The major female characters of the show are featured this episode, and we see their frustrations when it comes to either seeking vengeance, or ruling their empires.

Director: Michael Slovis
David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

Topic 1: The Rise of Jon Stark – Jon Snow

Topic 2: Vengence and Loyalty – Arya, Brienne, and Ellaria

Topic 3: The Crown Is Heavy, Especially When Women Rule – Cersei & Daenerys

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: With Stannis still stationed at the wall, it seems he is trying to figure out some way to get the Wildlings on his side. So, to try to push Jon to abandon his vows and bring him to his side, he speaks on legitimizing Jon into a stark, and making him warden of the north. A lofty present which Jon refuses, even after upsetting Stannis by showing Mance mercy.

Though, even without the power Stannis wishes to give, Jon finds himself rising in rank. For with Sam noting how he handled the wildling attack, after Alistair was injured, he finds himself becoming Lord Commander. Something which he seemingly has mixed feelings about, since he probably just wants to keep his head down, but it seems he may now rise to power.

Question is though: what will he do with it? For with his wildling, or free people, relationship being well known, it does lead you to question if he may try to make peace with them? After all, at this point, the White Walkers seem to be what is really worth worrying about. So while Stannis seeks an army, and offers pardons and land, perhaps Jon could mediate. Not that it may work, since Mance’s execution is still fresh, but who knows how long it maybe until the free people’s society may collapse back into factions. So the time would be now.

Topic 2: Beginning with Arya, she has arrived in Braavos and finds herself, for quite some time, wandering the streets. Not to sight see, but more so because the House of Black and White is inaccessible to her. Well, at least at first. For when she runs into trouble then Jaqen appears and takes her to the house’s door, leaving us to wonder what the hell maybe inside? Though, considering Jaquen’s talents, perhaps Arya may become well equipped for her revenge.

Moving to Brienne, with Arya denying her, then Sansa during a chance encounter, it leads to you thinking she would finally move on. WRONG! For while both girls reject her, there is no trust in what Littlefinger may do to, or with her. So, with Podrick, it seems she maybe following around Sansa. A storyline which hopefully becomes more interesting in action, than it currently seems in my imagination.

Lastly there is Ellaria, Oberyn’s would be widow. Someone who pleads with Prince Doran to avenge his brother, but Doran seems to not be interested. After all, he lost in a duel and wasn’t murdered. Plus, war isn’t his thing. However, according to Ellaria, the sand snakes, Oberyn’s bastards, are more than willing to take up the cause, as are the people. Though with Doran having none of it, it seems Ellaria maybe acting without the king’s permission. Either way, I’m just looking forward to Keisha Castle-Hughes arriving, whenever that is.

Topic 3: With Tommen still young, Tywin dead, Jamie a king’s guard, and Tyrion on the run, Cersei attempts to almost act as if she is the King’s hand. Issue is, she is a woman. So as she tries to delegate titles to the counsel, and place new members, she is questioned. Though it isn’t an outsider who questions her, but her own uncle. Leading to another reminder that her gender of birth is more a bane than an asset. Especially as Margaery continues to sway Tommen and Cersei knows the writing is on the wall.

As for Daenerys, with the Sons of the Harpy causing her trouble, she finds herself having to come to the decision of whether to be an executor, or simply do trials. Well, one of her councilmen quickly solve this question by killing the captured Son of the Harpy and forcing her hand. Leading to her doing a public execution which seemingly may bring Meereen into chaos. For with the people begging mercy, as they call her mother, and her allowing the man to die, those who are free may well overthrow her as they did the masters. And, with Drogon coming and going as it pleases, with no real notion that it follows her orders, it seems her power, respect, and admiration, continue to wane.

Things to Note

Jaime is on his way to retrieve his and Cersei’s daughter Myrcella from Dorne, with the help of Bronn. Though considering Ellaria wants to murder the girl, who knows if they may make it in time.

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