Another legendary video game franchise has found itself getting a television adaptation, and with far more lore to pull from than its peers, “Fallout” is crafting its own pedestal.

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Plot Recap

2077 – Cooper

Walton Goggins as Cooper Fallout Season 1 scaled
Walton Goggins (The Ghoul fka Cooper)

In 2077, Cooper Howard was divorced, taking care of their daughter and doing birthday parties. At one time, he was a marine, an actor, but that was then, this is now. But as he found himself hitting some version of rock bottom, the bombs fell on California.

Vault 33 – Lucy, Norman, Hank

Ella Purnell as Lucy and Kyle MacLachlan as Hank Fallout Season 1 scaled
(L-R) Ella Purnell (Lucy) and Kyle MacLachlan (Overseer Hank) in “Fallout”

Two hundred nineteen years after the bombs dropped, we are introduced to Lucy. She is the daughter of the overseer of Vault 33, Hank McClain, and she is excited about getting married to someone from Vault 32. Why? Most of the people in Vault 32 are her cousins, and she doesn’t want to marry or procreate with her cousin. As for those she isn’t related to, it seems she hasn’t found any suitors.

So, originally, a member of Vault 32 was supposed to marry, procreate, and spend their life with Lucy. However, after Lucy and the guy she thinks is from Vault 32 consummate their marriage, she learns he and everyone who attended the wedding from Vault 32 are raiders. A disorganized group that lives in the outside world that are akin to barbarians.

As to be expected, they steal food, weapons, and supplies and kill in masse, and their leader even leaves a bomb behind as they take Hank back with them. This sparks Lucy’s story of getting her dad back alone, for while her brother Norman is worried about their dad, too, he is too scared to join Lucy on her journey, and she would tranquilize him if he tried to join her anyway.

The Outside World – Maximus, Cooper

Aaron Moten (Maximus) at a Brotherhood of Steel base
Aaron Moten (Maximus)

It isn’t clear how, but Cooper survived 219 years, plus his original age, and is still kicking. Mind you, he is a ghoul now, someone whose body is highly radiated, as shown by their skin, and while not immortal, their ability to absorb pain and injuries can be considered superhuman. But while we know Cooper is still alive, we are left to assume their child is dead. Also, we’re left to question why he was buried alive?

That doesn’t matter, though, for someone dug him up, expecting him to help them find this guy from the Enclave who has a huge bounty on their head as one final score. But, because all Cooper lives for is each and every score there is, he kills the people who dug him up and seemingly will do the bounty himself.

He isn’t alone, though. The Brotherhood of Steel, a military organization focused on creating order and preserving old technology while keeping it away from public hands, is also looking for someone from the Enclave with a great value item. Maximus handles the narrative for the Brotherhood of Steel, which he has been part of since childhood.

But, despite his years, decades, in the Brotherhood of Steel, it isn’t necessarily a brotherhood. Like any military, there are rivalries, few opportunities to move up, and Maximus is bullied. So when his closest friend gets to move up and be a squire for a knight, it is questioned, when his friend got injured due to a razor blade in their boot, did he do it?

That isn’t confirmed, but we see him more than willing to take their spot and finally get off base.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Created by: Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner


Notable Performances or Moments

It Seems Like The Perfect Start For A Video Game Story

The way “Fallout” begins starts as you’d expect if this was a video game with you in control and with three options. Either you can play as the vault dweller looking for their father, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel looking for a member of the Enclave who has escaped and trying to earn your first T90 suit, or you can be a bounty hunting ghoul from the old world, making their way through a post-nuclear apocalypse.

Each adventure presented is gold, and having it all in one show gives you options, and, as shown in previews, they are bound to intersect multiple times to results only future episodes will reveal.


The Old School Music

My first “Fallout” game was “Fallout 3” and what hooked me was The Ink Spots “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire.” Similar to the “Grand Theft Auto” series, I’d submit music has long set the tone for “Fallout,” and from Nat King Cole to Johnny Cash and others, it’s clear that Robertson-Dworet and Wagner wanted to make an original story, but keep everything that has made “Fallout” one of the iconic franchises of video game history.

Even If You Aren’t A Huge Fallout Fan, You Can Keep Up

If you are like me, while you may love shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Anne With An E,” you may not be inclined to deep dive into the lore to understand everything and everyone fully. Yes, Wikipedia exists, as well as sites like ours that provide cast and character guides. However, being that 100% faithful adaptations are rare, you know there is a trade-off of being frustrated knowing a character’s arc and it being changed or the character not existing.

Thankfully, again, this is an original story, but it features a huge amount of lore from the “Fallout” franchise. Whether it is the vaults or Vaultec, which you will learn is a company that loved to use vaults for experiments. There are also ghouls, potentially super mutants, and a slew of other creatures born from experiencing radiation, like one of my biggest fears while playing the game: A Deathclaw.

Then there is the Enclave, the question of what happened to the various governments of the world and how civilization is defined 219 years after a nuclear war wiped out most of humanity? Never mind, the Brotherhood of Steel.

The first episode may not dive into all of this, but it gives you enough to understand what’s going on. It also makes you want to jump ahead with going into breakdowns of the game series, but like “The Last Of Us,” it isn’t necessary to keep up.

Background Information

Episode Title The End
Release Date April 12, 2024
Network Prime Video
Director(s) Jonathan Nolan
Writer(s) Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner
Previous Episode N/A
Series Page Fallout
Character Guide Fallout Cast and Character Guide
Watch Using This Link Fallout

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Cooper Walton Goggins
Lucy Ella Purnell
Norman Moisés Arias
Hank Kyle MacLachlan
Maximus Aaron Moten

New Character Description(s)

Cooper Howard

A marine turned actor back before the bombs fell, later a ghoul, who becomes a bounty hunter.

Lucy MacLean

Lucy MacLean is the poster child for vault dwellers. She is educated, athletic, family-oriented, and ready to keep the human population going. But there is more to her than being the perfect wife and member of Vault 33.

Norman MacLean

Norman is Lucy’s brother, who isn’t as family-oriented as Lucy is. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t love his family, but while Lucy likes doing nearly everything with their dad, Norman would rather not.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “The Land.”
Hank MacLean

Hank is the overseer for Vault 33, the father of Lucy and Norman, and we’re told he is an immigrant of sorts – mainly in the form of him originally being from Vault 31.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Believe.”

Maximus is a squire for the Brotherhood of Steel who has been with them since he was a child. But, despite his lengthy time in their care, he isn’t shown to be the smartest, strongest, or well-respected member. However, that doesn’t mean he would ignore an opportunity staring him in the face.

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Fallout: Season 1 Episode 1 - Review


“Fallout” begins by setting a proper foundation alongside building up characters you wouldn’t mind seeing Amazon finance a proper “Fallout” game. It also taps into the lore that has allowed this franchise to exist since 1997.

  • It Seems Like The Perfect Start For A Video Game Story - 89%
  • The Old School Music - 84%
  • Even If You Aren’t A Huge Fallout Fan, You Can Keep Up - 83%
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  • Even If You Aren’t A Huge Fallout Fan, You Can Keep Up
  • The Old School Music
  • It Seems Like The Perfect Start For A Video Game Story


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