Finding Carter: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Throw Momma From the Train” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview On the twins birthday everyone gets a bit emotional. Either due to Carter talking about leaving or because Elizabeth’s affair is revealed. Review (with Spoilers) With only one episode seemingly left before this goes on hiatus, I must admit this made for a decent episode. Watching Elizabeth have a moment reminiscing when was the…


On the twins birthday everyone gets a bit emotional. Either due to Carter talking about leaving or because Elizabeth’s affair is revealed.

Review (with Spoilers)

With only one episode seemingly left before this goes on hiatus, I must admit this made for a decent episode. Watching Elizabeth have a moment reminiscing when was the last time she saw her girls together got me teary eyed, us seeing Grant neglected as usual got to me, and finally Max and Taylor came out as a couple. But what really kept the episode interesting was Carter wanting to leave, the use of flashbacks, and Taylor telling her some weird details which slowly began to chip away at Carter seeing Lori as her mother, and maybe now seeing her as her abductor.

Topic 1: Happy Birthday! – Taylor and Carter

It’s the twins first birthday together in nearly 14 years, and with Carter just turning 16, so she thought (4), the big hoopla of her now 17th birthday is a bit jarring. Though what makes an odd situation bad is that her real birthday is also the day she is supposed to leave with Lori. And with Taylor catching her packing her bag, it puts an asterisk on the happy part of her birthday. For while the two argue, and have had their moments in which them being sisters made Taylor say hurtful things, Taylor has grown accustomed to Carter being around and not only does she not want to lose her, but she doesn’t want the family to return to the state of sadness it was under when she was taken.

And as the news spreads, little by little, everyone begins to say their goodbyes with Bird giving over a bracelet, Max giving his opinion that he is against her leaving with Lori, and Crash thinking he can come along. Something which Carter isn’t sure about, though she appreciates the romantic gesture.

Topic 2: The Pity Party – Grant and David (Featuring Elizabeth)

With Grant feeling utterly ignored, and Grandma Joan (2) not helping his feelings of neglect, he decides to hide out in his closet, away from the birthday party, and talk with his online girlfriend Reagan. If just to see how long it takes someone to notice he is gone. Meanwhile, David is walking around hinting and pretty much pushing Kyle, who didn’t want to stay for the party, to talk about the affair. Something which makes Kyle so uncomfortable that you can see guilt all over his face. So, just to give Elizabeth the heads up, he tells her he thinks David knows and of all places to do it, he does it in Grant’s room with him, and Gabe, in the closet (1).

Topic 3: Let Me Handle This For You – Carter & David (Featuring Elizabeth & Lori)

As firm as Carter seemed in her decision, throughout the episode, to leave, flashbacks throughout the episode force her to begin to realize that as loving as Lori was, she was also her abductor. Like, for example, May 5th has been Carter’s assumed birthday for ages, and yet she learns her birthday is actually in November. So, the question becomes: why May 5th? Well, Carter’s assumed birthday, which she has been celebrating for years, it the day she was abducted. Add on a few memories in which Carter was given some signs Lori was lying to her, like having only one baby picture due to a basement flood, or her creepily talking about abducting a baby from a hospital so Carter could have a younger sibling, and you can see Carter’s resolve soften.

Leading to her handing over the burner phone, a key, and all the information Lori gave her for their meet up to David. Someone who she interrupts as he writes the birthday chapter of his new book about her. And with all the materials needed for Lori’s capture, David presents this information to Elizabeth (3) and asks what should they do? Well, Elizabeth doesn’t want to bust Lori personally since she told Carter she would stop, and for some reason she doesn’t even decide to get the cops involved either. A strange move to me, but with Carter punking her before, maybe she didn’t think the tip would be taken seriously? Either way, David decides to call Lori and their phone conversation elicits so many questions. Such as: How well does Lori know David? Were they may be having an affair? Was he doing something to Carter maybe which lead to Lori kidnapping her? And while he says Carter doesn’t want to see her, and Lori says she isn’t giving up, it is hard to not be more focused on how odd their conversation is than what they are saying.

Making for an episode which doesn’t necessarily reignite my interest in the show, but certainly with the end of the episode having an interesting preview of what’s to come, I definitely still feel committed to the show. I just remain worried of what may happen long term. For outside of Lori going really psycho and threatening the family, as well as Carter, is there any way to keep this series fresh?

Things To Note

  1. Gabe is in the closet, joining Grant’s pity party, since with Taylor now officially dating Max, and everyone having someone but him, he tries to hide away in Grant’s room and just play video games. Something neither Grant nor Reagan appreciate all that much so with Reagan yelling “Ass wipe!” Grant is discovered and Gabe decides to join the closet pity party.
  2. Grandma Joan is a real piece of work. Between being more than willing to hide Elizabeth’s affair, the way she talks to Grant, or even her speaking up for Elizabeth and being tired of Carter calling Elizabeth by her first name, she really shows why Elizabeth doesn’t seem overly close to her. She likes her, will have her around for family moments, and will take her money if needed, but she can’t just come over and they certainly aren’t going to just go over her house just because it’s Tuesday.
  3. Though when they are talking, it seems what they were going to address was the affair.
  4. She says she just turned 16 only 6 months ago.

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