In this special holiday episode, we get one reveal, someone from Elena’s past shows up, and a moment we’ve been waiting for.

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In this special holiday episode, we get one reveal, someone from Elena’s past shows up, and a moment we’ve been waiting for.

Aired 12/23/2021
Network FOX
Directed By Steven Tsuchida, Jude Weng
Written By Ben Edlund, Jane Espenson
Introduced This Episode
James Eddie Cahill
Nathan Mackenzie Astin
Tony Andrew Lukich
Maya Geri-Nikole Love
Allison Lindsey Kraft
Richard Alain Uy


A Superficial, But Real Christmas – Allison, Richard, James, Elena, Ruby

Allison Holmes worked hard to assume the role of CEO of her family’s line of hotels, but that didn’t make her happy. In fact, her family wasn’t something that inspired joy since, outside of the competing, everything that should have created warm and fuzzy feelings was just a photo-op. So, her fantasy is getting to have a cheesy Christmas movie experience. You know the type, small town, hunky guy, woman from the big city who works a lot.

The problem with this is the guy who is supposed to be Mr. Right. Originally, he is Jake, someone who fits Allison’s fantasy. However, when Elena meets him, we learn he is actually James, the man Elena left behind, and, after seeing him, she snatches him out of Allison’s fantasy.

Now, while James is gone, this allows Richard, someone Allison is seeing and works under her, to get to the Island and even into Allison’s fantasy, which isn’t welcomed since seeing him triggers her business mindset. But, in time, he reveals he does fit that rugged type she wants for her fantasy. It is just he hid that he was raised by a day laborer to fit into the perceived silver spoon persona. And with getting to know the real Richard, she not only makes their relationship official but proposes.

But this doesn’t solve the James thing. Initially, it seems James’ arrival is causing chaos on the Island, from snow to Allison’s fantasy spilling over. On top of that, Ruby’s tattoo is tingling, and with her having a line to the Island, that’s a red flag. However, in the long run, we learn that James wasn’t the reason things were going haywire – at least, not completely.

A Mystery Solved – Maya, Tony, Nathan, Elena, Ruby

The actual reason is a man named Tony. To make a long story short, Nathan is Mr. Jones, the dog Elena has had since the beginning of the series, and Maya is his wife who he ran away from after a medical device he made led to people with preconditions dying. Now, while Nathan blamed himself and thus found Fantasy Island to escape, Tony has used every way he could, including getting close to Maya, his best friend wife, to find Nathan.

You see, Tony changed Nathan’s design to make it cheaper. Thus, people died, and he needed Nathan’s paperwork to avoid the blame. So when Nathan is discovered and no longer a dog, he threatens Maya and Nathan’s life for the paperwork. Luckily, Ruby figured out Tony was the issue, and Elena handles the situation.

A Merry Christmas – Gina, Javier, James, Elena, Ruby, Maya, Nathan, Allison, Richard

With being the matriarch of her family, Ruby not getting to continue her 51 year run of making Christmas memorable is a challenge, so Elena allows her to orchestrate a Secret Santa. Javier participates and draws Elena, and Ruby draws Dr. Gina. Both try to swap their names, and the Island says REJECTED!

Thus, Javier revives Elena’s great uncle’s chair, and Ruby gets Gina a needle for her record player. But, one of the complications for Javier is that James is talking about taking Elena off of the Island, so while he has this grand gift, it could also be the last thing he gives Elena and the last time he sees her. At least that is until James is led to understand why Elena came here and that maybe she needs to move on.

James (Eddie Cahill) introducing himself
James (Eddie Cahill)

Unfortunately, while Gina and Ruby kiss because of a mistletoe, Javier doesn’t make the same progress. But, at least Maya and Nathan, who were heading towards divorce because of Tony, are back together and in bliss, and Allison and Richard are looking forward to leaving the corporate world for a bed and breakfast. Those happy moments/ occasions, paired with the Island being back to normal, allow everyone’s latest Christmas to be memorable and the potential start of something new.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did the Island get James into a fantasy?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With James handled, here is hoping Elena’s cousin is next, in terms of us learning their story.
  2. Us getting background on Segundo



Setting The Stage For Season 2

With the ghost of James out of the way, that means Javier has a chance, and while that kiss between Gina and Ruby was TRASH, it can be seen as the start of something. So we can only hope when Fantasy Island returns in the spring, we pick up where we left off and continue to explore who these people are, their journeys, and get a few more moments meant to make fans giddy.

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Elena and Ruby welcoming guests
Fantasy Island: Season 1/ Episodes 9 & 10 “Welcome to the Snow Globe Part One; Welcome to the Snow Globe Part Two” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
I'm not going to pretend this Christmas episode wasn't random as hell, but I do appreciate it happening. Especially since it allows season 2 to be about moving forward and only looking back to develop Segundo, Gina, and us getting to know more about Elena's cousin.
Setting The Stage For Season 2

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