Overview After all that has happened to Carter, or because of Carter, the time has come for redemption. Review (with Spoilers) With the most loved character of the show in a coma, naturally a lot of guilt bears down on Carter’s head. Whether it is from Taylor, whose first real boyfriend is on the verge…

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After all that has happened to Carter, or because of Carter, the time has come for redemption.

Review (with Spoilers)

With the most loved character of the show in a coma, naturally a lot of guilt bears down on Carter’s head. Whether it is from Taylor, whose first real boyfriend is on the verge of dying; Grant, who is losing perhaps one of the first people to really get close to him and foster their relationship; and then of course there is Bird, Gabe, Elizabeth, Ofe, and then Max’s mom Karen. All of which who want to see Max make it and continue to be his lovable eccentric self. Though, as much as they want to see Max make it, they also want the person who put him into the hospital captured.

Topic 1: Don’t Give Up On Me (Friends) – Bird and Carter

With Crash having abandoned Carter after shooting Max, naturally you are lead to assume he is long gone. Truth of the matter is though, he is still within the state and has been blowing up Bird’s phone to get in contact with Carter. Thus leading to an awkward reunion between Carter and the girl who set all this drama into motion. However, it should be noted, Bird doesn’t get any blame for causing the series of events which lead to Max getting shot, nor sees herself as part of the reason. Which I thought was weird.

Anyway, through Bird we see Carter and Crash talk and you can see Carter’s feelings are mixed on the whole situation. Though her feelings are especially mixed when it comes to Bird trying to explain herself. For, as established, Bird seemingly spends most of her time without her parents since they are off doing business trips somewhere. Leading to one of the many reasons Bird attached herself to Carter for she wanted to be like Max. She wanted to get access to a surrogate family that Carter was willing to provide as she herself got used to the Wilsons. Yet, despite all Bird has done to Carter, she still makes sure Carter knows how inspiring she is. For as much as Carter has been through, and continues to go through, Carter remains an inspiration. She thinks of Carter as perfect in a way. Someone who has parents who love her, doesn’t have self-esteem issues, and has such an idealized version of Carter in her head that if she was a boy, or showed homosexual tendencies, you’d think she was in love with her.

At the end of the episode though, while their relationship isn’t back to what it used to be, at the very least they seem on good enough terms to have conversations.

Topic 2: Don’t Give Up On Me (Siblings) – Carter and Taylor

Taylor full on blames Carter for everything, and for good reason. Though what makes things worse is how despite being Max’s girlfriend, Carter seems to get most of the comfort and privileges that Taylor expected to receive. Like being the first one to see Max after his first surgery, which Carter takes that from her; Karen, Max’s mom, comforting Carter more than her [1]; and her feelings and actions just generally not being taken into consideration. But being that Carter is once more trying to keep her family together, and make their bonds stronger, she tries to help foster a relationship between Karen and Taylor, as well as do something really hard for her.

Topic 3: Don’t Give Up On Me (Parents) – Carter, Elizabeth and David (Featuring Grant)

Even with all that is happening, we are reminded that Carter and David are really on the rocks when it comes to their relationship. And despite no mention of where his book is, it seems he is trying to move on from “Finding Carter.” In fact, he gets a teaching job and while he doesn’t do much to mend fences with Carter, at the very least we see him try to bond with Grant.

But the real meat of these repeated “Don’t Give Up On Me” topics deal with Carter showing she recognizes her fault in the situation, and she is trying to fix and strengthen relationships she almost broke. Leading to us talking about her and Elizabeth. With Max getting shot by Crash, there is too much going on for Elizabeth to just standby. For while, at first, she tried to use Max simply for her own benefit, with him becoming her son’s best friend, her daughter’s boyfriend, and her falling for the kid’s charm, she finds herself rejoining the force to get justice.

Yet, even with all that has happened, and Carter’s feelings for Crash wavering, she decides to meet with him. This is despite the danger of him kidnapping her for real, since he is so in love with her, or him killing her for saying he needs to turn himself in; her not wanting to go with him off to California; or her possibly testifying against him. But with her not getting to say goodbye to Lori, a part of me thinks she wanted to, in some way, at least get to say goodbye to Crash. Even if he nearly killed her oldest friend. Though, as much as you think this goodbye maybe just a prelude to him running off, Carter seemingly planned for this goodbye to be before Crash got arrested. For with Elizabeth providing a new phone, Carter knew she would be tracked and was relying on it. This way the guilt of setting up Crash wouldn’t be on her conscience.

Leaving us with a tear jerker moment. One in which we hear and see Carter thank Elizabeth, say “I love you” to Elizabeth, and call her mom [2]. Add in we see Max open his eyes when we see Taylor and Carter makeup, and you have the type of ending which surely may make you shed a tear.

Things To Note

  1. When Max wakes up, I think Taylor needs to be mad at Max a bit for not mentioning her to his mom, seemingly, at all.
  2. Which I’m sure will cause issues in the finale since the almost forgotten Lori is back.

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