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Family Reunion: Season 1, Episode 10 “Remember When Our Boys Became Men?” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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Part 1 of Family Reunion comes to an end with everything that made Columbus seem like a good place to live being undone.

Director(s)Robbie Countryman
Writer(s)Lia Prewitt-Martin
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
EricJaleel White
KatrinaTempsett Bledsoe
KurtCamaron Engels
ReneeJourney Carter
Officer WhitmanJohn Brotherton

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(No Longer) In Sync: Eric, Katrina, Kurt, Jade, Drew, Moz, Cocoa, Renee, Ava

While Cocoa and Moz are playful and happy, there are some red flags as they repeatedly lose in team games to Eric and Katrina. Two people who, with the most basic information, can answer questions with ease. Meanwhile, Cocoa and Moz can’t get a single answer right.

But, they aren’t alone in being out of sync. While Jade and Drew seem to finally be making progress, with local teen gossip Renee even giving Jade a heads up, they hit a roadblock. Actually, it seems Drew might be backing out of being something to Jade altogether. Why? Well, a young man named Kurt. Someone Amelia has Jade show around, and with them being too cozy for Drew’s taste, he cuts things off.

Which may lead you to believe Jade is good since there is Kurt. However, it seems Ava has claimed Kurt too, so there is a conflict. One that we’re left unsure if Kurt initiated or not.

The Talk No One Wants To Have: Elvis, Mazzi, Shaka, Moz, Cocoa, Officer Whitman

With it being noted that the boys are spoiled, they are pushed to work for their money – leading to them mowing lawns in the area. A business which conflicts with Elvis’ long-held territory but he doesn’t get mad. After all, Elvis is but one man with one mower so if he adds Mazzi and Shaka, it means more lawns covered and together they can make more than enough for PlayStations or whatever else.

Officer Whitman (John Brotherton) pointing his gun towards Moz's kids.
Officer Whitman (John Brotherton)

However, with coming home to an empty house, with so much money, and there being suspicious men reportedly around, Officer Whitman puts them in cuffs. Leading to Moz getting upset and lucky he is a celebrity for that lets his kids go.

We Can’t Live Here: Moz, Cocoa, Officer Whitman

But, with the officer treating the three boys the way they did, Moz reports Officer Whitman and his peer. Leading to the Officer, who was suspended two days without pay, harassing Moz and Cocoa. Making it so Cocoa is ready to move back to Seattle for Cocoa doesn’t want to deal with a cop harassing them and especially their kids.



Amelia Flirting With Jeb

It’s always cute when we’re reminded that just because someone is in their golden years, it doesn’t mean they ain’t still frisky.

Elvis’ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bless Elvis. He has his small business, when Mazzi and Shaka show themselves to be competition he, in good faith, talks about combining forces, and that’s even with him having the better machine and precedence. I mean, I have no idea who Elvis’ parents are, but I hope if we get a part 2, we get to meet them.

Police Harassment

The best moments of Family Reunion will always be when it sets aside the fact it is a comedy and gets real. Be it showing the boys, mere children, get put in cuffs and possibly accused of robbing someone or showing how cops may retaliate just because you reported them. What this show does is hit you with a bunch of soft jabs to make you think it is just a run of the mill comedy, with some mocha flavor, then it uppercuts you right in the jaw.

Being In Sync About The Important Things

While there have been many times when characters have overreacted, you have to appreciate that when it comes to Moz and Cocoa’s relationship, that hasn’t happened often – if at all. Yes, sometimes one or the other gets their ego bruised, but when it comes to the important stuff, they are in sync, happy, and things are great. Like, despite them being bad partners in games, we’re reminded the rest of their relationship is easy breezy. Which is important for, in another show, they may play off the fact they can’t win together and make it a big thing. Luckily, Family Reunion takes a different route.

On The Fence

The Possible Kurt Love Triangle

Jade and Kurt (Camaron Engels) talking.
Jade and Kurt (Camaron Engels)

Please don’t have Kurt trying to play both girls. Let him be such a novice with dating he doesn’t realize both have feelings for him. For while I doubt Ava and Jade would beef over a boy, you never know. Heck, who knew Drew would be an insecure little moose and act as he did, just because his boys were there?

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 1, Episode 9 “Remember Black Elvis?”With the kids learning their family history, thanks to Jade being shamed about knowing hers, so comes Cocoa and Moz wanting to do something which is a family tradition.
Director(s)Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s)Howard Jordan, Jr.
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
PaulRegi Davis
Debra SuePerri Camper
FrancineRachel Ferrera
SolomonDemetrius Hodges
Young MaybelleJordy Lucas
Young AmeliaTyra Gabrielle Morrison
TommyAndreas Orrego
Young JebediahNoah Taliferro Spaulding
Fannie JoeEbboney Wilson
  • 1852: Solomon, Fannie Joe, Amelia, Jade, Mikayla
  • 1928: Francine, Tommy
  • 1966 Onward: Amelia, Maybelle, Daniel, Debra Sue, Moz, Cocoa, Paul, Jeb
Season 1, Episode 8 “Remember Macho Mazzi?”It’s a 2 for 1 special as Mazzi’s attitude brings up toxic masculinity and Jade entering a beauty pageant leads to a conversation on Black beauty.
Director(s)Kelly Park
Writer(s)Henry “Hank” Jones
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Haven SheeksAmanda Detmer
  • Blood Pressure Blues: Amelia, Maybelle
  • Boys Will Be… Held Accountable: Daniel, Moz, Mazzi, Cocoa
Season 1, Episode 10 "Remember When Our Boys Became Men?" [Season Finale]Part 1 of Family Reunion comes to an end with everything that made Columbus seem like a good place to live being undone.
Director(s)Robbie Countryman
Writer(s)Lia Prewitt-Martin
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
EricJaleel White
KatrinaTempsett Bledsoe
KurtCamaron Engels
ReneeJourney Carter
Officer WhitmanJohn Brotherton
  • (No Longer) In Sync: Eric, Katrina, Kurt, Jade, Drew, Moz, Cocoa, Renee, Ava
  • The Talk No One Wants To Have: Elvis, Mazzi, Shaka, Moz, Cocoa, Officer Whitman
  • We Can’t Live Here: Moz, Cocoa, Officer Whitman
Season 1, Episode 7 “Remember The First Day of School”The kids finally head to school, and most of them are quite happy, except Jade who hates the conservative dress code.
Director(s)Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s)Taylor Vaughn Lasley
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Principal GlassMark Curry
BrookeAkira Jolie Akbar
MissyDelon Shaw
  • It’s A Wonderful Life: Brooke, Mazzi, Shaka, Moz
  • This Is The South: Missy, Mikayla, Jade, Principal Glass
  • How The South Was Won: Missy, Makayla, Jade, Principal Glass, Amelia, Cocoa
Season 1, Episode 6 “Remember That Crazy Road Trip?”Remember the road trip from Seattle spoken of earlier in the season? This episode reveals what happened.
Director(s)Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s)Anthony C. Hill
Air Date7/10/2019
  • The Ride From H-E Double Hockey Sticks: Amelia, Jade, Moz, Cocoa, Ami, Mazzi, Shaka
Season 1, Episode 5 “Remember Grace Under Fire?”Despite all the good Cocoa and Moz thought moving to Columbus would do, the kids continue to pick up bad habits. Also, Moz’s sister Grace reveals a secret.
Director(s)Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
Writer(s)Chris Moore
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
GraceErica Ash
  • So Many Secrets: Jade, Mazzi, Ami, Shaka
  • This Is Me: Grace, Cocoa
  • Listen: Grace, Jeb, Amelia, Moz, Jade, Mazzi, Ami, Shaka
Season 1, Episode 4 "Remember When I Lost My Sister"As Cocoa has trouble fitting in, Shaka is forced to realize how much he stands out in Columbus, Georgia.
Director(s)Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
Writer(s)Ralph Greene
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
GraysonJalyn Emil Hall
Sister PattyRoxanne Reese
LilyJaidyn Triplett
  • The First (Un)Official Date: Ami, Lily, Drew, Jade
  • Open(ing) Minds: Cocoa, Amelia, Sister Patty, Maybelle
  • Why Stunt When You Can Be Humble?: Grayson, Shaka, Sister Patty, Elvis
Season 1, Episode 3 "Remember Vacation Bible School"With Jade and Shaka forced to go to Amelia’s bible school, they attempt to embarrass her. As this happens, Cocoa and Moz clash on parenting.
Director(s)Jody Margolin Hahn
Writer(s)Adrienne Carter
Air Date7/10/2019
  • Moz’s Go Kart Racing: Cocoa, Moz, Ami, Mazzi
  • Bible Study Duel: Amelia, Jade, Shaka, Elvis
Season 1, Episode 2 “Remember Charlie Wilson”Amelia’s past is discovered by her grandkids, and let’s just say Amelia “Trimming the mustache” of someone gets Jeb fired up.
Director(s)Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s)Beverly DeLoatch, Charity L. Miller
Air Date7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
HimselfCharlie Wilson
  • Spoiled Kid(s): Jade
  • The Legend of Charlie Wilson: Mazzi, Shaka, Charlie Wilson, Jade, Amelia, Jeb
Season 1, Episode 1 “Remember How This All Started?” [Series Premiere]Family Reunion is reminiscent of old school sitcoms in all the best ways.
Creator(s)Meg DeLoatch
Director(s)Eric Dean Seaton
Writer(s)Meg DeLoatch
Air Date7/10/2019
Genre(s)Family, Comedy
Good If You Like
  • Or Rather Miss Black Sitcoms About Family
  • Jokes Around Black Southern Culture
  • Light Commentary About Black Culture
Isn’t For You If You
  • Don’t Like Family-Oriented Comedy
Introduced This Episode
CocoaTia Mowry-Hardrict
AmiJordyn Raya James
MaybelleTelma Hopkins
JebRichard Roundtree
JadeTalia Jackson
ShakaIsaiah Russell-Bailey
MazziCameron J. Wright
AvaLexi Underwood
McKaylaLindsey Da Sylveira
ElvisLance Alexander
DrewNoah Alexander Gerry
AmeliaLoretta Devine
MozAnthony Alabi
DanielWarren Burke
The Possible Kurt Love Triangle - 70%
Police Harassment - 90%
Being In Sync About The Important Things - 89%
Elvis’ Entrepreneurial Spirit - 88%
Amelia Flirting With Jeb - 87%


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