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The episode contains our first noteworthy death, though with the situation Sansa, Arya and Cersei face, perhaps 3 deaths happen. Though their deaths are not of the physical.

Topic 1: Another Son Lost, This One To Marriage – Cersei & Margaery

Topic 2: The True Leaders of the North – Sansa & Jon Snow

Topic 3: Enemies Around Every Corner – Tyrion

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: With Margaery and Tommen married, she may have finally become Queen. Though considering she is a bit of a black widow when it comes to husbands, and considering Cersei’s luck, perhaps it is still too soon to celebrate. Though considering the marriage is consummated, and Margaery could become pregnant soon, maybe the Tyrell family can finally rest in peace knowing Margaery doesn’t have to be shopped around again.

Though, when it comes to Queen Mother Cersei, with Margaery’s rise comes her fall, and with Tommen subtly trying to push his mom to go to Castely Rock, she knows her place in King’s Landing isn’t guaranteed. However, in an odd move, we do see her still try to influence things, and take reign. But rather than it be with politics, or military matters, she finds herself toiling away with religious issues. For with the High Scepter of the Faith of the 7 being caught in a brothel, embarrassed by the sparrows, and now jailed, she has found herself trying to involve herself with finding a new high scepter. Which solely seems like a strange move since Cersei seemingly has never been religious, but I guess since religious leaders have influence, she wants to leave one more mark before possibly being forced out.

Topic 2: To the chagrin of Sansa, she comes home to Winterfell. The reason being: Little Finger plans to marry her off to Ramsay and thus forge an alliance with Roose Bolton. An odd move since, with Tywin’s death, Roose has little to keep his hold on the north alive. After all, Northerners, as Stannis notes, aren’t much for outsiders and conquerors. Something seen as an old women reminds Sansa that “The North Remembers.” Though have no fear for Sansa for, unlike Joffrey, it seems Ramsay maybe crazy like the former, but is a bit more kinder at heart. Likely due to Sansa’s beauty, him not wanting to disappoint his father, and likely also due to him perhaps really wanting some affection in his life. For while Ramsay does torture and skin people, you can tell there is a rather damaged person that Sansa could possibly tame. That is, if she has been taking notes from Little Finger.

As for Jon? With his rise to Lord commander comes him making tough decisions, which includes cutting the head off of Alistair’s lackey who refuses his assignment. Something which Alistair seemingly was going to block, but with the cowardice of his right hand man seen, it seems he’d rather give the man up than try to start a brawl. Though, while Jon shows his power, Stannis & Ser Davos questions why doesn’t he expand it? After all, he is a son of Ned, his vows, Ser Davos argues, could mean he could take Stannis on his offer, but despite how conflicted Jon feels, his vows seemingly come first.

Topic 3: They say a bored mind is the Devil’s playground, and with Tyrion being couped up with Varys for so long, it seems breaking out was the only choice. During this time he sees a preacher speak of Daenerys freeing the people from bondage, but it is the actions within the brothel that matter. There we see that he is still a smooth talker, but it seems Shae still haunts his thoughts. Leading him unable to make love to one lady, and instead taking a piss. Something which ends up being a bad idea to do alone since Ser Jorah ends up kidnapping him with the intent to take him to Cersei. Assumingly so his name can mean something once more, and for the money.

Things To Note

  • Arya remains in the House of Black and White and has thrown most of her old life away into the river. She has, however, hid Needle amongst rocks. For while she maybe dedicated to be a faceless, she still has to hold one bit of Arya left. Especially since it is the only thing she will have of our family.
  • Brienne tells us why she decided to be on Remly’s side, and it is all thanks to his kindness. For when she was a girl her father had a ball to find her a suitor, and while the boys were kind, at first, with time the charade ended and they became cruel. That is, all except Remly who saved her. How? Well, he helped her recover from the insult and danced with her. Making him one of the few men, perhaps outside her father, to defend her and care for her. And with her speaking of this story, and Podrick speaking of the honor it is to serve her, we see that Gwendoline Christie is perhaps one of the best actresses to pair someone with. For while she her character hasn’t been part of a major story in some time, nor is perhaps the most interesting of characters, despite her WWE frame, she makes it work. Leading to her having good chemistry with nearly anyone, and reminding you why she wasn’t one of the many characters left to solely the books.
  • Theon, aka Reek, seemingly may play a role in Sansa’s life. That is, once she figures out it is him.
  • While Lady Stoneheart seemingly won’t be made, it seems Robert Strong will.

Collected Quote(s)

“Who needs wealth when you can make a woman laugh?”

—           “High Sparrow.” Game of Thrones

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
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