Family Reunion: Season 1, Episode 3 “Remember Vacation Bible School” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

With Jade and Shaka forced to go to Amelia’s bible school, they attempt to embarrass her. As this happens, Cocoa and Moz clash on parenting.

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Amelia (M'Dear) in her Sunday's best.

With Jade and Shaka forced to go to Amelia’s bible school, they attempt to embarrass her. As this happens, Cocoa and Moz clash on parenting.

Director(s) Jody Margolin Hahn
Writer(s) Adrienne Carter
Air Date 7/10/2019

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Moz’s Go-Kart Racing: Cocoa, Moz, Ami, Mazzi

While Cocoa and Moz are usually on the same page, with them in his hometown now, it seems he is trying to lean things more towards his upbringing. Which, at first, Cocoa was fine with since it was about community, family, and faith. However, what wasn’t spoken on was go-karts. Something Moz buys to apologize to his kids about all the changes and for the RV ride over to Columbus – since apparently he couldn’t or wouldn’t hire movers.

But while not happy at all about Moz buying the kids forgiveness, what really upsets Cocoa is when Moz pushes Ami to lie about hurting her leg or Mazzi to lie about hurting his wrist. For what’s the point of this movie if, instead of picking up good habits and reinforcing the good they have instilled in their children, bad habits are introduced?

Bible Study Duel: Amelia, Jade, Shaka, Elvis

In the McKellan family, whether first lady, pastor, or child, you learn your bible. This is unfortunate for Jade and Shaka, who came up secular, but Amelia is being given a chance to change that. Yet, one can argue her methods are unorthodox. How so? Well, in her “Vacation Bible School,” a week-long program, she challenges the kids to go bible verse to bible verse with her. The winner, they get a belt. The loser? They get a face of canned whipped cream.

Now some, like Elvis, see this as a win-win situation. However, those with an ego like Jade? Even if she isn’t trying to climb the social ladder of the church, this is embarrassing. So, with the assistance of Shaka, they try to put Amelia in her place. Which they do in the bible school, but then Amelia pushes Jade to do the same in front of the church and takes out the earpiece Jade used to get back at her. Leading to Jade trying to flip back the script by channeling her grandfather and deliver a sermon.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why would you buy go-karts and only have your kids drive around in the backyard? Are you telling me between Amelia and Jeb neither would get mad at what those karts would do to their grass?


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Elvis flirting with Jade.
Elvis: Oh. You’re not ready for all this yet?

What you have to love about Elvis is that he owns who he is. Elvis is country and is confident. Something we see in both his reactions with Amelia and Jade. Jade especially since you can tell she thinks he is beneath her yet not a word she says chips his smile. Which is quite touching since Elvis is around that age when insecurities can really kick you in the butt, so him so solid in his worth and what he believes he can offer is wonderful acting and writing.

Making Religion Fun

Like Cocoa and Moz’s kids, I’m sure many of us were forced to go to church and, when the coercion ended, we didn’t decide to pick up the habit. Yet, with church a core part of the show, just as much as Family Reunion, in general, can bring on nostalgia, so does the church element. Not listening to a preacher drone on for an hour or more, seemingly in love with the sound of their own voice, engorged by the fact they have an audience, but the fun parts. Be it the singing, sense of community, and the games. And while Family Reunion isn’t trying to bring people back home, as we see with Moz at times, it does tap into old memories that have long been archived.

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