Overview Whenever a gun gets involved in any teen drama, a countdown begins. For you know, sooner or later, someone is going to die, or at least get shot, because of that gun. Review (with Spoilers) Sometimes I wonder why Carter is with Crash. Does she like the idea of taking care of a baby…

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Whenever a gun gets involved in any teen drama, a countdown begins. For you know, sooner or later, someone is going to die, or at least get shot, because of that gun.

Review (with Spoilers)

Sometimes I wonder why Carter is with Crash. Does she like the idea of taking care of a baby bird so much that she couldn’t just stay friends with him? I mean, in comparison to Max, I almost don’t get why she felt the need to date him? He doesn’t have anything to offer, since he is broke; only has some inkling of street smarts; and has a criminal record. But I guess when a person makes you feel hot and bothered you’ll make a million and one excuses. Though with this episode, in which it seems Carter may have to choose between Max, Crash, if not also her own future, hopefully love doesn’t keep her a fool.

Topic 1: A Key To My Heart – Taylor & Max

To me, most of the best, and cutest, moments of the show have dealt with the building of Taylor and Max’s relationship. For while it isn’t on the level of The Notebook or anything similar, I like the idea of an average looking girl getting with an above average looking guy and them being perfect for each other. I mean, with Taylor first being this innocent, and often ignored, girl who no one seemed to notice, and then Max coming in and taking interest, that was so cute to me. Especially since they play off each other so well and don’t seem like they are paired together solely because they are both hot, or because she is one of the main character and she must have a boyfriend.

And while there was drama on the way to them having a relationship: like Elizabeth trying to reunite Carter and Max; Taylor going buck wild; and then her not being upfront with her feelings, at the end of the day it is hard to say you wouldn’t like a similar relationship. One in which the other person seems to really care about what you say, even if they don’t necessarily get it; they want to take care of you, and never take advantage of you; and trust you enough to give you a key to their place.

Topic 2: Where in the World is Carter? – Carter and Crash (Featuring Elizabeth, Grant, and Taylor)

But let it be known, Carter and Crash refuse to be outdone by Taylor and Max. For while a part of me feels like their relationship has never really evolved past him being someone she can use to upset Elizabeth, you can see they are cute together as well. However, with Crash never having a girlfriend like Carter before [1], him not wanting to lose her, and Carter wanting to protect him, it seems they will damn near do anything for each other. Including destroying their phones so that, after Elizabeth puts out an Amber alert on Carter, they can’t be easily tracked. But with the amber alert, as well as Grant and Taylor pleading for Carter to comeback, 2nd thoughts loom in the air. Especially for Crash who is already on probation and fears what statutory rape and kidnapping can get him. But with Carter so mad at her family she’d rather run than make amends, she convinces Crash to continue their little road trip.

Leading them to where Carter used to live, with Lori. Something I hoped meant we might see Carter’s old friends, but all we see is their old apartment in which Lori left a number. And being that David scared away Lori, somewhat, it means they have to head back and see Max. After all, it isn’t like Ofe couldn’t get them burner phones, only Max could possibly do that.

But while they are on this big adventure, we get a taste of what life was like when Carter first went missing. Elizabeth is roaming around the house, a bit lost, bewildered, and feeling helpless; David isn’t being the best emotional support, though is trying; and poor Taylor and Grant are upstairs wondering what may come from all of this? For with Elizabeth degrading back to her old self, it could mean they may end up back to life before Carter.

Topic 3: Bang Bang, Crash Just Shot Me Down – Max, Carter and Crash (Featuring Taylor and Elizabeth)

Something which Taylor seems to not mind a bit. If just because, as Carter talks with Max about leaving forever, and he tries to convince her to stay, a very jealous Crash interrupts their conversation. For with him knowing Carter and Max’s history, of which honestly is rarely talked about, I guess he felt threatened. So, to let Max know how he feels, he decides to pull out his gun which was supposed to be used to protect him and Carter. Something, perhaps in his mind, it does for he shoots Max damn near in the heart. All because he wanted Max to empty the cash register and couldn’t wait for Carter to finish her conversation, much less couldn’t deal with Max’s chill attitude toward him.

Leaving us on baited breath wondering if Max is going to die? Something which, honestly, would probably make me stop watching the show. If just because I have long since grown tired of Carter’s drama, and really Max is the sole figure who is hard to not like on this. If just because every interaction he has with the cast is gold. For while Alex Saxon does overdo it a bit on Max being a stoner, he makes him so loveable in the process. To the point I don’t think this show could survive based off the grief of his death, much less what would happen when they moved on.

Things To Note

Making you wonder if him and Bird were really just friends with benefits, or only hooked up.

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