’t many female warriors on the show. We have Arya, to some degree, and of course Brienne, but most women on this show rely on 3rd parties. So to see women up close and personal, blood on their face and weapons in hand, it really brings the idea of women perhaps truly running Westeros, and the 7 kingdoms, to a head.

Outside of that, even with the cliffhanger dealing with Ser Barristan and Greywom, I find myself almost used to whatever Game of Thrones throws at me. For while their injuries means Daenerys is weaker than ever, she seems a bit more protected from death than others. After all, Drogon seemingly may always swoop in for the save, and Missandei sacrificing her life for Daenerys doesn’t seem farfetched. Perhaps leading to what needs to be done: A major death. For after Ned Stark, Robb Stark, and then Joffrey, it seems time a major female character is to die. And while Arya is considered major in a way, truly it would have to be someone with the title of queen, or someone formerly with it. After all, Tyrion is undoubtedly safe, and has dodged death so many times he barely seems capable of losing his head – so pretty much it has to be a woman of importance, or else it may be time to consider Game of Thrones claim to fame to be gone.

Things To Note

Excuse me for constantly switching review formats. I find myself trying to see which one is easier to use every season.

Collected Quote(s)

“I’ve had an exciting life, I want my death to be boring.”

—           “The Sons of the Harpy.” Game of Thrones

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