As the show briefly takes not on the next generations changing perspective on faith, Mazzi starts a band.

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As the show briefly takes not on the next generations changing perspective on faith, Mazzi starts a band.

Directed By Eric Dean Seaton
Written By Ralph Greene
Aired (Netflix) 1/20/2020
Introduced This Episode
Grandma Shirley Jordan

Episode Recap

Mazzi & The Miracles: Jade, Elvis, Shaka, Mazzi, Jebediah, Amelia, Grayson

For money, maybe eventual fame, Mazzi starts a group with his brother Shaka and friends Elvia and Grayson. But, while they have energy and a mixed level of talent, they can’t manage themselves. So Jade is brought in to get them gigs, handle their equipment, and keep them on task.

All of which hits a bit of a snag when it comes to performing at Jedediah’s church. Primarily due to Jade choosing a song that Jedediah sounds blasphemies. However, in Amelia’s mind, the church is aging, and getting youth into the seat is something Jebediah on his own isn’t capable of doing. So with a few critiques and a reminder of their audience, Mazzi is allowed to perform with his boys at the church again and is quite the hit.

A Question of Faith: Jebediah, Jade, Shaka, Mazzi, Ami, Cocoa, Moz, Paul, Grandma

Being that Moz’s children grew up with Cocoa, who is more spiritual than religious, and Moz didn’t necessarily push faith on them, they aren’t the most religious people. Shaka dang near says he is atheist, Jade is a agnostic, and while Ami and Mazzi are young enough to still be molded, they require an incentive to, at the very least, superficially believe. This all leads to Jebediah and Amelia questioning Moz and him revealing, privately, while a preacher’s son, he wasn’t necessarily a prayer warrior and is probably of the same mindset as Jade.

Paul and Grandma (Shirley Jordan) in a vision Moz has.
Paul and Grandma (Shirley Jordan)

That is until, while helping Ami prep for a baptism, hitting his head and seeing his maternal grandparents. With this, his faith is renewed as Paul notes he knows the answer in terms of whether God exists. But, as for the rest of his kids? Well, while Ami does get baptized, it isn’t necessarily clear if she fully understands the power behind her actions.

Review/ Commentary

On The Fence

Addressing Faith & Black Folk

There is always a push and pull feeling when watching “Family Reunion.” As noted in the last episode, there is a need to praise it for representation and the joy of seeing a Black family. Yet, because it doesn’t have any notable peers, it gets put on a pedestal. One which puts it in the crosshairs of questions like, why it doesn’t go deeper with this or address topics lack that?

Which, when it comes to the children not having the level of faith Jedediah and Amelia have or expect, it makes you wish the show actually addressed kids falling out of love with religion and instead being either agnostic like Jade, atheist like Shaka claims to be, or more so spiritual like Cocoa. But, instead, we just get Jedediah being a curmudgeon and Amelia trying to calm him down for the sake of the church – their family business.

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Addressing Faith & Black Folk - 75%


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