Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Season 2 [Finale]/ Episode 10 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 2 [Finale] Episode 10

It’s time for Matilda’s wedding and last-ditch efforts to keep it from happening!

It’s time for Matilda’s wedding and last-ditch efforts to keep it from happening!

Episode Name Gulf Fritillary Butterfly
Aired 6/3/2021
Network FreeForm
Directed By Josh Thomas
Written By Thomas Ward

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Forced To Come Out All Over Again – Nicholas, Alex, Matilda

It is Matilda’s feign hope that, even if Nicholas and Alex don’t get back together, they’ll at least get along for the wedding. Hence her dropping that Nicholas is autistic, which Alex wants to talk about, but Nicholas has the shame expressed when talking to Genevieve about it. But, with getting diagnosed gave Alex the impression that Nicholas was trying to better himself, so getting back together was on the table.

Nicholas revealing he was diagnosed with austism
Nicholas revealing he was diagnosed with austism

However, Nicholas is cool as he is, doesn’t want someone who wants him to change, so Matilda doesn’t get that smooth sailing wedding she wants out of these two.

Genevieve Wanting To Tap Out – Matilda, Genevieve, Nicholas

Though to add onto it, since the adults seem too afraid to say anything, Genevieve does, and she nearly gets Nicholas to help end the wedding. However, after a certain point, Nicholas taps out and continues to push being encouraging than stopping the wedding.

No Longer A Burden – Matilda, Genevieve, Drea, Suze, Nicholas, Alex

A wedding sign for Matilda and Drea's wedding
A wedding sign for Matilda and Drea’s wedding

While it takes a long time to get there, to the point Suze and Drea are freaking out, the wedding happens, and Genevieve shows up as planned. She is even given a sweet speech, likely written by Matilda, to deliver. Also, since they recognize people have been way into their business from the start, Drea and Matilda have their vows drowned out by operatic music, and did we mention Jeremy is the officiator?

That aside, all goes well, outside of Alex and Nicholas having a tiff, and with that, Matilda moves out! Now, why so sudden? Well, it seems, alongside loving Drea, part of the reason Matilda has been so gung-ho on leaving is she doesn’t want to be seen as a burden. So between herself and Drea, she believes independent living is something she is capable of.

Now, how do Genevieve and Nicholas feel? Well, Nicholas notes they have more than enough money, and as for Genevieve? She thinks the only way Matilda is a burden is by not taking her dishes to the sink. But, it doesn’t matter anymore, for Matilda is gone, and now Genevieve and Nicholas are stuck with each other.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did they ever got to city hall to get the paperwork done to be married, or no?

Commentary/ Review


Truly The End of Alex and Nicholas

It was interesting to see Alex willing to get back with Nicholas thanks to the autism diagnosis and the assumption Nicholas would try to get better. That really pushed the idea that Alex was just looking for a sign things could get better when he broke up with Nicholas. Yet, with the diagnosis damn near making Nicholas double down on his desire not to change, it seems Alex has been forced to realize that the relationship is over and the only way it could continue is on Nicholas’ terms. Which, as shown, by no means would benefit Alex beyond access to material items.

The Fear Of Becoming A Burden

Drea and Matilda saying their vows
Drea and Matilda saying their vows

Nearly the entire season, Matilda’s main goal was to not become a stereotypical person with autism who is dependent, doesn’t get married, and lives an unfulfilling life. However, being a burden wasn’t strongly pushed till now, but you get it. Matilda can’t claim to be an adult yet still live at home, wanting other people to do her dishes and not make decisions for herself. For while she knows her family has money and she could stay home, to settle into that life would make her a burden and eventually become what she fears the most.

So, while not ready for New York, she is ready enough to have some form of independence with Drea by her side. Though, how that plays out in reality vs. the cabin practice, hopefully, we’ll find out in season 3.

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