Fantasy Island: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Girlboss, Interrupted” – Recap

As a guest has her bubble popped, Elena realizes desperate times call for desperate measures if she wants to save Ruby from Isla.

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Elena (Roselyn Sanchez)

As a guest has her bubble popped, Elena realizes desperate times call for desperate measures if she wants to save Ruby from Isla.

Release Date (FOX) May 1, 2023
Director(s) Andi Armaganian
Writer(s) Adam Belanoff
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Courtney Katie Leclerc
Leo Phillip Rhys Chaudhary
Julia Lauren Gaw
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Ruby Kiara Barnes
Segundo Daniel Lugo
Isla María Gabriela González
Javier John Gabriel Rodriquez
Elena Roselyn Sanchez

Plot Recap

Elena (Roselyn Sanchez)
“Elena (Roselyn Sanchez),” Fantasy Island, “Girlboss, Interrupted” directed by Andi Armaganian, 2023, (FOX)

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Some History To Help You Understand Better – Segundo, Ruby, Isla

Segundo answers our prayers and uses his history on the Island to illuminate Ruby as to why the Roarkes and mermaids have a complicated relationship. The gist? Mermaids keep the Island unknown to outsiders, and in return, the Island, somehow protects them. But, the mermaids seducing a guest from their family created a controversy that had to be treated as a tragedy and led to distrust from Elena’s great uncle. The kind of distrust passed down from host to host.

Ruby, naturally, questions Isla, and she responds with a short and sweet response as if she doesn’t want to go into the details and wants this to be something Ruby forgets. For while the man is alive, where he is and what he looks like after the mermaid was through with him is anyone’s guess.

But I Believed In You – Courtney, Leo, Julia

Courtney is a single mom who had her daughter when she was 17 and struggled a bit to raise her the way she felt she deserved. Despite that, her daughter is lovely and seems unaffected by her mom’s economic status. But, with college around the corner for her kid and it being hard for her to get her MBA, Courtney wants an easier life for her kid.

Enter Julia, the head of “Seed and Spear,” who Courtney works for as a receptionist. She is under the impression that Julia is a good person, and if she can pitch something to her, maybe she can get promoted and further what she believes to be the company’s altruistic goals. However, thanks to Elena giving her caramel candies that allow her to read the minds of Julia, her right hand Lea, and the rest of the high-ranking staff? Courtney comes to learn that Julia isn’t who she thought she was.

The first hint came from everyone who worked for Julia coming off like a bastard. This was followed by increasingly learning that what Julia presented, including her personality, was a brand. However, the final straw was when Courtney was allowed to pitch an idea for the company, and initially, it seemed Courtney was fired because she didn’t fit the true goals of selling a lifestyle to the rich who could actually afford what “Seed and Spear” sold.

Yet, Leo, Julia’s right hand, set up a third party to give Courtney access to learn Julia was going to steal Courtney’s idea as her own. Thus leading to a huge blow-up and exposure of Julia that ends with Leo quitting and wanting to join Courtney on her next venture, with Julia sulking and dealing with the sharks she hired circling her to take Leo’s spot.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures – Javier, Elena, Ruby, Courtney

After a certain point, Courtney becomes overwhelmed by listening to so many people’s thoughts, leading to her giving her candies to Javier. Despite it being the Island, he not only takes but eats candy from a stranger; with that, he gets to hear Elena’s thoughts. This, naturally, is weird, as she expresses not only sexual desires for Javier but also her love for him. He takes note of this and puts it in his back pocket for later.

Which isn’t to say he doesn’t follow up in the episode, responding to Elena’s thought by noting he loves her as well, but with Ruby and the mermaid situation getting to the point she doesn’t seem to remember anyone from her past? Never mind, now Ruby consistently shows up late to greet guests and for their consultation? Elena’s worries get to the point where she asks Javier to speak with her and see what is going on in her head.

The verdict: Nothing. Ruby’s head is a white noise machine of thoughts, and after learning that, Elena calls Ruby’s kids as a final resort.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How is Isla taking Ruby’s memories exactly?
  2. If Ruby leaves the vicinity of the Island, will the magic of the mermaid be able to keep her young and healthy, or will she suddenly age and die?
  3. Considering the internet exists, are the mermaids still able to keep the Island relatively hidden and unknown? Their magic can’t be that strong, right? People remember what happens on the Island, right? Never mind, as shown in this episode, there is Wi-Fi and cell service.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Isla showing her true face when she can’t maintain her human form


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Segundo Providing Insight

You ever make a wish that a show would do something and within a few episodes, it does just that? I was hoping Segundo, one of the longest-tenured staff on the Island, would help us understand more, and he did. It was a short and sweet explanation, but something is better than nothing, and we’re glad we got something. Now, it sucked Isla didn’t give a real follow-up to give the mermaids’ side of what happened since she wanted to change the subject, but it is what it is. We can only hope, as the season comes to an end, and no announcement of a season 3 yet, we’ll get much-needed answers or at least some closure on this storyline.

Elena Calling Ruby’s Kids

It really isn’t clear if this is the end of “Fantasy Island,” but considering Ruby has had an entire arc over the course of two seasons, her kids showing up would complete what could be pushed as the show’s main story. Yes, Elena learned to love again after abruptly ending her past engagement, but you could submit Ruby having a new life that allowed her to explore her sexuality with two women, even if one was a soul-sucking mermaid, was the big plotline for the show.

Then, when you consider she got a reset to the point where she likely met Mel and got to start over? In a way, it almost feels like seeing the kids, likely one last time, would close the loop. For if Ruby decided to go with Isla, even after seeing her kids, she truly would be ending a chapter of her life, maybe even putting that book on the shelf, as she writes a new story. Which, yes, would be a sad and shocking departure, but it does open up a lot of time to look into what Segundo was hiding, that I refuse to let go of.

On The Fence

Elena and Javier’s Relationship

This back-and-forth relationship does nothing for the show. Especially since it goes from light and playful to touching upon Elena’s issues and then back again. Because of this, whatever chemistry could be there has been diluted, and it is hard to root for these two. I’d even submit them being romantically involved increasingly feels like an obligation of the lead having to be in some kind of relationship, especially if the lead character is a woman. For while she has a whole Island to run, of course, her personal life isn’t complete without having a relationship and being reminded that she is found sexually attractive. Never mind presenting the idea she has those desires and shouldn’t be seen as a robot.

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Elena (Roselyn Sanchez)
Fantasy Island: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Girlboss, Interrupted” – Recap
While Ruby’s storyline with Isla and her slowly wiping away her memories comes to a head, Elena and Javier’s relationship continues to be a drag as whatever chemistry they may have once had is increasingly lost.
Segundo Providing Insight
Elena Calling Ruby’s Kids
Elena and Javier’s Relationship

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