Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) and Ruby (Kiara Barnes)
"Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) and Ruby (Kiara Barnes)," Fantasy Island, "War of the Roses (And the Hutchinsons)," directed by Diana Valentine, 2023, (FOX)

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As Elena and Javier work on the friendship, Ruby flails when tasked with handling a multilayered fantasy.

Aired (FOX) April 17, 2023
Director(s) Diana Valentine
Writer(s) Lisa Quintela
Newly Noted Characters
Seth Brandon Scott
Natalie Devika Bhise
Lou Dan Lauria
Vivian Alley Mills
Previously Noted Characters
Javier John Gabriel Rodriquez
Elena Roselyn Sanchez
Ruby Kiara Barnes


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Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Javier, Elena

The struggle that Elena and Javier are going through is because their relationship wasn’t based on an established friendship. They were co-workers who admired each other and then started dating, which didn’t work out. So becoming friends is something new and awkward. Yet, beyond their working relationship, both seem to want something more than being cordial in each other’s presence.

Neighborhood War – Seth, Natalie, Vivian, Lou, Ruby, Elena

Seth (Brandon Scott) and Natalie (Devika Bhise)
“Seth (Brandon Scott) and Natalie (Devika Bhise),” Fantasy Island, “War of the Roses (And the Hutchinsons),” directed by Diana Valentine, 2023, (FOX)

This week’s guests are Seth and Natalie, who are married and fantasize about forgetting all the stress related to trying to get pregnant. The other guests are Vivian and Lou, who have simple fantasies. Lou wants a hole-in-one and Vivian to finish “Gone Girl” under a tree Lou planted decades ago.

However, the Island has other plans. You see, Lou and Vivian’s fantasies are so simple because something is getting in the way of having their fantasy in reality. The crux deals with Seth and Natalie destroying Vivian’s tree by accident, which was the catalyst to a feud between the neighbors. One that spills to the Island as Natalie ruins “Gone Girl” and swipes Lou’s golf clubs.

Now, this isn’t to say Seth is innocent. Lou tries to work things out, husband to husband, while keeping it secret he is close to Natalie via them playing golf every Sunday. But in the long run, as much as Elena may have wanted Ruby to handle this, she gets overwhelmed.

If We’re Being Honest Here – Seth, Natalie, Vivian, Lou, Ruby, Elena

Thus leading Elena to step in with a fire at her back, and she coerces everyone to open up. Vivian talks about how that tree was closely tied to her children growing up and a dog she lost. Natalie and Seth admit to each other having kids was a social obligation more than something they wanted, and Lou admits to Vivian that he has relinquished an opinion about matters to keep the peace. If not to leave the burden of a decision on her.

This honesty, within relationships and between neighbors, leads to peace. Especially as Seth and Natalie realize they are better off in the city and not following their friends to the suburbs. Just as much as, in terms of retirement, sitting under a tree or golfing isn’t all Lou and Vivian want. They desire to travel, to be closer to their kids and grandkids, and with that, while no one got their spoken fantasy, they got what they truly wanted.

Things To Note

  1. There are no signs of Isla this episode, so Elena may have truly scared her away.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Isla is going to try to turn Ruby against Elena



A Surprisingly Touching Set Of Guests

Lou (Dan Lauria) and Vivian (Alley Mills)
“Lou (Dan Lauria) and Vivian (Alley Mills),” Fantasy Island, “War of the Roses (And the Hutchinsons),” directed by Diana Valentine, 2023, (FOX)

While everything initially seemed so simple, you have to love how things unraveled. Whether it was the fantasy of Seth and Natalie to not want to think about having a kid, to the reveal of them being neighbours to Lou and Vivian? There were unexpected layers.

Then throw in an emotional storyline for many, which made it so no one was a villain? Just people trying to live up to some idea of what normal is, after going through what, for them, was traumatic? Including Lou golfing with Natalie because she reminded him of his daughter? It led to this episode standing out. This can be tough since we get new guests each episode, usually with some sob story.

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Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) and Ruby (Kiara Barnes)
Fantasy Island: Season 2/ Episode 10 “War of the Roses (And the Hutchinsons)” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While we wouldn’t say this is a high-point episode for “Fantasy Island,” it is good enough.
A Surprisingly Touching Set Of Guests

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