Overview As people start getting attached to Carter, she finds herself making some feel pushed away. Perhaps for good reason. Review (with Spoilers) There is such an odd complexity to this show, if just because like Switched at Birth on ABC Family, there are very few people who you can see rooting for, and justifying…

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As people start getting attached to Carter, she finds herself making some feel pushed away. Perhaps for good reason.

Review (with Spoilers)

There is such an odd complexity to this show, if just because like Switched at Birth on ABC Family, there are very few people who you can see rooting for, and justifying the actions of, throughout the series. For while you understand Carter’s point of view and issues with Elizabeth, at the same time Elizabeth is a mom who lost her baby for 13 years. Then, when it comes to Taylor and Grant, you can see how much just a few days with Carter there has rocked their world so you get why they both have their unique take on her. And overall, I think it maybe hard to say you fully love, or outright hate, anyone by the time this season is over.

Topic 1: The Expanding Circle of Friends – Carter

With Carter becoming quite popular at school, naturally her circle of friends surpasses just being Taylor’s cool sister and Gabe’s unrequited love interest. Now there is this odd kid named Ofe (Jesse Carere) who seems to have his hands in school bets, and possibly being the middle man for if you want something illegal but don’t want your hands to get dirty, and then there is Bird (Vanessa Morgan) the token Black girl for the show. Making Carter’s circle of friends, at this point, Gabe, Bird, Ofe and Max. As for the ones we saw in the pilot, I guess that was their first and last appearance.

But boy are these new friends possibly more dangerous than the last. For example, Gabe and Ofe create this plan to trick the FBI into thinking Carter has contact with Lori and it leads to this giant prank, in the middle of the mall food court, that makes the FBI, and especially Elizabeth, look stupid. Then, to make matters worse, Bird films it and puts it online. Which likely will make finding Lori harder since now the FBI has to wonder if it is just another prank by some kids, and strangely none of the kids really get in trouble since Ofe used a disposable phone and the FBI seems unable to trace the incident back on him.

Topic 2: Trust Is Hard To Earn – Elizabeth, Carter and Grant

And while you’d think that would be the sole incident Elizabeth and Carter have, there is also the issue of her taking Elizabeth’s car and getting drunk; her influence on Grant, who increasingly adores her; and the fact she is now skipping class by faking panic attacks. But perhaps the biggest issue remains that Carter refuses to recognize Elizabeth as her mom, naturally leading Elizabeth to try to change strategies and try something new. So rather than cage and discipline, Elizabeth tries to appease Carter by allowing Max to stay a bit. For perhaps that could be a way to make Carter more comfortable.

And in a way, while he doesn’t make Carter feel more comfortable, per se, he does help Carter see Elizabeth does actually care about her. After all, when she called him in for interrogation she solely asked about Carter. Which makes it so when you see Cynthia Watros’ face, which looks like she has been crying for days on end, it really helps push the idea of how much stress she has been under and how Carter denying her motherhood really has taken its toll. For as much as I understand Carter’s point of view when it comes to comparing Lori and Elizabeth, I must admit I’m starting to feel bad for Liz.

Though perhaps who I feel badly for the most is Grant. For while in therapy, as Carter explains how she feels like an elephant amongst penguins, he says he feels like an armadillo within a family of giraffes. Making it where anytime he is in a scene with Carter, and trying to connect with her, it honestly breaks my heart a little. For he knows she is unhappy, and from what she says she may never feel like one of the family. But with her being one of the few who notice him, and engages him, you can see all he wants is for her to be happy and, if she was to ever leave, to at least stay in touch. Making me think while I may end up with mixed emotions about 99% of the characters, Grant will always be my favorite.

Topic 3: But Easily Lost – Taylor and David

However, I’m still not all that fond of Taylor, and David pulled a 180 on me. Starting with Taylor, she is full on jealous of the attention Carter is getting and it is understandable. Especially since, while on molly, Carter kisses Gabe in front of her and Max. But her wishing Carter was dead was really something. Though throughout the episode Taylor makes snide remarks about Carter. Be it snitching on Carter when it comes to skipping school, or mumbling under her breath during family therapy. I mean, while you get Taylor misses whatever attention she did get, her way of handing it makes me hope Carter eventually smacks her.

And you know what, while Taylor I’m good with just getting smacked, I hope David gets “accidently” shot. For while I didn’t fully understand why Elizabeth would cheat on him in the first episode, she hints with talking about 17 years of marriage that the man surely isn’t as kind and peachy as he appears. Making me wonder if his first book was even approved of by Elizabeth? Much less how much backlash may come with him deciding, against Carter’s will, to make a sequel? Especially considering he wants to use all the family drama in the book and has already started writing chapters. Which makes me further understand why, despite him seeming like a nice guy, Grant still feels lonely. For David is a fake piece of poo.

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